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TOP 5 reasons why Virtual Education Fair platform are successful

Social distancing is the new normal and although it has lessened the scope for event organizers to hold physical events, event organizers are still on the go with Virtual events. We mean, who could have thought that the world would have to stop physical interactions? Seriously!
The new resort that organizers have turned to are the Virtual Events Technology. Event organizers from different markets of the world today are doing online events with the help of virtual events technology. All sectors and industries have stemmed the online versions of their physical events and re-entered the market. Like all other sectors, the education sector too is coping up with the pandemic by conducting Virtual Education Fairs, without setting a foot outside.

What is a Virtual Education Fair?

Virtual Education Fair are online educational events that allow students and educational institutions to assemble on ONE platform. These fairs enable students to explore opportunities related to higher education and benefit from them. The online fairs, in turn, help institutions to reach out to the students by marketing themselves and bring in students globally.

Covid-19 & the education sector

The pandemic affected learners in many ways. The lockdown led to a sudden closing of all the educational institutions physically that amplified the gap further. Although schools and colleges immediately incorporated the virtual way of learning, student recruitment plans, information sessions, workshops, open days, alumni meets and student-teacher webinars took a hit. Physical gatherings were no longer possible thus, became a cause of concern for the education event organizers. Today, the technology sector has come up with new innovations to deal with the crisis and is readily providing a justifiable solution for education event organizers, including universities, colleges and schools.
Let’s go through a few contributing factors as to why Virtual Education Fair platforms stemmed during the pandemic –

1. Zero fear of Covid-19:

The first and foremost benefit of having a virtual event is the kind of safety it has to offer. Virtual Education Fair platforms allow students and participating universities to connect from anywhere in the world without being vulnerable to Coronavirus. This ensures them a safe environment without the worry of missing out on anything. Be it a workshop, big conference or a talk with University counsellors, all is made possible with the Virtual Education Fair platform.

2. No Geographical barriers

Virtual Education Fairs are devoid of geographical barriers unless you want to focus your event to only a particular area. It does not require the students to be present in-person. This opens up opportunities for the global student community to connect at an online virtual education fair, conference, exhibition or webinar by cutting off geographical barriers. For example, we can take the virtual open days held to recruit international students at a University or College.

3. More Attendance

The best part about Virtual Events is there is no need of booking hotels, travel or standing in queues in order to attend a virtual event. No matter the size of the virtual education fair, students can enter the virtual education fair and access it. Virtual Education fair students will only require a device – a computer, laptop or mobile phone and a stable internet connection. The attendance increases with the aspect of comfort added while attending a virtual event.

4. Ample branding Opportunities

Virtual Education Fairs are the perfect opportunity for participating institutions to showcase themselves and in the best way possible. Not only this, for multi-institute fairs, there are branding opportunities as well. While using a Virtual Education fair platform, you will be able to present to your participating students your campus stories and culture. This way, institutions, organizers, sponsors and brands can highlight themselves on the platform.
The ibentos Virtual Education fair platform provides the right kind of visibility to all sponsors and brands involved during an event. If you are only an institute, ibentos also designs customised campuses that depicts your university/college uniquely and precisely.
To check out more about ibentos branding option, check out one of the fairs here.

5. Rich and Integrated Reports

A Virtual Education Fair platform can provide rich and meaningful reports that are easily downloadable. There is no need to walk an extra mile to track attendee engagement or attendance. It is very easy to understand your attendee behaviour and at the same time market yourselves accordingly. And, this feature is available with proper virtual events platforms and not meeting platforms. What kind of tracking is possible? How many attendees have registered for the event Which booths have your attendees visited Activity Log of the attendee…etc With a dynamic and robust backend, ibentos Virtual Education Fair platform helps you download detailed and integrated reports about an educational event in an XLS format.
Virtual Education Fairs have truly helped in revolutionizing the virtual space for students and institutions. And what sets the ibentos Virtual Education apart from the other platforms in the market is its unique and customized solutions for all kinds of virtual events.
If you are looking at hosting virtual events for your institution or a group of institutions, you could be your go-to event partners. And why? Because we say ‘Yes’ to all your requirements and treat every event like our own. So, stop thinking further and ask away. Connect with us now.


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