Ultimate Guide to Virtual Education Platform in Canada and the US

Ultimate Guide to Virtual Education Platform in Canada and the US

For years, prospective students and universities have always been connecting at study fairs. These fairs, often known as “education fairs,” are typically the greatest ways for students to learn more about the colleges and universities they are interested in, take campus tours, and learn more about the degrees offered there. Post-pandemic, the limitations have forced the institutions in Canada and the US to change the way they typically conducted study fairs. Universities welcomed technology and embraced virtual fairs, which have grown incredibly popular, in place of presenting the events on campus.
After recognizing the numerous advantages of the virtual event format, institutions from Canada and the US, and all over the world are now conducting virtual college fairs. We have addressed the subjects you need to be aware of regarding college fairs in order to help you learn more about virtual education fairs.

A Virtual Education Fair: What is it?

A virtual education fair is a web-based gathering that connects educational institutions with potential students. On a fully immersive, three-dimensional platform that is jam-packed with highly interactive features and capabilities, a virtual college expo is held. The virtual education fair provides students with an engaging online space to learn more about the universities they are considering applying to. Any educational institution is free to conduct its own online education fair or take part in one that is organized by another organization.
The need is to understand what demands the virtual education fairs to be successful. Let’s understand the factors behind this.

1. Identify Your Event Goals

By establishing your event goals, you can begin preparing for your virtual education fair. You will be better able to make sensible choices in the next steps if you know what your goal is for the virtual college fair. Define all of your event goals accordingly to have a clear understanding of how to proceed. Understand your budget, your event strategy, the number of exhibitors that you wish to invite in your event, and using a dedicated landing page, market your event in the best possible way.

2. Select a Reliable Platform for a Virtual Fair

To satisfy your event requirements, use the best virtual fair platform. The platform that gives you the option of 100% customization is a great one for virtual fairs. The degree of flexibility is a different feature you should look for in your event platform. With the help of a customizable virtual fair platform, you may design a virtual space that meets all of your needs. In addition to this, a virtual event platform gives you the choice of developing unique features just for you! To understand what platform suits you the best, it is important to understand what you should expect from the right platform for your event.

3. Personalization

When choosing a platform to organize a virtual event, one must take this very crucial consideration into consideration. You don’t want to host an event that forces you to accept the platform’s offerings and doesn’t meet your needs. Look for a variety of options around the industry and consider the ones that offer customization to fit the reach, audiences, outcomes, and collaborations that you are hoping for.

4. Dedicated Space for Interactions

It would be silly to choose to settle for anything less than the best given how far technology has come in terms of what it can accomplish for you and your virtual event. Options like welcome lounges, waiting areas, one-on-one conversation rooms, etc. make interaction in a virtual event much easier than you may imagine. You can choose virtual keynotes, panel discussions, exhibitions, etc. to improve the experience of a virtual event.

5. Feature to go Live and Semi-Live

Live options are one such thing that everyone is familiar with, but semi-live is a new feature that virtual event platforms have developed. The host of a semi-live session has the choice to provide pre-recorded sessions, which would enhance the reusability capabilities of virtual events. It is crucial that you have the ability to play back the recorded sessions on the platform you choose to hold your virtual event. In this way, you can get the most out of the occasion and your brand will be accessible every day of the year, 365 days a year.

6. Superior Audience Engagement Tools

Unquestionably, while virtual events have many advantages, they also have the disadvantage of being more susceptible to distractions than traditional events. Your audiences may become distracted by a variety of things, making event failure more likely. It’s not that you can’t play the flop game, though. Your virtual event will be a success if you choose the correct platform to host it since you will have access to a number of engagement features including Q&As, live polling, social sharing, quizzes, and surveys that will keep your audiences interested.

7. The One that Brands you well

A wonderful strategy to increase branding is by using a reliable virtual event hosting platform. Your virtual event would have better chances of success if you have choices like interactive booths, banners, standees, and display screens because it is convenient to feature the brand anywhere on the virtual. Beginning well increases the likelihood that the event will end well. Therefore, before making a decision, you must consider the branding possibilities the platform offers.

8. Analytics and Insights Integration

Among the functions provided by many virtual event hosting platforms are analytics reports of participants, response records, activity tracking, etc. These tools can record your event, making it simpler for you to refine your goals for the future and make it better the next time.

9. Secure Channel

Although it’s unethical, online hacking is a common practice. You must make sure the platform you select offers security if you intend to host a virtual event with a large audience. By choosing a security solution with strong integration, you may enable secure login, source sharing, and communication for your visitors.
Now, you see what a good platform can do to your virtual education fair.
Keeping in mind the impact the decision of hosting a virtual impact can have on your business, you would definitely want to make an informed decision and the above-mentioned points are going to ensure the same. Institutions in North America, particularly in Canada and the US are hurriedly searching for superlative virtual education fair platforms that can offer them the best features and security at the best price. The ibentos virtual education fair platform is one such platform that has satisfied customers across 22 nations and marks a reputation for being the most comprehensive virtual events platform that delivers numerous features at affordable prices and complete end-to-end support to its customers. At ibentos, we believe in nurturing the clients as partners and providing them with a complete support from inception to execution. Now as you know which is the best virtual education platform in Canada and the US, book your slot to meet with us and start your virtual admissions journey today!
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