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ibentos Virtual Job & Career Fair Platform

One Virtual Career Fair Platform to Connect Companies and Candidates Globally

Take your career fairs a notch ahead with the aid of an exciting virtual Career fair, and assist businesses and colleges in grabbing potential candidates from across the world. Engage candidates in fascinating activities, interactive virtual seminars, and intuitive networking opportunities for companies to connect on individual levels. With the ibentos virtual career fair platform, access career globally.
Hold a Virtual Career Fair Platform


Reasons to Hold a Virtual Career Fair

Compared to in-person events, ibentos gives companies access to a bigger pool of potential candidates. To candidates located anywhere in the world, present your programs. The ideal setting for hosting interacting, engaging, and immersive virtual career fairs, and igniting engaging conversations among companies and candidates from across the world. Collate a group of partners and multiple sponsors for your virtual Career fair and adorn hundreds of spaces for them to market their products and services. What’s more? By doing away with the need to travel, you can achieve incredible outcomes, and save on overhead costs while reaching a broader audience for a fraction of the cost of in-person career fairs!

Why Choose ibentos

Hosting a virtual Career fair with ibentos offers access to global companies, businesses, conglomerates, and candidates and widens the opportunity to broadcast your brand among prestigious businesses across the globe. Our personalized virtual career fairs are created to offer exciting and engaging experiences for your attendees. Build individual lobbies for every business to create easy access for them and the candidates to interact seamlessly. Sort and categorize different candidates according to their core fields of interest and individually analyze their progress during the fair. To make your attendee experience even better, we create distinctive, personalized 3D virtual environments that mimic your actual campus arena or a real-world venue to give a peek of life at your business and offer a real-life event experience.

3D Virtual Environment

  • Greeting users in a personalized 3D virtual lobby
  • Immersive, real-world replica for a user-friendly experience.
  • Multi-diversity encouragement with a variety of avatars
  • A sense of attending an in-person event.
  • Varied designs for auditorium, lobby, exhibit hall, and booth
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3D Virtual Career Fair Environment

Extensive Candidate Assessment

  • Unique registration forms to access potential candidate information.
  • Allocate the right candidate to the right companies based on their data.
  • Schedule meetings with candidates in real-time via slot booking.
  • Conduct audio and video chat interviews with potential candidates.
  • Create a large database of candidates with every career fair.
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Extensive Candidate Assessment

Interactive Booth Exhibits

  • Brand-Specific Booths for each business.
  • Upload brochures, videos, and other downloadables for candidates.
  • Interact with potential candidates in groups and individually.
  • Attach direct registration links on your landing pages.
  • Showcase your sponsors on your brand-specific booths.
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Interactive Booth Exhibits

Superior Networking

  • Create strong candidate-brand interactions using text, audio, and video chats.
  • Organize candidate groups and pairs to enable interactions among candidates.
  • Schedule meetings and interviews in advance using a meeting scheduler.
  • Filter top candidate profiles and connect seamlessly with them.
  • Assist candidates in connecting with company representatives using social media handles.
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Superior Virtual Fair Networking

Reports & Analytics

  • Obtain real-time statistics about logins, webinar views, booth visits, and other things.
  • Generate comprehensive event reports for organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  • Monitor audience behavior using unique user experiences
  • Download the transcripts and chat logs.
  • Utilize simple analytics charts and graphs to visualize your event metrics.
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Virtual Job and Career Fair Analytics and Reporting

Our Top Features

Build a Wide candidate Database

Create a candidate database by collecting information using a unique registration form. Then, company recruiters can look for potential candidates who fit their requirements and get in touch with them.

Build a wide candidate database

Build Immersive 3D Environments

Design a personalized virtual environment, auditorium, or a replica of your original company premise, to give a sense of an in-person career fair at your own corporate office and deliver an immersive experience to your attendees.

Build Immersive 3D Environments

Organize interactive presentations

To educate candidates about courses, professors, and campus life, host webinars with live Q&As and surveys. Conduct interesting discussions on the next phases of job hunt.

