What is a virtual summit platform? Pricing and Full Checklist

What is a virtual summit platform? Pricing and Full Checklist

virtual summit platform
To stay ahead of the curve, organizers/ companies these days are organizing their Virtual summits on the Virtual Event Platform. This is the only platform that helps event planners to promote inclusivity and enhance the attendee count.
Also, they are instrumental in maximizing ROI and capturing real-time data.
Virtual event technology has taken the event industry by storm by hosting seamless 3D virtual events like Virtual conferences, exhibitions, Job fairs, and Education fairs.

What is a Virtual Summit platform?

A virtual summit platform is a great way of bringing people together like industry experts, business leaders, and speakers together in a virtual (online) space.
Discussions are made on certain specific topics by these leaders and experts, and attendees make online registrations to be a part of this.

Advantages of hosting a Virtual Summit Platform

1. Wider Reach

The Virtual Summit Platform connects attendees globally, thereby expanding their reach to a wider audience, and does not remain confined to a specific location.

2. Time and money can be saved

One of the primary benefits of the Virtual Summit Platform is that a lot of time is saved in commuting as it is a flexible platform offering convenience to its attendees to attend the summit while attending to their other obligations both personal and professional. Also, a lot of money can be saved on food, accommodation, and transportation in a virtual summit.

3. More networking

Networking options are immense on a Virtual Summit Platform as it comes up with more engagement and attendees. More opportunities for audiences to interact with prominent industry speakers, leaders, and experts.

4. Creates Brand awareness

A virtual event platform is a wonderful way to create brand awareness about a company, brand, or product among the audiences packed with positive word of mouth by prominent leaders, which is an important tool for promotion. As when your audiences are aware of your brand, then only you can get fruitful results and growth in your business.
The virtual summit platform with breakout rooms offers ample branding space by setting sponsor booths and breakout rooms enable attendees to interact with their favourite speakers and booth representatives without having to wait in a queue to connect with them.

5. Higher ROI

The virtual meeting platform offers higher ROIs as it involves more engagement and a wider audience.

6. Comprehensive Reports

The virtual summit platform offers detailed reports which provide an insight into the total attendee count, consumption behaviour of the visitors, and how much time they have spent on a particular booth, which helps organizers to strategize accordingly for their next event.

Cost to Host a Virtual Summit along with the duration

In order to host a successful Virtual Summit, you need a reliable and experienced service provider who can be your helping hand till the very end of the summit. The pricing depends upon your requirements like the features you need and the kind of service.
For instance, if you are hosting a simple exhibition with chat options and limited attendees, then the cost will be much less in comparison to the one hosted with additional features like gamification, a facility to customize as per your organizational objectives, and a 3D interface.
One can expect to spend $10,000 to up to $50,000 depending upon the requirement.
The duration of the virtual summit depends upon the scale of your event. Ideally, it is 3-5days long, with a prime objective to enhance attendee knowledge and solve their problem with regard to their main areas of concern.

Virtual summit checklist

  1. Pin down your goals
  2. Select your topic
  3. Fix the summit date
  4. Prepare a list of potential speakers
  5. Draft a speaker checklist
  6. Book an interview with them
  7. Record an interview with them for pre-recorded sessions
  8. Prepare graphics and banners for social media
  9. Prepare a branded landing page with speaker’s profiles, explainer videos, summit agenda, FAQs, and sign up for registration along with the summit’s name and dates.
  10. Promote your event through social media platforms and pay per click
  11. Time to launch the event
  12. Mail thank you notes to each speaker

Ideas to be taken into consideration while hosting the Virtual summit platform

  • Add Q&A, and surveys to make the platform more interactive.
  • Word games, quizzes, and leader board games to be included to make the summit more lively and interesting so that more attendees can participate.
  • Video, audio call, and chat facility is provided so that attendees get the opportunity to get in touch with the sponsors and exhibitors directly.
  • Social media integration can be done by streaming your events LIVE on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube -simultaneously! Also, e-mail marketing can be done to build curiosity along with press releases, and blog posts.
  • Landing pages should be designed in such a way that they immediately catch the attention of their audiences through the content bearing important information. Information like the event agenda, list of speakers, and sponsors accompanied by engaging pictures are enough to create a buzz on social media.
While hosting a virtual summit, you require a hosting platform that offers all the features like networking, pre-recorded webinars, marketing options, and 3D interfaces for a smooth customer experience on a single platform.
ibentos is one such platform with all the inbuilt features stated above. It is a pioneer in creating unique and innovative 3D virtual experiences and has surprised its event organizers by taking their events a notch higher with its revolutionary event technology.
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