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Virtual Conference Platform Go Global with Engaging Virtual Conferences

Establish engaging activities, interactive webinars, and intuitive networking opportunities to keep attendees amazed and delighted during your event. With the ibentos virtual conference, access the entire world of attendees at your fingertips.
Reasons to hold a virtual conferences


Reasons to Hold a Virtual Conference

The ideal setting for hosting webinars, interacting, exchanging ideas, and igniting engaging conversations with like-minded individuals from around the globe is an online conference, which you, your partners, sponsors, and attendees can all participate in. By eliminating the need to travel, you can reach a larger audience for a fraction of the price of in-person conferences while still getting amazing results!

Why Choose ibentos

Our tailored virtual conferences are created to produce fun, engaging experiences for your attendees. In our distinctive, custom 3D virtual settings that mimic real-world venues, attendees can network with other like-minded individuals and engage in peer-to-peer interaction using our extensive engagement tools.

3D Virtual Environment

  • Greeting users in a personalised 3D virtual lobby
  • Immersive, real-world replica for a user-friendly experience.
  • Multi-diversity encouragement with a variety of avatars
  • A sense of attending an in-person event.
  • Varied designs for auditorium, lobby, exhibit hall, and booth
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Virtual 3D Environment

Intuitive Sessions

  • Deliver live, semi-live, and recorded conference sessions to your attendees.
  • Live translation and transcription options for global audience
  • A segment to showcase your speakers to create curiosity
  • Speaker Lounge" to facilitate direct interaction between speakers and attendees.
  • Share several tracks for simultaneous sessions.
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Intuitibe Sessions

Superior Networking

  • Allow attendees to interact and develop a network by creating networking lounges.
  • Pair different attendees with each other based on random or defined criteria.
  • Based on list of interests or random matching, offer speed networking to attendees.
  • Build virtual roundtables to allow discussions on certain themes in close proximity.
  • Allow access to attendees to create breakout rooms and connect with other guests
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Virtual Superior Networking

Greater Engagement

  • Utilize in-event alerts and notifications to update guests.
  • Scavenger hunts, leaderboards, and quizzes to offer more engagement.
  • Keep discussions rolling by Q&A, polls, and surveys.
  • Create lasting experiences with selfie booth and photo gallery
  • Encourage guests to provide feedback by using the Scribble Wall.
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Virtual Conferences Platform Greater Engagement

Analytics & Reports

  • Obtain real-time statistics about logins, webinar views, booth visits, and other things.
  • Generate comprehensive event reports for organisers, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  • Monitor audience behaviour using unique user experiences
  • Download the transcripts and chat logs.
  • Utilize simple analytics charts and graphs to visualise your event metrics.
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Virtual Conferences Analytics and Reportings

Our Top Features

Build Immersive 3D Environments

Design a personalized virtual environment, auditorium, a replica of your original arena and more to deliver an immersive experience.

Build Emmersive 3D Environment

Match Compatible Attendees

Attendees can network in a timed setting while answering ice-breaker questions, exchanging contact information, and getting matched based on their criteria after a short period of time.

Match Compatible Attendees

Encourage Detailed Discussions

Create roundtables so that users can discuss any subject in a small group environment. Enable attendees to communicate via video chat to discuss significant issues and find solutions.

Encourage Detailed Discussion

Enhance Attendee Networking

Provide a flexible, interactive virtual environment where attendees can freely participate. Users can move their avatars about a virtual environment and interact with people nearby by starting discussions with them.

Enhance Attendees Networking

Boost Attendee Engagement

Keep your audience engaged throughout the event, even when they are not attending sessions. Create leaderboards, trivia, photo booths, galleries, social networking walls, and many other activities!

Boost Attendees Engagement

Track Performance Data

Through in-depth insights, including real-time and post-event stats, you can assess the performance of your event, from registrations and logins to virtual “footfall” and document downloads.

Virtual Conferences Track Performance Data

What's More

Bring your event experience closest to that of Live Events with 3D virtual designs. Pick your favourite 3d screens from the existing catalogue to create a memorable virtual tour for your attendees or get your unique virtual experience created from scratch. And at ibentos, we ensure that 3D virtual designs only enrich your event experience and do not become an obstacle by being incompatible on mobile devices. So, get ready to leave your mark with an experiential conference with ibentos.

ibentos conference platform is not only robust but also highly flexible. In addition to this, we have an in-house development & production team. This clearly means that we can cater to your brand-specific requirements through customisation. Be it the landing page, 3D Design or some additional features, there’s nothing better than having everything ‘your’ way. So, now you can completely match your conference requirements with your organisation goals.

