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Don’t let your student recruitment plans and student interactions come to a halt. Because with ibentos’ ‘Virtual Education Fair’, establishing connections with students is now as easy as pie. In fact, at a time when online decision-making is thriving amongst students and parents, this virtual platform helps you take a big leap by not only helping you connect with your students but also, reaching new geographies, establishing new connections and generating enquiries.

Virtual Education Fair- Use Cases

University Student Recruitment
University Open Days
University Alumni Meet
University Career Fair
Education Fairs for Multiple Universities/Schools

Virtual Education Fair- Features

Customised Landing Pages

Start with a customised and attractive landing page that holds complete information about your institution and event. Our landing pages are designed carefully by experts to maximise conversion on your marketing spend.

One platform for Everything

Use a single platform for one-on-one meetings, exhibition and webinars. This helps you avoid the confusion of promoting different destination URLs. With our virtual platform, you can redirect all the traffic to one page.  In addition, we give you a choice to select ibentos’ video meeting rooms OR go for your preferred video platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.

Social Media Integration

Stream your webinars LIVE on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -all at the same time!  The cherry on the cake is that you can select innumerable Facebook pages to broadcast your LIVE stream. 

Multiple Communication Modes

ibentos’ Virtual Education Fair is the world’s first Virtual Event Platform that has an authorised integration with WhatsApp. What’s more, with us, you can give your students varied choices and interact with them using their preferred mode of communication- be it Video Meetings, Voice Calls or Text Chats. 

Photo & Video Gallery

Empower your students by letting them experience your institute virtually. Add media files- photos and videos and let them gain confidence in your institute without having to look elsewhere. 

Brochures and other Resources

Our virtual platform allows you to make all faculty and college-specific resources and brochures available to students in a PDF format. A quick download of these resources help them understand your institution before a LIVE meeting with a counsellor. Plus, these serve as important sources of reference after your event is over. 

3D- like Experience

With ibentos’ Virtual Education Fair platform, it’s possible for you to give life-like experience to your students virtually. A 3d auditorium for a webinar or an experiential walk- through inside your institute could be really exciting for students. 

E-Commerce Integration

Our virtual platform now has payment gateway integration. This has made it easier for institutes to put up Application Forms on the same platform for purchase by students. 

Events Notify

ibentos’ Virtual Education Fair platform is the world’s first event platform to have integration WhatsApp’s Marketing Platform. With our platform, you can choose to send messages and event reminders to your students in an authorised manner.

Responsive Design

Virtual Education Fair has been designed in a way that its easily accessible from all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It looks neat and presentable to the students regardless of the devices they prefer to use. 


To hook the students and visitors, as well as engage them in the event, ibentos’ Virtual platform provides an option of gamification. Students’ gain points based on their activities and redeem these points for Free Gifts. 

User Access Controls

We provide role-based access of our backend to all the stakeholders involved in the event. Therefore, when a stakeholder logs in, they get profile-specific access to all information and insights. This helps us keep your data secure and safe.

Marketing Insights

We understand that marketing of your event plays an important role in its success. We also understand how convenient would it be for you to have all the event related information in one place. Therefore, we give you an integrated high-end Marketing Dashboard that helps you track your ROI before, during & post the event. These real-time reports will allow you to take on-time corrective measures for the success of your event or save your day even before any issues arises.

Pre-Event Appointments

ibentos’ Virtual Education Platform provides you this unique feature of letting students book appointments before the event. This unique feature allows you to gauge the traffic expected on the event day. Additionally, it  gives you enough time to reestablish your event strategies.

Rich & Integrated reports

Our strong and dynamic backend system is the soul of our virtual platform. It has been built in this way because we believe that the study of data and numbers can help any institute achieve the desired results. Therefore, we make sure that you get rich and in-depth reports of your event- starting from your marketing spend, to appointments and students’ journey. 

Dedicated Account Manager & Advisor

To ensure smooth and seamless coordination, we provide all our customers one dedicated account manager and advisor. This manager will be a single-point-of contact before, during and after the event.

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