What is a Hybrid career fair?

What is a Hybrid career fair?

What is Hybrid career fair
Is it becoming difficult for you to decide between Virtual and in-person events? Do you wish to avail the benefits of both?
Why not choose Hybrid Events, as they are the latest trend and offer the best of both worlds.
They have bridged the gap between Virtual and in-person events by opening the doors of communication between Virtual and in-person attendees and have a wider reach.
Due to the pandemic in 2020, Virtual career fair platforms replaced the in-person platform as it was the only way to connect both employers and job-seekers but if we talk about the present situation, hybrid career fairs provide a convenient and flexible arrangement.

What is a Hybrid career fair?

These are recruiting events that merge the benefits of both virtual and in-person events and provide a secure, cost-effective, and flexible experience to their attendees.

Benefits of Hybrid Career Fair

1. Rich and integrated reports

The event dashboard tracks event participation and total resumes submitted. Also, insights related to your booth visits, and overall attendees’ journey during the event also get captured, which enables organizers to decide the success rate and help them to make improvements.

2. Hassle-free registrations and confirmation

A single URL for event registration facilitates hassle-free registrations with instant confirmations. The registration page can also be customized as per your company requirements.

3. Faster access to Employer profiles and jobseekers resulting in more engagement

Accelerates the application process by applying smart filters to choose the right candidates’ profiles and vice versa. This is the simplest way to keep your attendees engaged during the LIVE career fair.

4. Easy filing of Job applications

There is a provision of automated forms wherein attendees can easily upload their resumes, making it easy for them to apply for their respective jobs.

5. Secured arrangement

The hybrid career fair is the most secure arrangement, as it gives the opportunity to the audiences who wish to attend the in-person version of the event but have to join virtually. It could be due to extreme weather conditions, traffic snarls, and professional commitments.

6. More branding space

A hybrid career fair offers more branding space and opportunities for company/organizers and sponsors to stay ahead of their competitors and is the best way to attract talent. You can make your attendees aware of your sponsor’s brand by putting up photographs, videos, and banners.

7. More Engagement options

More chances of engagement on a hybrid career fair platform as it helps you connect with a global audience. Also, activities like surveys, polls, and on-platform chat help attendees enhance their engagement.

8. Limitless communication

Connect globally and keep your connections alive through live chat and scheduled interactions before, during, and after the fair. Through in-person events but digital access, make your events more accessible and enhance their ROI with the participation of the best candidates.

9. Cost-effective

A hybrid Career fair is the most cost-effective career fair platform, as a lot of money is saved on accommodation and food.
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