Why Does Event Technology Need to Grow in the Events Industry?

Why does the Events Industry Needs Technology to Grow?

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Event Technological advancements have been a boon for Event businesses, as it has enhanced communication and brought people closer.
It has also provided access to critical information along with saving time and cost on logistics.
The event industry has majorly benefitted a lot from this. The event industry sphere has widened after the introduction of new concepts in event technology like metaverse, virtual events, hybrid events, drone view, and self-navigation features which were unheard of a few years back.
Such advancements have blessed the event industry even during difficult times by giving organizers new hope. It has also helped them to break free from the old, monotonous ways of hosting traditional events and taking them to the next level.
According to a study conducted in the year 2016 by Enterprise Event Marketing, using technology in events can enhance event attendance by 20%, enhance productivity by 27%, and lower related costs by up to 30%. However, with digitalization on its way, we can expect an increase in figures today.

Why The Events Industry Needs Technology to Grow

  1. Digital Technology has transformed the way we look at modern business events, may it be conferences, webinars, or educational fairs. The omnipresence of the internet and smartphones is enabling planners to create events that personalize the experience of each attendeeAlso, at the same time collect real-time data about those attendees, track their arrival, and their consumption behavior.
  2. A more targeted approach is imperative while organizing events, as it also has a great impact. The younger generations including kids today are more tech-savvy and prefer innovative ways of interaction and this is not only confined to interaction but also when it comes to attending events, virtual is the new trend. It depends highly upon which segment of the population you are targeting for the event.
  3. By using Social media, attendees can share their feedback and experiences. Also, poll facilities and surveys can be used to capture their reviews.
  4. From customizing spaces to enhancing networking opportunities and designing smooth-running visitor experiences, event technology has everything in store to make your events a grand success.
  5. Safety and security concerns can be well addressed by practicing more virtual events.
With people falling prey to the heat wave and its impact, people prefer to stay indoors.
Moreover, due to the prevailing terrorist activities in the country, it is safer to stick to the virtual trend.
So, we can say proudly that advancements in event technology have been our saviour.
  1. Virtual Platform has enhanced the presence of attendees in the event as it has removed the geographical barriers and has focussed on the convenience of its audience, resulting in higher ROIs.

Role of Technology in the Event Industry

  1. Technology plays a prominent role when it comes to captivating attendees till the very end of the event by lighting virtual events with metaverse technology.
  2. Technology has been able to integrate the entire Virtual experience on a single platform. Thus simplifying the lead capturing in the process and showcasing the works of its sponsors, facilitating more brand visibility and branding options, and enhancing attendees experience.
  3. New technology has boosted the efficiency of events by providing higher-quality sound and images. In addition, there is a facility to book tickets for the events online which can enhance your sales and make it a hassle-free experience for both parties involved i.e. organizer and attendees.With companies like ibentos enriched with event technology solutions by their side, we hope to be a witness to more such seamless and refined 3D virtual events.
  4. Event technology simplified many processes like registrations, navigation, and event schedule.
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