The Best Ways to Utilize a Virtual Healthcare Conference

Why North Amercian Organisers Are Preferring For Hybrid Events?

Best Ways to Utilize a Virtual Healthcare Conference
Hybrid events in North America have been a popular course of action since the time of the pandemic. The limitations on the in-person events surely worked as a catalyst for the addition of a virtual component into the events. But this certainly does not diminish the benefits of an in-person event, which invigoured exceptional growth and demand for the hybrid events. The Hybrid events have made it possible for people and businesses from all over the world to interact on a level unlike any other. Hybrid platforms are used for a variety of significant events, from business conferences to university commencements, in every region including the North American market.
The market for webinars and Hybrid events will expand globally as hybrid work becomes more common. Incorporating a virtual component into any physical event has a significant value-add. The event organizers in North America have assessed the increased capacity of hybrid events for a broad outreach and influence, hence higher revenue. North America has a huge potential for events. Infact 56% of global respondents to hybrid events are in North America and almost 72% of North American respondents believe they will get more value out of attending a hybrid event. It is predicted that by 2025, more than $4.44 billion will have been spent on webinars and Hybrid events, up from $1.57 billion in 2021.

What Makes Hybrid Events so Alluring?

Globally, there are now more options available to event organisers that are simpler to use, more accessible, and packed with networking features as well as sophisticated data reporting and analytics. The key factors that have made Hybrid events in North America popular, are discussed below:

Augmenting the Attendee Experience

North American event organisers and producers are aware of the requirements for a successful live event, but they are now looking for Hybrid solutions to provide integrated and unified experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital encounters. Experience design is crucial. To build hybrid events and provide participants a memorable and engaging experience, event organisers must work with reliable technology partners who not only focus on creating ecstatic in-person events but also put in complete effort in creating immersive virtual counterpart of the events for the virtual audience. Events that have the most effect will provide the organisers a competitive advantage at a time where experience is a crucial difference.

Streamlined Management

The organizers of virtual events don’t have to deal with the burden of planning, making it a very manageable format. Selecting an appropriate virtual event platform is the only critical decision that must be made. The service providers will handle everything after the organizers have worked with a controlled & configurable virtual event platform. Therefore, virtual events provide pharmaceutical businesses with easier event administration.

Curating a Qualitative Event

The popularity of hybrid events in the North American market can be credited to the fact that it combines the intimacy and engagement of live events with the interaction, flexibility, and global reach of virtual events. With hybrid events the quality of content delivered is ought to increase. The logistics of arranging an event for a large number of participants can take up a lot of time, money and effort which can be better diverted selecting presentations and keynote speakers from across the world with the highest calibre material. Budgets can be redirected from paying for event venue, food, and beverages to selecting top-notch speakers as the number of attendees declines.

Better to Repurpose than to Recreate

What makes hybrid events much more advantageous comes with the benefit of integrating a virtual component into the physical event that allows easy switching from live to on-demand viewing of that content. With the help of the hybrid event technology, it is possible to quickly and easily record presentations, chats, and other events, which can then be readily transferred to an OnDemand Media Library. Additionally, this content can be used to give those who previously were unable to attend the event access to the experience. Additionally, to enhance your material, your media library can be updated with snippets and previews of upcoming events. Additionally, it aids in increasing social media reach.

Improved Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity

The goal of events, in our opinion, should be to unite all relevant stakeholders and bring the world closer together. This chance to connect with others from anywhere in the world is made possible by hybrid events. Kenyan participants or speakers may be invited to an event held in the United States. By giving attendees the choice of attending live or virtually, you open the door for participants from all corners of the world and at all stages of their careers. For participants who are physically challenged, going hybrid is a great idea. Such candidates can easily enjoy the events using the virtual section without exerting themselves outside of their comfort. CART and closed captioning will provide a visual aid for those who might not be able to comprehend information and material through auditory means.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Now more than ever, this explanation cannot be disputed. It is vital for the countries of North America to minimise their carbon footprint as much as possible because the region’s governments, especially Canada and the United States, have set a goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2050. Organizations can lessen their environmental impact and be more eco-friendly by using virtual and hybrid events. Going hybrid will lower your carbon emissions by over 99%, according to a recent research. By switching attendance to a hybrid platform, it is possible to drastically save carbon emissions by eliminating travel and food and beverage waste.

Improved Data & Analytics

Data capturing has a crucial role prior, during and after the event. You may easily track and capture data throughout the event with the help of a hybrid events technology platform and analyse it later. Data related to;
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Login-logoff data
  • Q&A data
  • Most viewed content
  • Maximum attention gaining features
  • Attendee interactions, etc.

Enhanced ROI

The most important statistic used to assess your event is return on investment, if not the most important one. Virtual and hybrid event organisers will see an increased ROI thanks to fewer entry barriers, the capacity to broaden reach and boost attendance. Using a top event software platform will still come at a hefty expense, but organisers can charge comparable ticket pricing, sell more tickets, and pay less or nothing for venues, food and drink, and on-site event workers.

The Next Step

The value-add of enabling Hybrid attendees has always been clear to those of us in the Hybrid Event industry. With the rise of Hybrid Events due to Covid-19, far more people are ready to transition indefinitely after having such positive, productive, and profitable experiences. At ibentos we believe that activating a Hybrid component will always borne positive effects, even if you intend to hold an in-person event. For all of the aforementioned reasons, utilising technology to improve your live event experience can only benefit your company and the return on investment you receive from the material you have worked so hard to compile. The ibentos Hybrid Events platform is build to benefit you to increase your reach and get rich attendee data at every hybrid event. With ibentos hybrid event technology, no matter where they are, your audience may interact and participate in your event.
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