Will Metaverse Be The Future Of The Education Industry?

Will Metaverse Be The Future Of The Education Industry?

Future Of The Education Industry
It’s a well-accepted fact that COVID-19 brought disruptions across the world boundaries, affecting the life of every individual on earth. Be it governments, public undertakings, corporates, banks, and educational institutions, every sector and every phase of human life was deeply affected. Disruptions have affected students from practically every country in the world, which invigored online education, resulting in a new standard of learning. With Metaverse as the future, experiential virtual learning systems can enable students to take part in intensely dynamic and captivating learning sessions.
The way we educate children and outfit teachers must advance to meet these new development opportunities as technology advances, bringing us new immersive and imagined worlds. Researcher, professor, policymaker, and digital designer opportunities exist now while the metaverse infrastructure is still being built, giving them the chance to pave the way rather than get swept away.

How Will Metaverse Pave The Way For The Education Industry?

Global Resource Base:

The potential for the education industry in the metaverse is enormous. Not only does it mean including advanced technology in the field but it also promises a global reach for institutions seeking potential students and staff. For instance, hiring a teacher to teach french is no more a cumbersome process nor about finding an Indian certified in french. You need a french teacher, hire someone in France and let metaverse handle the rest. Moreover building an international institution has now become much easier. With Metaverse in hand accessing students from across the world has become much simpler and moreover accessing international institutions without the need for a long migration process, is a key strength that comes with the implementation of the metaverse. When physical schools and universities were shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutions used new technology to expand access and broaden their reach.

Rise of Virtual Institutions:

The creation of learning possibilities that are made possible by the metaverse is already being researched by a few schools and universities. From individual classes to the development of entire virtual campuses and universities, some people are already experimenting with this new technological landscape. Many universities have already started providing lectures and virtual tours on the metaverse platforms, including Queen Mary University, Stanford University, Korea-Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and many others. It is anticipated that new technologies that coexist on a single platform would change education. It has the power to significantly transform both the learning environment and process.

Broader Marketing Opportunities and Higher Conversions:

Metaverse opens several doors for the education industry to broaden its market reach and publicize itself. A key aspect that comes with the metaverse is the opportunity to not just speak but also show your strengths as an institution. Be it the infrastructure, the resources, the curriculum, and augmented learning, everything can be visualized and gamified to offer an experience that results in higher conversion rates. Now parents have a chance to experience the institution before even visiting it. Institutions can even provide an option for parents to book an appointment from the metaverse itself and even make the fee payment.

Educational Fairs:

Most institutions, particularly those providing higher education often conduct hefty in-person admission and career fairs for the potential and enrolled students. Though huge in scale the fairs have a limited reach and ROI, which has resulted in the reduction of such fairs across the world. This is where Metaverse comes in handy. Firstly, it broadens the reach, i.e., your fair doesn’t have to be limited to city, state, or country, you can go global. Furthermore, designing a great metaverse that matches your environment and personalized it as per your demand, costs much less than hosting a minimal physical education and career fair.

Aided Immersive:

Virtual and augmented reality are the main technologies that support the metaverse (VR). Users can fully immerse themselves in the virtual environment thanks to specialized headgear and/or eyewear. Since it enables people to apply theoretical applications in immersive surroundings, efficiently retain knowledge, and boost engagement, immersive education has a lot to offer to online learners. With the help of VR and AR, students may participate in activities and simulations as if they were physically there. 3D illustrations, for instance, can help kids understand how a piece of equipment functions or what a mathematical concept looks like in practice.

Gamified Learning:

Gamified learning makes learning simpler and more enjoyable, increases problem-solving abilities, offers real-time feedback, and helps the whole learning process. However, it will soon find its way into other facets of our lives. The gaming business has been speedier and more effective in exploring its potential. By making virtual learning settings more realistic and learning itself more engaging and immersive, the metaverse will significantly increase e-learning. Even though we can only conjecture about what the future holds, it will be exciting to see the advancements and changes as they take place.

The Road Ahead

The metaverse has a significant potential to impact many fields, including education. How virtual reality world learning complements and adds value to the educational industry will be determined during the coming years. To meet the demands of the present situation, pioneers of virtual event platforms like ibentos have been heavily spending time and money on their metaverse platforms. ibentos Metaverse platform is an XR (Extended Reality) platform that enables global organizations to create Brand Campaigns, Businesses, and Events in immersive virtual environments and metaverse. Our platform offers events that are highly immersive, rich in live interactions, and closest to reality. As pioneers in events technology, we have always emphasized adopting the latest technologies to curate innovative solutions with quick implementation, aided by our comprehensive approach to help you build an edge over the competition. Though the metaverse is still in its nascent stages yet it stands firm as the future and can unveil a whole new world to explore for educators and students that has immense potential to completely transform the traditional way the education industry has been running for centuries.
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