Virtual events vs In person events, How to choose?

Virtual events vs In person events, How to choose?

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In-person events have no doubt been the very foundation of the event industry and have helped them in achieving milestones. However, unforeseen situations have compelled the event industry to adopt a wider perspective and look at the bigger picture.

The recent epidemic and extreme weather conditions have shown a new virtual pathway to the event industry for a secure and enriching experience.
Things are switching to a digital ecosystem that extends across multiple industries.

Virtual Event Platform is not only confined to any event but offers multiple event facilities to suit your requirements. That can be Virtual conferences, live events, virtual meetings, and much more.

Although In person and Virtual Events are unique in their own way. Evaluating virtual events vs in person events is mandatory to get clear pictures of the existing trend in event market.

Comparison of virtual event vs in person

Virtual Events

  1. Virtual Events are more Cost-effective as a lot of money is saved on logistics and travelling, which can be utilized in hosting events virtually.
  2. Has wider reach as virtual events connect your attendees at the global level by overcoming geographical barriers, resulting in more participation.
  3. Virtual Events have 50% more attendees in comparison to In person events as there is more flexibility, that these virtual events offer to their attendees without any wastage of money and time.
  4. Also, virtual events are Environment friendly in comparison to in person ones because of no carbon footprint
  5. It has a more integrated platform with everything on a single page for 365 days. (be it organizing multiple events, conferences platform, live event platforms, or a virtual platform for meetings).These features help organizers in two ways, First, they need not connect to any third-party software/companies to organize events and conferences, and secondly reduce their costs for setting up each event every time.
  1. More Virtual space for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their brand names, and event logos both before and during event. The virtual platform has been designed from the organizer’s perspective, with multiple customizing options.
  2. 50% more engagement opportunities in virtual events with Q&A sessions, and surveys, which enhances engagement.
    Also, activities like writing on scribble walls give the opportunity to attendees to share their valuable feedback, selfie booths help attendees in making lifetime memories by getting themselves clicked.

Gamification is another trend that is gaining momentum these days.

Word Games, leader board games, quizzes, etc. are some games that involve engagement from attendees with rewards. These gaming features make it more exciting for its audiences, thereby attracting more visitors.

  1. Comprehensive Integrated Reports which gives insight to organizers about total registrations, consumption behaviour of attendees, how much time they spent on a particular booth, and so on.
  2. 40% more ROI in virtual events due to more engagement, positive word of mouth, and enhanced attendee count.
  3. E certificates can be downloaded instantly by attendees themselves at their own convenient time, along with the organizer’s access to recorded videos/ interactive sessions at any point in time.
  4. Separate breakout rooms are created in Virtual events for the convenience of their attendees to connect with others. With this feature, you can easily connect with other booth representatives rather than standing in long queues.

In Person Events

  1. In-person event includes many logistic expenses like transportation, storage, and much more.
  2. In Person events have limited reach as a venue is finalized for in-person events in a particular location.
  3. Limited attendees in In-person events as there is commuting involved which consumes most of their time and money.

    Life is exceptionally challenging these days and in an era where people are engrossed in their own personal, and professional struggles, they opt for something which is more flexible, and easy like Virtual events as it is they have limited time for themselves.

  4. In-person events are less environmentally friendly.
  5. In-person events offer limited space with a time constraint for sponsors/exhibitors
  6. Limited Networking in In-person events due to geographical limitations and time limitations.
  7. Organizers find it a hassle collecting data like registration count, names, and details of attendees. Moreover, attendees also have to stand in a long queue for getting themselves registered.

ROI is less in comparison to Virtual events

Let’s say if in person has 10% ROI due to their limited shelf life, a Virtual event platform can generate 50% more ROI due to the additional features that it offers like more Networking and participation.

9. In-person events do not provide this facility for downloading e- certificates. Instead, the organizers have to arrange for them, which creates unnecessary inconvenience for both organizers and attendees also, who are at the receiving end.

10. In-person events are devoid of enhanced and smart features like separate breakout rooms

This results in attendees waiting in long queues for their turn to interact with booth representatives, which does not seem to be a friendly arrangement.


With due respect to both, Virtual and In-person events have their own strengths and shortcomings. However, if we examine the above-mentioned information on

In virtual Events vs in person, we can easily say that Virtual events are more innovative, unique, interactive & engaging. With virtual, you have much more to offer the organizers and their attendees.

ibentos is surely helping its organizers/companies in hosting successful Virtual and hybrid events with the support of the right kind of revolutionary technology it has created. Therefore, be wise while selecting the right kind of Event Partner for organizing events.

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