Elevating Brand Promotion and Event Success

The Power of Virtual Conference Platforms: Elevating Brand Promotion and Event Success

The world of conferences and events has significantly changed in today’s quick-paced digital era. Virtual Conference Platforms have become a quicker, more affordable, and more effective way to organize conferences as a result of technological improvements. Beyond their usefulness, these platforms have developed into effective tools for corporations and organizations to build their brands. In this article, we’ll look at how virtual conference platforms are transforming event hosting and promoting brands, with a focus on how Canada’s ibentos Virtual Conference Platform is setting the standard.

The Rise of Virtual Conference Platforms

While valuable, conventional in-person conferences frequently come with difficulties like high expenses, logistical problems, and geographical restrictions. These issues have been addressed by virtual conference platforms, which provide a creative substitute for holding gatherings that are accessible worldwide. Virtual events have changed the game for companies trying to increase their marketing efforts as they become more popular.

Higher Reach and Ease of Access:

Physical barriers are removed by virtual events, allowing marketers to easily connect with a worldwide audience. Participants can come from a variety of places, increasing brand exposure and recognition globally.

New-age Branding Tool:

Virtual conference platforms are time-saving, cost-saving, and effort-saving, which attracts new-age firms looking to maximize their resource efficiency. As a result, they may cheaply and globally market and promote their company and goods. Additionally, these platforms have the incredible ability to grow brand awareness and image thanks to emerging capabilities like AI and ML.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Image:

Brands that participate in virtual conferences show their dedication to environmental responsibility, garnering respect and a respectable reputation among their target market.

Seamless Integration of Brand Elements:

With the help of virtual conference platforms, event planners may add branded graphics, logos, and interactive elements to the event environment, maintaining brand coherence and giving guests an immersive experience.

The ibentos Virtual Conference Platform - The Industry Leader

An Integrated Registration Gateway and Dedicated Landing Page:

The ibentos Virtual Conference Platform gives event planners the ability to design a specific landing page for their occasion. The event’s agenda, presenters, sponsors, and interactive features are all displayed on this page, which also serves as a comprehensive information hub and makes it easy to register through an integrated gateway.

Building Connections Before the Event:

The software enables event planners to collect participant data during registration. With this information in hand, event planners may get in touch with potential attendees via a variety of channels, including social media, emails, phone calls, and texts, fostering engagement and generating enthusiasm before the event even happens.

A Comprehensive Backend CRM:

Conference-specific backend (CRM) software is made available to organizers by ibentos. With the help of this tool, event planners may manage guest data, monitor levels of involvement, and learn important details about attendees’ preferences, facilitating post-event follow-ups and ongoing engagement.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

The ibentos Virtual Conference Platform’s comprehensive attendee statistics and analytics offer organizers useful information for enhancing their marketing plans. Businesses may customize their language and offers to better engage with their target audience thanks to this data-driven strategy.

ibentos Virtual Conference Platform - Success Stories

Many companies and organizations that choose the ibentos Virtual Conference Platform as their option have had great success. Let’s examine a few prime examples:

5th Annual GAN Angel Investing Summit 2023:

An important technology conference in Ontario, Canada, hosted the first day of its annual event electronically using the ibentos virtual conference platform. They were able to raise registrations for attendees by over two times compared to their past in-person events by utilizing the platform’s branding features and interesting content. They were also able to stay in touch with guests after the event because to the seamless backend CRM, which enhanced lead generation and networking opportunities.
PHD Chamber & Invest India made the decision to organize a hybrid event in the midst of COVID-19’s destructive second wave, and the ibentos virtual conference platform was selected for the event’s virtual component. They demonstrated their dedication to sustainability, made it easier for thousands of scientists, environmentalists, organizations, and guests to participate in the event, and won global praise for their efforts by holding the event on ibentos. Participants complimented the smooth registration process, realistic engagement, and participatory experience, which led to widespread participation and acclaim worldwide.
The future of event hosting is virtual conference platforms, which provide endless advantages for businesses and groups. In addition to being efficient and cost-effective, they are also good brand-building tools since they increase reach, encourage participation, and offer insightful data. In Canada, the ibentos Virtual Conference Platform stands out as a standout product that enables event planners to design spectacular virtual events that have a profound effect on attendees and push brand marketing to new levels. By using this technology, companies may maximize the benefits of virtual conferences and achieve previously unheard-of marketing success.