Why Opt for Virtual Events - A guide for Event Organizers for their success

Why should Event Organisers opt for Virtual Events?

Why Opt for Virtual Events
If you were organizing physical events before the pandemic broke out, you are certainly thinking of trying a virtual event. Or probably even tried it already. The simple reason is that you or your brand has built something over years and it is only sensible to just find the best possible way and move on! And with appreciation of this positive spirit, let us quickly and briefly look at the selected few answers to- Why Opt for Virtual Events?

Let NOT your clients forget you

With physical events not happening anymore, it is important that you still stay in touch with your customers/market and stay in their memories. Virtual events let you do that in a powerful way and, in fact, are the best way to stay in touch with your clients during the Pandemic.

Virtual Events are here to stay

Due to the Pandemic, the world has changed forever. So will events be. Since the benefits of Virtual Events can not be overlooked, organisers will choose to go for Hybrid Events even when the Live events are back.

Less Investment

All you need to host a virtual event are 2 strong partners – an Innovative Tech partner & a Dynamic Marketing Partner

Wide Outreach. Discover New Markets

When it comes to virtual events, you can reach markets & regions that you couldn’t reach earlier. Whether it’s your exhibitors, or visitors, buyers or sellers, Virtual events allow you to expand your national & international markets

Accuracy of Data

When marketing and event execution are both online, it becomes very easy to verify all visitors attending a virtual event. Data accuracy, in case of Virtual events, increases by leaps & bounds.

Opportunity to Understand your Customers

With a good tech partner, you can track visitor journey starting from the marketing channel that brought that visitor to your event, to their journey inside your event, their activities, actions, meetings, downloads or stall visits. This helps you gain significant data points about your customers and understand their psyche and needs.

Discover New Business Models

When you choose to go virtual, it is NOT mandatory to replicate your Live Event as it is. In fact, you have to twist a few things and make them more relevant to the online format. This way, you end up discovering new online business models for your Event Business which you would have never cared to explore earlier. If you do not know where to start, connect with us at www.ibentos.com
Remember, you know your business best and there’s no one who can take this decision better than YOU. So, In this “Why Opt for Virtual Events” guide, evaluate the pros & cons. And once you have decided to go Virtual, do let us know which factor(s) drove you the most in comments below.


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