Organize Interactive Presentations

Create a Standout Aura of Brands

Provide your participating schools with the opportunity to brand their booths with logos, images, and marketing materials, and link to their websites and social media accounts.

Create Standout Aura of Brands

Encourage candidate-brand Interaction

By using text, audio, or video chat, you can facilitate connections between companies and candidates during your virtual college fair. Get candidates and company recruiters to meet up and get to know one another better.

Encourage Candidate Brand Interaction

Match Compatible Attendees

Engage with candidates from all over the world who share similar interests and viewpoints. Allow candidates to self-create a peer group based on interests or create random groups for them. Make lasting friendships by engaging in intriguing conversations!

Match Compatibles Attendees

Track Performance Data

Through in-depth insights, including real-time and post-career fair stats, you can assess the performance of your virtual career fair, from registrations and logins to virtual “footfall” and document downloads.

Virtual Job and Career Fair Track Performance Data

What's More

Begin with a customized landing page or URL for your virtual event registrations which will serve as the face of your event. This will allow you to channel content about the event, organizers & sponsors for your users/attendees on the page. Our career fair platform will give you the right edge in hosting successful events.

Huge branding spaces are available in the ibentos virtual career fair platform for organizers and recruiting companies to showcase their logos, photographs or any other relevant downloadable information that requires to be on SPOTLIGHT. Now, you can display brand names, logos, collaborators or partners/stakeholders/sponsors during the LIVE event. ibentos virtual platform has been designed to meet up to an organizer’s recruitment fair needs.

You can develop a booth or an area dedicated to a particular company/sponsor with a 2D or 3D view. Each booth can have multiple colours, brandings, logos, content – unique to a particular company/recruiter taking part in your online career fair. Multiple communication modes – voice calls, video calls and WhatsApp are incorporated in all the booths for attendees to connect with the booth owners any time during the event.

Make all company-related content like photographs, videos, testimonials and product brochures available for your attendees. This will help your attendees with a fair idea of the work cultures and environment of a particular company, allowing them to make better choices. It will further keep your attendees hooked to the platform without them having to hover on other portals or sites for more information.

Allow your attendees to look for job openings in each recruiter booth by themselves. ibentos career fair platform provides the opportunity to list openings/vacancies in each booth for attendees to apply for suitable positions.

Begin your ONLINE career fair by providing a one-on-one interaction option between attendees and recruiters. ibentos career fair platform gives multiple connecting options like WhatsApp Call, Video Call and Voice Calls. In case, exhibitor’s representative is not available, a “send enquiries” option is made available to ensure no attendee queries are missed.

ibentos takes pride in its user-friendly technology with every single element placed smartly for an attendee’s benefits. Your online career fair will have a “filter option” for your attendees who wish to shortlist their preferred organizations and work field. This will enable an easier and simplified way for your attendees to remain engaged during the virtual LIVE career fair.

All your attendees come with an aim to get jobs & engage, hence an easy process to look for jobs and organisations is vital. ibentos career fair platform is much more than the regular job search applications and gives topmost options with ZERO technical complications.

On ibentos career fair platform, we’ve made the application process with automated forms wherein attendees can easily upload their resumes easily. For instance, when an applicant wants to apply for a particular position at an organization, an application window pops up with the necessary details where he/she can also upload their resumes or CV in it.

ibentos career fair platforms have fared well at every online event because of its flexibility in designing virtual events ‘unique’ to each client’s event. In this feature, attendees looking for a job at your virtual event can shortlist all the companies that he/she is interested in according to their preferences. An attendee here will be a click away in shortlisting/Liking their preferred company/organization.

ibentos Virtual Career Fair platform has been designed to be accessible from all kind of devices – mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It looks neat and presentable to your attendees regardless of the device they choose to use.

Improve your audience engagement ratio, by allowing attendees to book appointments with Company/Booth Representatives at their convenience prior to the LIVE event. This feature will enable you, as an organizer, to fathom days that’ll be hectic/light for your CRs and likewise order and brace themselves for the attendees.

