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World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery at Vicenzaoro: NFJ Labs on the ibentos Metaverse Platform

Metaverse is a trend, one that has enough potential and opportunities to disrupt the entire notion of physical or in-person event supremacy. Being said, the metaverse is not here to replace physicality by any means but has in every way got the potential to become a contemporary that can run parallelly with the in-person counterpart. Metaverse is a perfect category for jewellery brands that have their virtual stores and NFTs inside an immersive 3D environment of a metaverse, distinguished by social interactions. The Jewellery brands seem to have found this out and hence, NFJ Labs came to look for solutions

Problem Statement

The Jewellery industry is one of the earliest adopters of the metaverse, which is making headlines every other day. NFJ Labs is among the first organisations to realize and use the potential of Web 3.0 to provide a direct metaverse platform for jewellery designers, where they can showcase their work without getting stuck into the loop of corporatization.
  • Metaverse is all about experience so in September 2022 at the Vicenzaoro, NFJ Labs planned to launch the World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery to showcase the artistic jewellery designed by Alessio Boschi and hence required a robust, vivid and interactive metaverse platform capable of delivering an extraordinary experience of the exquisite jewels, to every user.
  • Moreover, since NFJ Labs already have an NFT system in place, they needed the world’s first-ever Metaverse store where customers could buy, sell, and trade in Non-Fungible Jewellery.
  • At the Vicenzaoro NFJ Labs was also launching Alessio Boschi’s novel exquisite designer ring, The Dolce Vita, an aesthetic and creative representation of art blended with skill, where Spain’s 12 magnificent cities are intricately designed using rare gems. They required a platform that could provide a provision for the attendees to cherish each and every detail of the ring through their devices, in the Metaverse.
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Why ibentos?

The ibentos Metaverse Platform has created its niche in the segment, thanks to its outstanding features and capable engine, designed to withstand true-to-reality graphics, large attendee groups and much more.
NFJ Labs decided to go with ibentos due to the following reasons:
  • High-quality graphics that could justify the beauty & detailing in Alessio Boschi’s creations.
  • Interactive Environment that allows attendees to connect with each other & experience the showcased products just like a real expo.
  • Robust Backend to sustain large attendee groups & high-quality graphics at all times during the event.
  • The Larger-than-life & dynamic showcasing of designer jewellery by Alessio Boschi allows attendees to experience every detail of the jewels.


The ibentos Metaverse Platform provided NFJ Labs with the possibility to offer designers an uninterrupted market to show their masterpieces and make them eternal using NFTs. Their idea of attaching the original physical asset to the NFT brought exceptional potential in the market to combine NFTs and fine jewellery to create a virtual marketplace for the jewellery designers and the attendees.
So we created a high-resolution, highly-realistic 3D graphical environment that complimented the entire theme of the event & NFJ Labs’ brand ethos. The NFJ Lab environment was designed to specifically cater to a few major aspects:
  • Provide a seamless interaction between the attendees.
  • Create an environment that not only is highly immersive but also functional.
  • Create dynamic and interactive digital jewellery assets of Dolce Vita, The Medusa, The Lion and the Sun, etc, curated by Alessio Boschi.
  • Enable attendees to explore the jewellery and the environment in detail so as to bring maximum engagement to the event.


The success of the launch of the World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery by NFJ Labs, at Vicenzaoro, can be analyzed by determining the following parameters:
  • Did the event draw the intended amount of participants?
  • Were we able to meet or exceed their expectations in terms of themes, ideas, and design?
  • Was the event as interactive and engaging as we wanted it to be?
  • Was the primary purpose of this event met?
The primary purpose of the event was to create the World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery at the Vicenzaoro event. The agenda behind the project was to provide a platform for various artists across the globe to showcase their work of exquisite jewellery artistry. Alessio Boschi, the world-renowned Italian jewellery artist’s opulent jewellery The Dolce Vita was launched at the event and thousands of attendees at the Vicenzaoro, including many top voices of the industry like Rebecca Forster, president of Hearts on Fire, Angie Marei, founder & fine jewellery designer of Marei New York, Anna Adriani, marketing director of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi by DFS in Venice, witnessed the grand launch of the jewellery at the ibentos Metaverse Platform.
The event was not just a success but a benchmark that elevated the standards of how the Metaverse shall be perceived in the market. As for NFJ Labs, their grand launch event was witnessed and appreciated around the world by thousands of attendees and industry pinnacles.


Naman Siddharth, CEO, and Founder of NFJ Labs shares, “We have launched the World’s first Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery at Vicenzaoro, the Jewellery Boutique Show, and a huge contribution of this launch comes from the superior-tech stack that came on board with the ibentos Metaverse platform. We wanted a perfect platform for our debut Metaverse jewellery store because it was important for the platform to do justice to the magnanimity of the designer, the man behind this spectacle, Alessio Boschi. And after evaluating various platforms and teams behind them, we chose ibentos. With its thorough 3D immersive ecosystem and robust framework, they complemented the magnificence of the jewels skilfully curated by Alessio and after getting exceptional support from their team, I’m very glad that we chose them as our Metaverse Platform Partner.”
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