in-person event vs hybrid event, Which one is best?

Why should you move from LIVE events to HYBRID events?

in-person event vs hybrid event
There has been a sudden spike of the hybrid event among the event organizers after the Covid-19 pandemic. It took off after social distancing norms were announced and in-person events were stopped. Therefore, in order to survive these tough times, event organizers shifted quickly to the virtual event format. Today, with passing time and relaxation in Covid restrictions, in-person LIVE events are making a comeback. However, we believe that the in-person events with the virtual – hybrid events are much more effective and their benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are 6 comparisons of in-person event vs hybrid event.

Find why you should move from LIVE events to hybrid ones in near future!

1. Better Reach

One of the most beneficial features of a hybrid event is its potential to reach out to a larger audience compared to an only traditional event. With a hybrid event, apart from the live event visitors, your event can reach new audiences from far-fetched places. This way, you are bagging a larger audience, gaining popularity and discovering new markets. To an extent, hybrid events allow you to bring an audience that may have never visited a traditional in-person event or avoided it altogether due to Covid restrictions. And especially now, with the pandemic still hovering over us, hybrid events can be your only answer to successful and immersive events.

2. Go Global

The world will not be the same post-pandemic. We have all attended and experienced virtual events and we know their benefits. With the opening of Live events once again, you can choose a hybrid model for wider reach and for reaching locations that could have not been possible in a traditional in-person event. The participating virtual audience will be able to connect in real-time without any interruptions, give feedback, reach out and access your content while the Live event attendees enjoy your event physically.

3. Branding Opportunities

If you think that in-person events are the only way for proper branding opportunities of your exhibitors or sponsors, you need to read this! Virtual events have advanced to quite an extent during the pandemic and some platforms offer live-like experiences virtually. To get exact answer for in-person event vs hybrid event, here is an example- virtual events hosted on ibentos are rightly equipped to provide you with large branding spaces that bring your stakeholders into the spotlight. But In person has less number of options to spotlight any stackholder. Apart from that, your brands are able to reach out to a larger audience and what’s better than that?

4. Costings

Cost is at the forefront of any event, be it your hybrid or traditional ones. A hybrid event, on the other hand, can bring down your attendee’s or speaker’s travel expenses, give them an option to connect virtually too. The best part about your hybrid event is its partial virtual feature that lets you monitor, control and engage your audience at the click of a button.
The Virtual Event needs an extra crew or other groups to look after your event, just ONE efficient virtual events PARTNER and you are good to go! There are no headaches of giving away paper tickets with ONLINE registrations or the other miscellaneous costs that are sometimes unavoidable on a traditional LIVE event.

5. Brings you Better ROI

Yes, it does increase your ROI. Because of wider outreach and a larger audience is engaged, virtual event increase the number of event prospects. Although considering the situation, your number of attendees at your in-person may be limited, but virtual event is an option. You can serve to a larger audience through your virtual event option. This is for sure going to be an added advantage for your hybrid event. On the other hand, your ROI will be much higher – here you can consider factors like
On the other hand, your ROI will be much higher – here you can consider factors like –
  • Creating a space in the market
  • Reducing your travel costs
  • Ample branding opportunities
  • Scalability is high, once you setup virtual event, it is easy to work around the same model multiple times.
  • With fewer activities at the offsite event, an increase in the online presence can provide better reach.

6. Data-driven Reports

The most significant feature is for recording rich data that helps you measure the success of your event. This data gives you an accurate overview of your attendees’ presence, their journey, and participation duration in virtual events. Every rich and meaningful data, given by these virtual event platforms inform you of the engagement rates at your event. Additionally, with your traditional live event, a virtual event adds an extra role with no compromises on data availability.
With the advanced & innovative technology, it won’t be shocking if we claim that virtual reality will be different. It will take another step in the coming years, be it in terms of scalability or its friendliness. Hybrid events have to a large extent what attendees want and organizers look for to make a successful event.
After checking the comparison of in-person event vs hybrid event and testing the richness of virtual events, it is only fair to say that hybrid events will be the next face of events for organizers.


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