Your data security is our top priority. We make sure that your data is highly secured. Unlike standard meeting platforms, we give you the facility to run your conferences on your domain. We can make sure that your videos are not downloadable or access is provided only to a limited set of users.

ibentos carries an extensive legacy of its association with events. We understand the value of engagement & maximum audience participation and to cater to these, ibentos enables any number of attendees from 100 – 1,00,000 to attend conferences. This is made possible with the help of a huge infrastructure and an intention to help our customers have maximum participation.

Unlike standard platforms, our online conference platform provides ample branding opportunities to organisers because from our experience in the events industry, we understand what branding means to you as an organiser. Therefore, we help you display your brand name and event logos- both before and during the event. In addition, we give you opportunities to promote your collaborations, partners, stakeholders & sponsors. This has been possible because we have designed our online conference platform keeping an organiser’s perspective in mind.

Internet or Network issue could be a problem with your attendees, no matter which part of the world they are from. Therefore, we provide you with a distinctive feature of low-bandwidth access which helps visitors connect/attend your event without any interruption due to low-speed internet.

The feature of live question and answer enables attendees to directly put their questions to speakers during a LIVE conference. These questions can be answered Live to increase the event interaction.

ibentos Virtual Conferences gives your speakers an option to share their screens. Be it a presentation, a PDF or a video, the ibentos virtual platform supports all of these. All these options, together, make your event a lasting experience for your attendees.

ibentos virtual conference platform enables a resource centre for the organisers to make available all the important material for attendees. These could be brochures, technical papers presented during the conference or promotional material that you want your attendees to download.

ibentos conference platform comes with an option to add a payment gateway, and that too at any step! You could make the entry to your conference paid or add payment option inside the virtual venue. This feature lets non-profit organisations to add a Donate button easily to raise funds.

Your event is OUR event! The ibentos team will accompany you throughout as technical moderators. A dedicated technical emcee will be assigned to your brand who will handhold you right from the onset, to speaker rehearsals, till the successful execution of your event. We make sure that you enjoy your event while we handle all the technicalities involved.

Apart from a technical emcee, our operations team provides you live-event support over phone calls, emails and text messages. We understand that each attendee is important and should have a memorable experience of the event. And we do our best to deliver the same.

How about getting all the marketing insights of your event in the same platform which you are using to host and manage your event? We know it’ll be wonderful! Therefore, we have built a virtual event platform that takes care of all your event marketing needs without having you to take these up yourself. Now, isn’t that a cherry on the cake?

ibentos game-oriented approach/gamification method will enable you to reward your attendees. This feature will boost participation, therefore, increasing your audience engagement ratio. It is a great feature to get your attendees to come back into the event.

ibentos team makes no assumptions. We do not assume your attendees to know it less or be the know-it-alls. Hence, we prepare each of your visitors/speakers/dignitaries with ‘To-Do’ or ‘Not To-do’ lists for an utmost conference experience & seamless interaction for the Big Day.

Rehearsals make one confident. With 10+ years of experience, we know what requires most of our attention & how a partnership can turn fulfilling. Unlike other standard platforms, we get you acquainted with our technology & equip you to have a glitch-free event. Each speaker of the conference is approached personally by a ibentos team member to make him/her familiar with the user interface & avoid last-minute goof ups.

Once the conference is successfully executed, all the Videos/Interactive sessions are stored with us & is easily accessible by the organisers.

ibentos technology enables feedback forms to judge the quality & content of various parameters. Like report cards gauge abilities, ibentos feedback feature allows you to reach out to your event attendees & receive their feedback that will help you level – up your event experiences every time you host one.

Big or small – all events have schedules & timings for its attendees. ibentos will create & avail schedules for your event within the platform itself. With a belief of creating user-friendly experiences, ibentos aims to create accessible content right INSIDE the platform for lesser or no distraction for the attendees.

