VAC 2022, Powered by ibentos Helped achieve 3000+ attendees

VAC 2022, Helped achieve 3000+ attendees & 71 speakers globally

vac 2022 powered by ibentos

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Problem Statement

Institute of Actuaries of India had been conducting the Annual International Actuarial Conference for over a decade and was looking forward to continuing the same this year as well. Eminent dignitaries from across the world take part in the 3-day annual conference, including a few Indian cabinet ministers.
This year the conference themed “Preparing for a New Era – Decoding Disruption”, was supposed to be held in February with Honourable Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Shrimati Nirmala Sitharaman, as the Chief Guest for the event, but a significant challenge in this regard came out to be the COVID-19 spread. Due to a sudden spike in the number of infected patients, conducting such a large-scale gathering, particularly with international attendees seemed unfeasible. To overcome this, IAI required a stable and robust platform that not only could accommodate the high amount of traffic from across the world but also had the aesthetics and immersion to match the organisation’s physical event standards. Moreover, the attendees were anxious towards the closing timelines and limited alternatives to dodge the circumstances.
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The Virtual event scaled an exceptional response from the attendees as well as from the sponsors. Though IAI had previously boarded their 2021 event on another virtual platform, there was a sense of scepticism for this year’s event. Ibentos with its advanced Virtual Event Platform curated a multi-functionality single channel portal to let the attendees, marketing teams, sponsors and speakers all together access an immersive experience. After enabling the ibentos Virtual platform, IAI witnessed an immense footfall of over 3000 attendees across the three-day conference. To take the event a notch higher, ibentos’ platform successfully enabled a seamless collaboration of 71 speaker from countries like India, USA, UK, South Africa and Australia, for multiple speaker sessions, and stellar award ceremonies across the entire event. For VAC2022, we developed a special metaverse where members of the actuarial community could interact and contribute valuable content. Long sessions over three days were collated with entertaining activities and interaction chances, which included, immersive environments, sponsor booths, gaming arenas, one-on-one meetings with speakers, networking lounges, product launches, award ceremonies, photo booths, social walls, and technical seminars. In its virtual manifestation, VAC 2022 was more inclusive and worldwide in extent, which made it successful in giving the entire actuarial community and other professions a sense of belonging.

Key Highlights

  • Earned a special message from the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who recognized the role played by actuaries in creating an India of tomorrow and sent his heartiest congratulations for a productive conference.
  • The Honorable Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated the successful conclusion of the event and asked the actuaries to continue contributing to the expansion of the economy and to help the nation get ready to deal with the fast-changing global environment.
  • The reliable and innovative virtual event platform that ibentos supplied was complimented by Ms Preeti Chandrashekhar, Chairperson, Virtual Actuarial Conclave 2022. This year, VAC engagement increased significantly as a result of the event’s magnificence, and VAC also had access to detailed analytics for improved post-event engagement.