Best Virtual Event Platforms in Canada: Revolutionizing Online Experiences

Best Virtual Event Platforms in Canada: Revolutionizing Online Experiences

In a time of digital revolution, virtual events have become the go-to strategy for businesses throughout Canada to interact with their audiences. These systems offer a flexible and engaging way to host conferences, workshops, and seminars by delivering seamless online experiences that transcend geographical borders. Canadian businesses must choose the finest platform to meet their specific goals as the demand for virtual conferencing solutions rises. The best ten virtual conferencing systems in Canada will be compared in this article, each of which offers unique features and functionalities that can help make meetings a huge success.


With its virtual, hybrid, in-person, and metaverse events, ibentos is the only company that offers a “One Platform for All Event Needs” experience. ibentos Virtual event platform is now ranked as the best virtual event platform in Canada. It is well-known for its extremely thorough design, which provides many elements to enhance the event experience more than its rivals, a highly graphical user interface, 3D immersive virtual environments, a variety of branding possibilities, and incredible networking opportunities, all at a very reasonable price.
The ibentos virtual event platform, in particular, is ideal for all kinds of virtual events. A virtual event platform, virtual exhibition platform, virtual job fair platform, virtual B2B meet platform, virtual product launch platform, and virtual award shows are all things it is capable of. The ibentos Virtual Event Platform has a very strong backend that is not only capable of supporting a huge number of event participants but also consistently delivers a seamless performance throughout the event days. It is built to withstand anything that comes its way. Let’s delve more into the characteristics of the ibentos virtual event platform to better comprehend it:

  • Choose Any Virtual Event Type Virtual events are important for every brand nowadays to expand their market reach and to attract audiences from every corner of the world. But every market is different and so are its audiences, hence different brands are needed to be catered to differently. ibentos offers multiple virtual event platform solutions like Virtual Conference Platform, Virtual Exhibition Platform, Virtual Education Fair Platform, Virtual Job Fair Platform, Virtual B2B Meeting Platform & Virtual Product Launch Platform.

  • 3D virtual designs for intensely engaging experiences You may produce an event that nearly resembles a live event using 3D virtual designs. To give your visitors a remarkable virtual tour, select your chosen 3D photographs from the variety offered, or have a unique virtual experience created. Additionally, we at ibentos make sure that 3D virtual designs are mobile device compatible so as not to interfere with your ability to fully experience an event. Prepare to leave a lasting impression by attending an ibentos experience event.

  • End-to-End Customization & Personalization The ibentos event platform is trustworthy and remarkably flexible. Additionally, we employ internal development and manufacturing personnel. This shows how simple it is for us to adjust our services to meet the specific requirements of your brand. Nothing is better than having complete control over everything, including the home page, the 3D Design, and new features. As a result, you can now fully connect the event needs with your company’s goals.

  • Numerous Opportunities for Sponsorship and Branding Because of our experience in the events sector and our comprehension of what branding means to you as an organizer, our online event platform, unlike other platforms, allows organizers a variety of branding alternatives. We assist you in displaying your company name and event logos as a consequence, both before and during the event. We also give you the chance to advertise your sponsors, partners, stakeholders, and relationships. This is feasible because we had event organizers in mind when creating our online event platform.

  • Integration with Payment Gateway You have the ability to switch your payment gateway whenever you want using the ibentos event platform! You might include a payment option online or add an admission fee for the event. The use of the same event home page for event registration is made possible by this functionality for organizations. Cheaper purchases are made from a third-party merchant without blocking viewers from browsing other websites.

  • Integration of Marketing Tools Built-In A strict marketing approach must be used in order to achieve exceptional outcomes from a virtual event. It’s necessary to use a number of social networking sites, influencer channels, and sponsored advertising. The ibentos virtual event platform includes an integrated marketing tool that conveniently gathers all of your brand marketing resources in one location and enables you to view all of your event’s marketing information from the same platform. All of your event marketing needs are taken care of by this application, so you don’t have to.

  • Gamification The ibentos gamification feature can be used to express gratitude to your attendees. This feature will increase audience engagement by promoting participation. It works wonders to get folks to come back to the event.

  • Rich, Integrated Reports To provide event organizers with as much information as possible about their activities, the ibentos virtual exhibition platform was developed. In-depth reports, logistics, and statistics are provided by the backend’s abundance of possibilities, allowing you to create the best possible planning for your next event. The planners have access to crucial data on visitors and exhibitors, such as actual foot traffic.


The primary areas of competence for vFairs are virtual events, trade events, career fairs, and job expos. It also offers alternatives for virtual, hybrid, and live events. Exhibitors can dynamically present their products and services at virtual booths offered by the vFairs virtual event platform. In addition, to live chats with exhibitors, attendees get access to materials and seminars that are available on demand. Due to its seamless experience for both exhibitors and attendees, vFairs is the ideal platform for organizing interactive virtual expos. In addition, vFairs offers a wide range of services, such as spatial chat, networking lounges, thorough event reports, and attendance matching.


The platform typically hosts physical, virtual, and hybrid events. Despite not identifying the sectors it serves, Hubilo provides a variety of services that are equivalent to those offered by the platforms mentioned above. Both event organizers and participants can more easily register for and monitor the event while on the go with the help of the mobile app. Users now have more tickets and payment choices, which might be helpful for companies trying to profit from the event. For services like the webinar studio, there is a slight learning curve. It could lead to arguments between the presenters and audience members during the event.


The versatility and ease of use of Airmeet’s 2D virtual conferencing technology are well known. Due to its 2D interface, it is ideal for holding huge events, lectures, and networking gatherings. Virtual exposition booths, discussion rooms for smaller groups, and audience involvement tools like polls and Q&A sessions are just a few of the interactive features that Airmeet offers. The event’s user-friendly 2D interface, which makes it simple for participants to switch between sessions and interact with speakers and other attendees, makes the event experience immersive and lively.


Hopin focuses on hybrid event formats but also offers some significant but constrained virtual event capabilities. It is a versatile venue for online events that can host gatherings of different sizes, from small-scale workshops to significant international conventions. The platform offers interactive features including virtual booths, one-on-one networking opportunities, and live polling to engage the audience. In addition to independently investigating, participants have the option of engaging in group video chats. Due to its scalability and versatility, Hopin is a popular choice among Canadian event planners searching for a comprehensive virtual event solution.


Remo distinguishes itself from other virtual event platforms with its distinctive recreation of a physical event setting. Attendees can wander around virtual tables and interact with others the same way they would at an actual event, which creates a strong sense of social engagement and connection. For seminars, team-building activities, and networking events in particular, Remo provides a collaborative and engaging event experience.


Socio, a thorough virtual event platform, can accommodate all types of events, expos, and trade shows. It provides fully customizable event websites, interactive seminars, live chat, and networking elements to promote participant engagement. Socio’s extensive analytics let organizers better understand attendees’ behaviour and involvement, making it a useful tool for data-driven decision-making.
The demand for reliable platforms with plenty of features keeps growing as virtual events in Canada have grown to be a crucial part of the events sector. ibentos, vFairs, Hubilo, Airmeet, Hopin, Remo, and Socio are among the top 10 virtual event platforms in Canada. These platforms offer a wide range of features and functionality to meet the needs of businesses planning events of all sizes and shapes. Event organizers can create immersive virtual events that foster deep connections and exchanges amongst attendees with the aid of these platforms. As the events sector expands in Canada, these virtual event platforms will be crucial in transforming the way events are organized, encouraging innovation, and enhancing the overall guest experience.