ibentos preps 25+ universities for a multi-institute virtual fair

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Finding the right solution for Edvoy

Edvoy is an innovative education platform for International Studies. It helps students across the globe to find a perfect study abroad program to achieve their goals.

Are you still doing your education fair events on zoom? If yes, then you are losing out big time. And here’s how!

Check out how Edvoy used the ibentos virtual education fair platform for its virtual and hybrid education events.

Problem Statement

With more than 25 universities onboard, Edvoy aimed for a virtual education fair for students in four countries- India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Some of these fairs were supposed to be in the virtual format whereas the others had to be hybrid. This means the counselors needed to be present for the students, both physically and virtually. Edvoy needed a platform that could support both the virtual and hybrid formats. Also, at the same time, bring all the 27 universities together on one platform. Basically, they needed a platform that could enable students to interact effectively with them. One of their major requirements was to increase the students’ engagement by at least 30 percent. Moreover, the clients were super keen on enabling easy access and an enriching experience for the students during the counseling sessions.

Solution and Impact

There was a tremendous impact on the students’ attendance in comparison to the time when Edvoy used the Zoom platform to hold counseling sessions. After enabling the ibentos Virtual Education Fair platform, Edvoy as a brand hosted a glorious Virtual education event in multiple ways. Right from an increase in student experience by 50x to a decrease in the number of multiple links during the fair, ibentos handled it all. ibentos also gave an easy, single login page for the students that had all the details listed on it country-wise.
Access to webinars and college testimonials too were available on the same link. Unlike Zoom, students had the opportunity to research about the universities they preferred to study at, before moving towards the counselor’s virtual room. We all know that the advantage of virtual events is their time-saving nature and flexibility, and as proof of this, the ibentos website page for students needed little or no time to load or process.

We’re listing below our contribution to the successful virtual education fair:

  • 27 universities on ONE single platform
  • Single link for students to access all universities, counselors & LIVE webinars
  • Students from four countries joined on one platform- India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
  • Interactions available in both virtual & hybrid formats
  • Enriched student reports, available for download (unlike Zoom)
  • Other engagement activities for students during the fair, like games, quizzes, and tests
  • LIVE webinars
ibentos has been instrumental in helping organizations (of all sizes), multiple-institute fair organizers, education institutions, and their stakeholders improve their virtual presence and create praiseworthy events.
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