ibentos Event Tech for GITM 2024

ibentos: Setting New Standards in B2B Meetings and Metaverse Experience at Goa International Travel Mart Goa 2024

As we conclude the highly successful fourth edition of the Goa International Travel Mart (GITM) 2024, ibentos reflects on its pivotal role in redefining the landscape of B2B meeting platforms and metaverse in tourism industry. Organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa (India), GITM proved to be an unparalleled platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore new avenues for growth.

  • Client Department of Tourism, Government of Goa (India)
  • Team Size 12
  • Products ibentos B2B Meeting Technology & MegaSpace (ibentos Metaverse Platform)
  • Category Hybrid B2B Event

Suneel Anchipaka, IAS, Director Tourism & Managing Director GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) said, “GITM serves as a cornerstone event in our efforts to elevate Goa's tourism sector to new heights. It is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. With a notable attendance of buyers, visitors, and enthusiasts, the event has facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas and fostered significant networking opportunities.”

ibentos proudly participated as a pioneer in facilitating the B2B Meeting Platform and introducing an innovative Metaverse Platform at GITM Goa 2024. With over 200 Hosted Buyers from more than 25 countries in attendance and 12000+ meetings, GITM provided a unique opportunity for ibentos to showcase its expertise in curating seamless and productive B2B meeting technology.


Using advanced technology to facilitate B2B Meetings & Networking

Adding a Virtual Component to the event using metaverse technology

200 hosted buyers

Attendees from 25+ countries

12000+ B2B Meetings handled

98% of Attendees found the technology glitchless & fantastic

Using ibentos proprietary technology, we automated the entire B2B networking for this sought-after event of the Tourism World, by Impact Created:

Automated match-making


Facilitating onsite and virtual meetings


Getting Live feedback of all meetings


Getting value of business generated


Enabling virtual card exchanges


Real time dashboard of Live meetings

All of the above was achieved with technology, with a sole goal of ensuring that each interaction between Buyers and Sellers was optimized for maximum impact and results. The 2 platforms used to achieve this goal were ibentos B2B Meeting Platform and the ibentos Metaverse Platform, also called MegaSpace.

ibentos Buyer-Seller [B2B] Meeting Platform

“It was a fantastic solution. And, I think, it's a solution of the future” ~Elvis Dias

The B2B Metting Platform was a great hit. Elvis Dias, Director of AMO Group says, ”GITM was an absolutely paperless event. So, even the Goa Tourism stall did not have a single brochure in the pavilion. It only had QR codes. And the URL-based [B2B] solution that ibentos provided, though it was a challenge for a few, for most, I would say for 97% - 98% of the buyers, it worked seamlessly! It was absolutely seamless!.”

The B2B platform comes with a dynamic real-time dashboard that brings complete transparency and closes the loop of automation for any B2B Event. It displays all the numbers that matter to an event organizer, displaying well achievements of each minute, each second. This is what keeps the stakeholders excited and motivated at all times. “The animated dashboard that was created really gave a sense of authenticity. It gave a sense that this is real. It's in real-time. And the Director of Goa Tourism also held it in his phone…and showed it to the press as it was happening live. The figures were changing. And that was very impressive. And that really struck home that this was an event that was really being handled in a very systematic, professional, you know, ticking all the boxes on the processes for it, says Elvis.

ibentos Metaverse Platform

Metaverse added the exciting 3d component, an immersive virtual world to the in-person event, enabling live interactions between global participants, virtual card exchanges and meaningful connections. As a leading metaverse development company, ibentos' immersive 3D Metaverse provided a dynamic space for networking, collaboration, and business expansion. The metaverse platform was available on web browsers, App Store and Google Play Store, which means, it worked seamlessly on desktops, laptops and smartphones.

“I think ibentos really optimized the entire system so well that I could demonstrate in the board meeting of Goa Tourism that my loading time was less than 40 seconds. So, I actually showed it to them LIVE using the hotspot of my phone, not even a wi-fi connection, adds Elvis.


ibentos extends its gratitude to Goa Tourism and our partners Orionis Media and AMO Group for trusting us with the event technology of GITM 2024.

“So. I think that's absolutely brilliant and “If we had really applied this entire [technological] process to everything else that we were doing on the back-end without ibentos being in the picture, it would have helped us even better. So, I would look at ibentos in the future, as not just handling one solution of a large project, like what we did, but I would like ibentos to be the whole and soul of the backend in terms of the technology, in terms of the automation, in putting everything together”, adds Elvis.

In conclusion, ibentos has once again demonstrated its commitment to revolutionizing the B2B event industry through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Our extensive experience of working in the event industry and strong technical expertise enable us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. As we move forward, ibentos remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in event tech and working towards our mission of giving our customers a competitive edge with advanced technology. We look forward to continued collaboration in shaping the future of B2B events and Metaverse interactions.


However, with consistent R&D and the use of AI, the ibentos metaverse team was able to address all the above challenges and create a platform that was capable of hosting the world’s biggest and most innovative convocation ceremony.

  1. Handling Concurrency: The greatest achievement was to resolve the problem of handling high user concurrency on the metaverse. Our team was able to find apt solutions; thanks to our professional expertise in handling large-scale virtual events.
  2. Humanized 3D Avatars: Students’ experience was personalized by using a selfie to create an avatar that had the same face as their own, fully dressed in a convocation gown and cap. These avatars could walk down the stage when their names were called, receive their diploma certificate, and bow, along with being able to clap and wave as well. These were essential in humanizing the metaverse convocation ceremony and making sure traditions were followed. This innovation would not have been possible without unwavering support from Avatar SDK before and during the event.
  3. Extensive use of AI: The virtual convocation metaverse platform was heavily AI-driven, right from testing on the platform to making announcements, arranging voiceovers, matchmaking students with their respective names and certificates, and even avatar creation.
  4. Enriched Interactions & Experience: The metaverse experience was further elevated by dividing students into batches as per their programs so that they could experience the ceremony with their batchmates. In addition, selfie areas were incorporated into the metaverse for the students to click selfies together and save these precious moments.
  5. Social Sharing: Social Media Integration with the Metaverse platform enabled students to express their sense of achievement with their community by sharing their selfies on LinkedIn and Facebook directly from the platform, instantly making the metaverse convocation ceremony a hit.
  6. Hybrid Metaverse Experience: A hybrid experience was created by incorporating the Live feed from the in-person event into the metaverse platform. A hybrid experience was created by incorporating the Live feed from the in-person event into the metaverse platform.

Photos taken by Students

Social Media Buzz


Days of hard work yielded a closest-to-reality metaverse convocation that enabled students from across the globe to attend the event from the comfort of their homes and offices, with family and friends, delivering a precious experience that will remain in the hearts of countless students for years to come.