Marketing Tips for Virtual Job Fairs
Aside from choosing the best Virtual Event Platform for your Virtual Job Fair, the main factor that will make-or-break the success of your event is the right marketing strategy. In the case of Virtual Job Fairs, multiple companies come together on a common virtual platform to showcase their offerings and look for and hire potential employees. Thus, it becomes all the more important that you not only appeal and market to the right target audience of job applicants but also companies looking to hire. As an organizer, you want to maximize the reach of your Virtual Job Fair. While Virtual mode rules out proximity being an issue for attendees, you require the right marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience. Hence, keeping an organizer’s point of view in mind, here are a few marketing to get you started.

Choose the right Virtual Job Platform

The Virtual Job Platform that you choose should not only be designed in an appealing and easy-to-use manner but should also be able to host the number of attendees that you are expecting. In the case of a huge surge of attendees, the Platform must be able to handle the number of attendees and not crash. The Platform should be appropriately designed to provide you and your exhibitor companies ample branding opportunities. Using Virtual Booths dedicated specially to each Exhibitor where they can promote their brands and job availability and where they can conduct interviews with ease is an excellent idea to compartmentalize your Platform and make it easier for your attendees to use the Platform.

Make use of ads and social media

Utilize paid ads to spread the word about your virtual job fair and generate brand awareness. Paid ads will display your content on social media platforms in the form of banners, headers or footers and you can even pay to be displayed at the top of the search results when certain keywords are searched. This is one of the most efficient ways to advertise and market your Event. Also make use of EMail and WhatsApp marketing to efficiently reach out to your target audience.

Exhibitor Marketing

Reach out to your Exhibitors participating in your Virtual Job Fair to promote your event while they are marketing to further your reach. Moreover, having your name associated with trusted companies and brands will encourage viewers to visit your site and register for the event. Doing so will also promote your brand amongst the existing followers of your exhibitors, widening the scope of people that you appeal to.

Promote the kind of jobs and companies that will be present

To reach out to people who might be interested in attending your Virtual Job Fair, you need to attract them by telling them what job and company opportunities your Fair provides. You can also arrange for training and skills workshops for various interns or just people looking to attend workshops to attract a larger number of attendees. *Tip: Ask your applicants for resumes beforehand (pre-event), so that they can make payments, book time slots and you also get a good idea of the number of attendees to expect on the day of the Virtual Job Fair.

Mailers and Follow-ups

Send mailers to your attendees to update them on your Virtual Job Fair to not only keep them on their toes for your upcoming event but also to maintain the hype. Also, follow-up with your attendees post-event. Ask them for their feedback on how you could make your event better or what was lacking, especially those attendees who eventually did not get hired at your Fair.
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