6 reasons why ibentos is the most relevant metaverse platform for businesses

6 reasons why ibentos is the most relevant metaverse platform for businesses

Once a concept, today a multi-billion dollar technology, the Metaverse has grown multifold in a very short span of time. Today the metaverse is growing exponentially and businesses, especially the larger ones are hoarding the industry with new prospects and supporting technologies to assist and empower it. Market leaders like Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc., are already miles ahead in the race and are building marvels that not only deliver an experience but also work as self-sustained business outlets for them. But even the metaverse is no longer just a buzz and has enough substance to capture the global market, there’s one issue yet not much addressed.
While businesses are running constantly towards building their brand on the metaverse, there is a great void in the market for a robust yet fun metaverse platform that can cater to almost every category of business, be it small, medium or large or be it from any industry. Understanding the need of the hour, we, at ibentos, have built a Metaverse Platform, that can transform the way businesses are built, nurtured, scaled and most importantly, how they interact with their stakeholders, including customers.

Why Should You Choose the ibentos Metaverse Plaform?

Addressing the galloping demand in the market for an immersive 3D platform that not only allows an enjoyable and engaging experience for attendees but also empowers businesses to build their brands on it, where customers can experience, shop, connect, interact and engage seamlessly, ibentos brought its Metaverse Platform. But, the ibentos Metaverse Platform is built with a vision to make Metaverse accessible to every business in the world, seeking to penetrate the global market and become a popular global brand. To understand how ibentos makes this possible, let’s check out the unique and industry-first features that make ibentos the best metaverse platform for businesses.

1. A No-Code Metaverse Platform

That’s true! The ibentos Metaverse Platform is a highly futuristic yet simplistic No-Code Metaverse platform that allows brands to maximize functionality without setting up a tech team to manage it. Moreover, ibentos works closely with its clients and manages the end-to-end implementation of the Metaverse platform from ideation to execution, hence no DIY complexities for brands.

2. Not Just VR, It’s Compatible to Mobile, Laptop & Desktop

Most people relate Metaverse to JUST VR (virtual reality), but in true sense, its just another medium to experience the Metaverse, but can be really expensive, hence limiting the audience. But the ibentos Metaverse Platform is designed to prioritise accessibility without compromising on quality. With this every brand can deliver their attendees the same unforgettable experience of the metaverse on smartphones, laptops, desktops and VR as well.

3. A Metaverse with FREE Virtual Land

Buying virtual land for setting up your business on Metaverse with any other Metaverse platform could be a must, but with the ibentos Metaverse Platform, it’s for FREE! No need to pay thousands of dollars to buy virtual land for setting up your metaverse corporate office, a virtual storefront or for hosting a grand event because it’s FREE for businesses on the ibentos Metaverse Platform.

4. Quickest Metaverse-Ready Platform for Businesses

Metaverse is an opportunity and opportunities shouldn’t be delayed, especially when it can take your brand to the next level. Well, that’s why with the ibentos Metaverse Platform, you can create your personalized unique world and land your business on the Metaverse in just a few steps, within minutes! Check out the quick guide to creating your first metaverse. (link to “How it Works”)

5. Low-Cost Metaverse - A Metaverse for Everyone

For High-valued brands like Adidas, Apple, Burberry, Google, Gucci, Hyundai, Louis Vuitton, Meta, Nike, Prada, etc., stepping into the metaverse to transform their brand experience could be easy, but with the ibentos Low-Cost Metaverse Platform, businesses of all sizes, net-worth and industry can create their own personalized, highly-immersive, interactive, engaging and feature-packed, unique virtual worlds to interact with their customers, host events, launch products & NFTs and establish their global presence at highly affordable prices.

6. A Fully Customizable Metaverse

Want to create a Metaverse that looks like your brick-and-mortar corporate office? Maybe make it look like the tallest building in the world or a huge office from the future? Bring your imagination to reality! Metaverse provides you with an opportunity to create a world of your choice. Choose your theme, your design, your colours and your look & feel or simply go ahead with available templates and with ibentos, you already know, the virtual land is FREE. Build your business on Metaverse as you like, with end-to-end customization and personalization.

The Next Step

The global brand-building scenario is changing rapidly. The consumers are looking for trendsetters and niche-builders, especially GenZ consumers, which roughly comprise more than 68% of the global audience. Hence, for businesses, it is a non-exemptable measure to play the card of Metaverse as soon as possible. For this, businesses need a leading metaverse platform that can bring together impressive environments, interactive elements and robust backend to create humanized virtual experiences at affordable prices. This is where ibentos steps up to the pinnacle. With its advanced No-Code Metaverse that offers end-to-end customization, multi-platform compatibility, realistic 3D graphics, quick turn-around time, and cost-free virtual land provision at high affordable prices, ibentos becomes the best choice for businesses looking to step on the Metaverse train in the blink of an eye. And you can begin the process right now, in just a few steps- Connect with us for a FREE DEMO!
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