Right from the number of resumes submitted to whoever is at your event gets recorded and saved on the virtual event Dashboard. The data is prioritized in solid numbers and logistics that can help an organizer determine success rate and make improvements for the upcoming events. We make sure that you get rich and in-depth reports of your event- starting from your marketing spend, to booth visits and an overall attendees’ journey during the event.

ibentos understands data privacy and has, therefore, introduced role-based access to the virtual event Dashboard. You, as the organizer, can choose who should have access to all your event information on the backend. For instance, the dashboard of an event exhibitor will differ from that of an organizer.

Marketing is VITAL for your virtual career fair to be a success! ibentos understands your need to have all event-related information at ONE place. Therefore, we have incorporated a high-end marketing dashboard that tracks your ROI, pre and post-event! These real-time logistics will come handy to take on-time corrective measures during the LIVE event.

ibentos virtual events give exclusive focus on success and event execution. Therefore, to ensure a smooth and seamless coordination, we provide our clients with one dedicated account manager and advisor who is the single-point-of contact before, during and after the event.

What Our
Customers Say

Client satisfaction speaks volumes about our services. ibentos is your partner from event conception to implementation.

They are an extremely dependable team that not only fulfils your requirements, but also gives innovative solutions to the challenges that come up even during the event.
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Rishabh Raj Joshi

Executive Officer, IEEMA

Our technical partner ibentos had arranged a virtual platform for the event and the result has been exceptional. The entire team of ibentos
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Mr. Venkatesh Aralikatty

Wash Specialist, UNICEF HFO

We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project. They were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices
Read More

Nishant Jadhav

Sr. Regional Manager, The University of Sydney

We found all staff of ibentos co-operative and accommodating our request and queries in a friendly and efficient manner. My special thanks to Mr. Harpreet
Read More

Uttam Kumar

Sr. Executive Officer, IEEMA

ibentos platform has done a fantastic work in our annual event, ASPIRE 2022. As our technology partner, they have been really innovative
Read More

Amit Kukreja

Director, ARIA

Constant innovation in creating user experience and value driven backend for the clients are the two USP's of 'ibentos'. We truly enjoy the spirit of 'ibentos'
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Vivek Shukla

Director & CEO Afairs Exhibitions & Media Pvt. Ltd

I and my team were very particular that the 2 day event with multiple and parallel sessions and 16200 officially registered teachers and students participating
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Sunitha Rao

Principal, DPS Nacharam Secunderabad

I am greatly impressed by the timely support, unique idea, robust platform and the beautiful look and feel of the platform that comes with really easy navigation.
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Subhendu Bal

President, IAI & Chief Actuary & Chief Risk Officer, SBI Life

Excellent experience with the ibentos team. Partnering with ibentos means- 24/7 Support and End-to-End support. ibentos has been really accommodative
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Vyas Nagpal

Country Head-Marketing & BD American Academy of Financial Management India

We never heard a “NO” from Ibentos be it platform experience or customer relationship. They are a team of highly creative and tech-savvy individuals
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Arun Yellamaty

Youngistan Foundation (NGO)

Harpreet and Jaspinder are very passionate about what they do and bring a lot of confidence and certainty to the table. The rate
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Deepali Lalwani

Sr. Content Marketer
iFAST Financials

ibentos is way ahead of the competition! As an organizer who has used all major & popular event technology platforms available globally, I can confirm
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Abhishek Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer
ITEN Media

We are happy with the services provided by Team Ibentos. The team is dedicated and they are open to our suggestions and accommodate
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Jyothi Joseph

IED Communications

ibentos platform includes a lot of features that has helped us as event planners to manage our events from beginning to end. The user interface
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Rajat Pandya

Placement Coordinator
VNIT Nagpur

Ibentos team is really the team that you would like to work with as they bring lots of ideas after understanding the need and provide solutions
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Dr. Osman Zubaidi

Gulf & Levant Medical Lead

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