Embracing the Metaverse Revolutionizing HR Operations

Virtual Career Fair Platform: One-Stop Solution to For Efficient Hiring

The epidemic made everything possible to be virtual and hybrid. Virtual career fairs are a practical way for recruiters to strengthen ties and capitalize on their school connections during busy times. The effectiveness, time and money savings, convenience, and a long list of other benefits of virtual career fairs for both students and businesses are additional benefits. In actuality, virtual fairs enable students who are neurodiverse, female, of colour, or have disabilities level the playing field. These firms assert that thanks to the Virtual Career Fair Platforms, virtual recruiting is less demanding, easier to administer, and more accessible than in-person meetings with potential employers. You may be thinking about how to attract students to our events while providing them with the greatest experience even though you are aware of the value of virtual career fairs in your early talent sourcing strategy. Physical fairs are more appealing when food and freebies are included. For instance, if your organization is less well-known, how are you attracting students to your booth at online employment fairs? You may make a lasting impression before, during, and after your next online career fair by utilizing the following tactics in a virtual career fair platform.

Hunt Only Prospective Candidates

Because 89% of Gen Z students want to work for organizations that actively pursue them, getting in touch with prospects early is crucial to grabbing their interest. Find your qualified talent matches by sorting through more than 10 million student profiles on the top-notch virtual career fair platform like ibentos. As a result, you are able to get in touch with these students and proactively invite them to your online career fairs.

Raising Brand Awareness

Today’s college students and recent grads look for chances that have some sort of meaning. So put your effort into creating a profile that captures your vision, ambitions, and long-term objectives. You can provide sufficient information about your organization on virtual career fair platforms so that students won’t go into the finer points. It can also help you connect with qualified students and use the opportunity to talk more about your company’s culture. To further support your position as an industry leader, include information about your present teams and workplace culture. Additionally, if you can, include a video message from your company’s senior management to instil confidence in potential pupils.

One Platform to Rule Them All

Virtual career fairs have a lengthy, multi-step process, which could be difficult for attendees. The prospective students also require guidance that can point them in the appropriate route in addition to the virtual booth. An AI-enabled shortlisting program, a perfect communication channel for students and management throughout the fair, a comprehensive recruitment process portal, and a post-fair channel for visitors to remain up to current on the business’s live updates and forthcoming events.

Comprehensive Audience Pool

To properly utilize a virtual career fair and discover the right individual, the target audience should be large. The more likely prospects there are, the more likely it is that you will develop a pipeline of potential employees. Use a virtual career fair platform to expand your search region and accept students from around the world to improve your chances of hiring the best applicants.

Transparency Across the Process

The importance of transparency in communication should be promoted, and candidates’ expectations should be met as soon as possible. After the online job fair, interested applicants should be able to write to you with any questions they have so that you can address them in your virtual brand profile on your virtual career platform. The advantages of working for your organization should be thoroughly explained to prospective new employees. When students have a good experience, they are more likely to tell their friends about your company.

Deliver An Unforgettable Experience

It might be difficult to design a virtual career fair experience that matches the engagement and exposure of an in-person event. Companies should work on including a surprise aspect for the attendees of a virtual fair. Before the attendees even enter your company, you may give them an experience of living their occupations by creating a virtual tour of your own campus. It’s also important to encourage pupils to come up with creative ideas for the virtual booth. Include contests and quizzes to engage visitors to your booth while gaining insight into their personalities. For each visitor, you may also include products from your business.

Maintain a Follow-Up

About 60% of attendees take advantage of the virtual job fair’s possibility and apply for the positions either at the job fair itself or within a week of it. With a virtual career platform in place, this is useful. You can hire a top applicant by using a variety of follow-up alternatives to maintain good communication. Since it’s possible that these students have previously met with other potential employers, prompt follow-up with your prospects is crucial.

Get into Action

Even if in-person recruitment fairs and events make a comeback, virtual recruiting will still be a crucial component of a successful hybrid recruiting approach. You can target audiences in advance of career fairs that fulfil your criteria and objectives to determine fit early on and offer a more specialized applicant experience. By taking advantage of the effectiveness, equality, and scale of online interactions, you may increase the reach of your recruiting efforts by utilizing digital technologies like the ibentos virtual career fair platform. The realistic 3D settings can be altered. The majority of college students and recent grads (78%) prefer to attend a career fair before submitting a job application. Why? to determine whether the responsibilities of the position align with their interests and values and to gain insight into what it’s like to work for the company. The simplicity of finding a job while sitting at home is undoubtedly a bonus.