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Behind Every Great Event is a Great Event Marketing Strategy

For an event to be a huge success, all you need is a solid and farsighted marketing strategy to promote every nook and cranny of the event and we excel at it. Be it a magnanimous in-person event, a grand hybrid event, or a spectacular virtual event, ibentos provides comprehensive and effective event marketing. So gear up, because you have landed at ibentos for your event marketing and we will be delivering nothing less than the best!
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Event Marketing is A MUST

Events are by far the most common and yet the most effective way to promote brands. But to make your event a spectacle, you need robust event marketing. Why? Be it an on-site, hybrid, or virtual event, event marketing is a must-have. It helps in building brand awareness, creating connections, driving sales, and gathering market intelligence and thus allowing businesses to draw a successful output from the event. An event marketed well can be an overnight game-changer for a brand. Let’s connect to make your next event a grand success.

Why Choose ibentos

Well, “ Because we are the BEST”, and we have ample reasons to state that. At ibentos, we offer a wide audience reach to each event and work to build a strong awareness for brands and their products. With our solid network across global companies, governments, businesses, conglomerates, and attendees, we build organized channels for your business to connect more and bring in more sales. Our specialized event marketing team assures that your event becomes a blast across social media, even before it begins. Now that’s exciting, right?

Attractive Landing Pages

  • Vivid and functional landing page, to process quick event registrations.
  • Added an instant payment portal to enable quick event registration.
  • Avail comprehensive list of incoming traffic & payees.
  • Spread promotional emails from the landing page to boost email marketing.
  • Simplified and modern interface to attract all attendees.
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Virtual 3D Environment

Social Media Promotions

  • Attractive banners and content based social media marketing campaigns.
  • Structured marketing campaigns for every relevant social media platform.
  • Promotional whatsapp messages to targetted audience.
  • Multiple social media posts to keep the audience engaged before the event.
  • Statics, videos, GIFs, Reels, etc, promoting multiple phases of the event.
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Intuitibe Sessions

Paid Marketing Campaigns

  • Reach a significantly larger audience for your event.
  • Target specific demographics, interests, and locations.
  • Track results to derive insights on expected ROI and opportunities.
  • Adjust, pause, or change campaigns on-the-go.
  • Generate quick results and analyze impact of your marketing efforts.
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Virtual Superior Networking

PromoZ App & Creative Assets

  • Create a hype of your event among your community with PromoZ App.
  • Custom App name, banner & icon, in your personalised app.
  • Share event and your brand details to gain more footfall.
  • Stunning creative assets to gain instant social media impressions.
  • Boost social media engagement with interactive videos, polls and GIFs.
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Virtual Conferences Platform Greater Engagement

Benefits of ibentos
Event Marketing Solution

Digital Event Marketing

An event can go completely unnoticed without a strong digital marketing strategy, agreed? Well with ibentos, boast your events highlights, show-stoppers, and exclusive event updates on your website and all social media handles. The more, the better!

Non Complex Metaverse Platform

Specialized PromoZ App

A thoroughly customizable app that enables businesses to personalize the app with custom icon, name and banner. The App allows businesses to send specialized promotions and spread the word among their peers and community to gain more footfall for the event.

Customized 3D Avatars

Personalized Landing Pages

Begin your event proceedings with beautiful and personalized landing pages to grab the eyes of every attendee. Not just that, with added detailed registration forms and integrated payment portal, achieve higher registrations quickly.

One Metaverse Event Platform for Everything

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