WWF Youth Tiger Summit 2022

WWF Youth Tiger Summit 2022, Garnered thousands of attendees from 13 Tiger Nations

At ibentos, we aim to bring a change to the way brands promote their ideas. With the help of technology, we aim to build a one-stop solution for brands to showcase their ideas, build engagement, connect with people globally and make an impact with their work. That’s what we did for WWF Youth Tiger Summit 2022.

Problem Statement

People were to be connected from across 13 countries around the world. The pandemic nighed like a massive quake and brought the entire event industry to shackles. Too quick to be comprehended, it took a little while for the businesses to find the right alternative. After months of apprehension, WWF decided to go for an end-to-end virtual event to conduct the “2022 Youth Declaration on Tiger Conservation.” The objective was to spread maximum awareness amongst the stakeholders without facing disruptions and errors.

Why ibentos?

This project’s implementation required a platform that could be
  • customized to host a stylized event,
  • justify the agenda
The project’s implementation required a platform that could
  • sustain thousands of attendees
  • enable a plethora of app integrations
  • pre-program the workflow using AI
With such provisions readily available, the ibentos virtual platform became the ideal choice.
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As per the event’s demand, two major components were to be taken into consideration, firstly, the platform’s stability and accessibility for the attendees from 13 tiger countries, and secondly, the theme and the environment of the event through-and-through should be focused on justifying the event’s agenda and relevance. The agenda was to bring young people from 13 tiger countries and beyond to amplify the need to protect the tigers, under the theme “Roar For Tigers.”
Both the guests and the sponsors responded exceptionally favourably to the virtual event. Despite the fact that WWF had been sceptical regarding hosting the event on a virtual platform due to the rising uncertainty brought by the pandemic, it was the need of the hour. Ibentos, with its cutting-edge Virtual Event Platform, created a multifunctional single-channel interface so that speakers, sponsors, and advertisers could all access an immersive experience simultaneously. After turning on the ibentos Virtual platform, WWF had a huge influx of attendees throughout the course of the event.

To maintain the due course of awareness while keeping the engagement at max, a pledge wall was curated for the attendees to stay aligned with the agenda while keeping the enthusiasm high.

According to WWF, tiger populations are finally on the rise in certain nations, notably India, after decades of decline. This is not a coincidence; it is the product of advocacy and action that began with the Global Tiger Summit in 2010 and was spearheaded by local authorities, law enforcement, and governments. The Youth Tiger Summit this year witnessed young leaders and businesses take up a step to get into action to safeguard the majestic cat.


Assessing the success of an event goes far beyond just counting numbers, several additional factors work together and contribute to achieving the best results. For WWF Youth Tiger Summit 2022 as well, many such factors are to be considered:
  • Was the attendance at the event what was expected?
  • In terms of themes, concepts, and design, were we able to live up to or surpass their expectations?
  • Was the event as engaging and engaged as we had hoped?
  • Was the main goal of this event achieved?
The WWF Youth Tiger Summit 2022 was an event to empower the idea of Tiger Conservation, especially among the youth. An initiative by the 13 Tiger Countries (India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Viet Nam, China and Indonesia) is one of a kind event envisioned to bring along thousands of young attendees from all over the world to combine their ideas and efforts towards creating an amicable environment for tigers. The void of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic made WWF shift this event towards the virtual format. The quest was to deliver a similar engagement with the format.

Firstly, with technological expertise, we were able to garner thousands of registrations from people all over the world, in line with the idea of WWF tiger conservation. Thanks to our stable and robust platform, thousands of attendees joined and enjoyed a hassle-free experience throughout the event. This resulted in making it one of the largest, successfully executed virtual conferences across the globe.

Secondly, we curated a dynamic plan to create at-par engagement levels for the event. Starting from high-quality graphics, sounds of the jungle, and tribal music based on a personalized theme of tiger conservation, instantly recited a complete story of the agenda.
Keeping the attendees glued to the event were our thoughtfully designed multiple webinars, Q&A, polls, quizzes, surveys and a lot more.
Addressing the issue of the day, our seamless networking lounge feature allowed the speakers, environmentalists, subject matter experts to connect among themselves and with the attendees effortlessly, just like in an in-person event.
Moreover, since the summit was targeted towards youth, keeping this in mind, we formulated a plan to gamify the entire event to garner more engagement. Features like the Resource Hall for attendees to showcase their themed art and creation. We believe in making memorable events and to make it further more lasting, we offered a Selfie Booth for the attendees to capture the moment and cherish the memories. Welcoming the feedback from the attendees, the Scribble Wall feature allowed them to pour their opinions on the event experience and the execution.
Last but not least, the exclusive ibentos Reports and Analytics system offered WWF with sorted data charts and insights on the event’s attendance, engagement, and attendee data, to analyze the performance of the event. The WWF Tiger Youth Summit 2022 was a grand success and the ibentos Virtual Conference Platform offered a completely personalized, thematic, robust and effective solution to cater to a large virtual audience for the event.
Overall, the event was successfully executed and was able to deliver what it promised, a larger than life experience.