Attendee needs vary & so does yours! Create automated e-certificates of participation for your attendees in no time. ibentos virtual platform will allow your attendees to download their participation certificates in the platform itself without any delay. Organizers too can avoid the stress of creating or preparing them post-event.

With ibentos Virtual Conference platform, you will be able to determine the behaviour of each attendee. A detailed engagement report is generated by tracking their involvement throughout the event. This report consists of audience attendance, session duration, & all kinds of interactions that he/she engages in.

ibentos products allow organisers to LIVE Stream events on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Youtube simultaneously. This feature will raise your number of participants by bringing an audience from the social media platforms leading to higher engagement on the event days.

The Events Notify feature by ibentos improves your lead conversion rates – essential for the success of any event. We understand the importance of getting audience attention which we do so by sending reminders on Whatsapp – apt notifications at the right time with event links, dates or even friendly thank you notes. ibentos is the world’s first-ever virtual event platform to have an authorised WhatsApp integration.

ibentos virtual exhibition platform has been developed in a way as to maximize an organiser’s knowledge about his/her event. The backend has numerous options that provide you with in-depth reports, logistics & numbers to create the best strategies for your next event. Organisers get access to critical attendee and exhibitor data like Live footfall and so on.

With a team dedicated to creating the best for your conference, we provide all our clients with one dedicated account manager & advisor. This manager will be a single-point-of-contact before, during and after the event.

What Our
Customers Say

Client satisfaction speaks volumes about our services. ibentos is your partner from event conception to implementation.

They are an extremely dependable team that not only fulfils your requirements, but also gives innovative solutions to the challenges that come up even during the event.
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Rishabh Raj Joshi

Executive Officer, IEEMA

Our technical partner ibentos had arranged a virtual platform for the event and the result has been exceptional. The entire team of ibentos
Read More

Mr. Venkatesh Aralikatty

Wash Specialist, UNICEF HFO

We are satisfied with the solution given to us and with the communication flow through the project. They were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices
Read More

Nishant Jadhav

Sr. Regional Manager, The University of Sydney

We found all staff of ibentos co-operative and accommodating our request and queries in a friendly and efficient manner. My special thanks to Mr. Harpreet
Read More

Uttam Kumar

Sr. Executive Officer, IEEMA

ibentos platform has done a fantastic work in our annual event, ASPIRE 2022. As our technology partner, they have been really innovative
Read More

Amit Kukreja

Director, ARIA

Constant innovation in creating user experience and value driven backend for the clients are the two USP's of 'ibentos'. We truly enjoy the spirit of 'ibentos'
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Vivek Shukla

Director & CEO Afairs Exhibitions & Media Pvt. Ltd

I and my team were very particular that the 2 day event with multiple and parallel sessions and 16200 officially registered teachers and students participating
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Sunitha Rao

Principal, DPS Nacharam Secunderabad

I am greatly impressed by the timely support, unique idea, robust platform and the beautiful look and feel of the platform that comes with really easy navigation.
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Subhendu Bal

President, IAI & Chief Actuary & Chief Risk Officer, SBI Life

Excellent experience with the ibentos team. Partnering with ibentos means- 24/7 Support and End-to-End support. ibentos has been really accommodative
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Vyas Nagpal

Country Head-Marketing & BD American Academy of Financial Management India

We never heard a “NO” from Ibentos be it platform experience or customer relationship. They are a team of highly creative and tech-savvy individuals
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Arun Yellamaty

Youngistan Foundation (NGO)

Harpreet and Jaspinder are very passionate about what they do and bring a lot of confidence and certainty to the table. The rate
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Deepali Lalwani

Sr. Content Marketer
iFAST Financials

ibentos is way ahead of the competition! As an organizer who has used all major & popular event technology platforms available globally, I can confirm
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Abhishek Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer
ITEN Media

We are happy with the services provided by Team Ibentos. The team is dedicated and they are open to our suggestions and accommodate
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Jyothi Joseph

IED Communications

ibentos platform includes a lot of features that has helped us as event planners to manage our events from beginning to end. The user interface
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Rajat Pandya

Placement Coordinator
VNIT Nagpur

Ibentos team is really the team that you would like to work with as they bring lots of ideas after understanding the need and provide solutions
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Dr. Osman Zubaidi

Gulf & Levant Medical Lead

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