How to choose virtual event platform? Find the best way with ibentos

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Virtual Event Platform?

how to choose virtual event platform
Virtual Events took over the event industry in 2020 and now physical events are on the verge of making a comeback. To keep pace with the existing scenario and gear up for upcoming events, you need to rope in a Virtual Events platform that provides you with the right technology and takes care of the overall execution of your event. We also know the market is flooded with meeting/event platforms, but have you ever wondered how many can hold your event on priority and deliver every task as promised?
No worries, let’s guide you through a few prerequisites your Virtual Events platform needs to have before you trust them with your virtual event.
This blog lists a few items, we as event experts have analysed and evaluated for you before you finalize a  virtual events platform. You can begin by asking them the following questions –

1. Can your event be customized according to your requirements?

First and foremost, ask if the Virtual Event platform is well equipped to create an immersive and lifelike event. Ask them if your event landing page can be customized according to your organization’s values and needs. Do not leave it at that, ask them to what levels can the virtual event be customized for you to take it closest to reality! Also, ask them if you’re hosting an online exhibition, can the exhibitor booths be customized according to their requirements or can your preferred communication mode be incorporated for face-to-face interactions.

2. Is automation available with your Virtual event partners?

Today, the smarter way is the automation way! So a few inclusions at your virtual event must be the presence of it to take your event LIVE. The e-mailers and automated WhatsApp reminders before the event just make things easier. According to our findings, the lead-attendee conversion is higher through WhatsApp marketing. And why not, take in a partner who does exactly that!
ibentos is the World’s only virtual event platform to provide the benefit of sending customized, authorized event reminders on WhatsApp messenger.

3. What are the costs of executing a Virtual Event? How are they pricing the event?

A few virtual events platforms come with a fixed cost for purchasing their virtual events platform. However, the highly customized ones require more expenditure. Look for a virtual events platform that can easily produce an easily customized event for you, at the same time if you want to save up, look for a platform that offers packages with the option of adding features from their other event offerings. A virtual events platform that is flexible towards your budget and still allows you to customize your virtual events is a great, yet rare find. Make sure the cost of your virtual event is transparent and there are no hidden costs involved.

4. Is branding space available? Or is it just the regular standard meeting platform?

Branding Space makes you better with your partners and sponsors. So go ahead and ask them if these spaces are customizable as per your requirements. After all, it’s your Virtual event!
Can the Lobby space or the entrance to your event be customized to your needs?

How can they enhance the look of your Virtual Exhibition Hall?

Is the auditorium inside your virtual space feel real or is it just another box-like structure where the event takes place?

Are there possibilities of setting up meeting rooms, breakout sessions and networking lounges?

Is there any exclusive space for the Event Sponsors?

5. You’d surely want to Broadcast your event LIVE. Ask them.

Don’t forget the convenience of a semi-LIVE event. Remember, displaying both recorded and LIVE content is an added bonus to your virtual event platform. LIVE broadcasts of your virtual event on social media platforms can lead to an increase in attendee engagement.

6. What are the different modes of communication you can use?

Your event is for your attendees and especially, in today’s time of virtual events providing them with the ease of connecting is a must. Irrespective of the size of your virtual event, you must ensure that the common modes of communication like WhatsApp, Phone calls, e-mails and Video Chats must be incorporated into the virtual event platform. The varied networking opportunity adds to the comfort of your target audience connecting for a virtual event.

7. Do they have payment gateway integration?

E-Commerce integration is a benefit that you shouldn’t overlook in case you’re planning a sale/purchase activity. With the essential payment gateways integrated into your system, attendees will be able to make seamless transactions. As we know, a complicated user-interface may cost you a customer some time, therefore, hassle-free and easy to understand ways must be your first preference.

8. How secure is the Virtual Event platform? Is there data security?

When you search for “how to choose virtual event platform” for a LIVE event, the technology you select must be stable enough to secure your virtual event and prevent any untoward activity. A strong system is necessary to protect your event from any data leaks or cyber frauds.

9. Training sessions for your stakeholders

To get your exhibitors/speakers accustomed to the technology, a few dry runs and practices with the experts will be very helpful as it saves time and helps them focus on the event without worrying about the tech part.

10. Is the backend strong enough to give you all kinds of reports?

A Virtual event platform that has a dynamic backend is what will serve you during crucial times. For example, creating your own DIY exhibitor booth saves time and energy at your Virtual Exhibition. Also, another important criteria for your Virtual events platform is to be able to hold the system together or remain stable during a virtual event. For example, if there is a bigger and unexpected flow of attendees during an event, will they be or their events platform able to handle the system well! Can they handle last-minute changes? Other than this, measuring your activities, managing them, checking out your attendee engagement are a few of the activities you can determine at your virtual event. Not only this, it helps you track your business as well.
How to resolve technical issues or how do you communicate with the attendees?

Questions before you finish your search on “how to choose virtual event platform”

Are you and your event partner capable of forming a long-term relationship. If you have multiple events in a year, ensure you are looking for a partner & not a vendor?

Your partner should be capable of hosting all-events, be it a virtual or hybrid event?

Will the platform be able to engage your attendees?

Can your business grow through or with them?

Are they ready to treat your Virtual Events like their own?

How to resolve technical issues and is there going to be a help desk to assist your attendees in case of technical difficulty?

Can your Virtual Partners integrate the virtual event into your website?

In case you’re hosting a BSM, matchmaking services are an essential solution they need to provide. Your key to a successful virtual BSM is an efficient partner!
ibentos Virtual Events platform provides you with a strong backend that helps you plan the next as well as make real-time decisions depending on the analytics.


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