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Top Ways to Market-Promote Your Virtual Event

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You are ready to roll out your Virtual Event! Your Virtual Event platform, speakers and partners have all been decided and now you’re to get ready with your key goals and strategize ways to market your Virtual Event.

Build on the Excitement

Based on your business model or the event, your virtual event marketing efforts need to begin probably a few months in advance or maybe a week before your virtual event is ready to go LIVE. You can incorporate various marketing gimmicks to build on the excitement. Make announcements and keep sharing teaser videos about your Virtual Event or Virtual Show.

Interactive Registration Page

An interactive event page or registration page gives a peek into the Virtual Event and allows the prospective attendees to go ahead and share their information required to attend your Virtual Event.
The page provides the right amount of information required for the attendees to know before they are set to attend the event. There are also instances, when event organizers prefer to build separate registration pages for different stakeholders of the event.
Now, here’s the thing, depending on the type of Virtual Event, you need to decide on what kind of registration page is required for your virtual event attendees.

Amazing Graphics and Design

Create detailed and eye-catching graphics for promoting your virtual event. Do not be scared to experiment and avoid being bored. Serve your audience with interesting posts, videos and most importantly something new. Make sure you use the right tags and get small messages from your event sponsors and speakers that can be used to further promote your virtual event.

Plan the promotion

You cannot plan to put all the promotional content online at once. Your audience might get bored or your content might get lost in the sea of content that is available on the internet today. So ideally plan out your promotions, keep a suitable budget and make it last till the end of the event.

Speaker Promotions

Use the profiles of your virtual event speakers and stakeholders to pull in more audience for your virtual event. This way you can bring in the leads from their pool of followers as well.

Showcase your Sponsors

Allow your sponsors to showcase their logos and banners for the Virtual Event. This will help in lead generation and boost the excitement levels of the audience. In return, the sponsors will receive proper visibility.

Work on the SEO of your event page

Ensure the right SEO practice and see your event or website results appear on top of Google search. This will again help you regain the right kind of visibility to the right audience.

Create an event countdown

The use of event countdown just before the event, creates a sort of urgency among the audience and keeps them on their toes.

Use of Images and Videos

Proper use of event images and videos will go a long way to give the right kind of engagement boost that is actually required for the event to perform well during the D-Day!

Influencer Marketing

This is considered one of the most effective ways of virtual event marketing and can help you reach out to the right audience and groups. Form a proper relationship with them and you can rope in one or two big influencers to be a part of your virtual event


This is the most important and age-old way of roping in attendees. A smart giveaway properly incorporated during your virtual event will attract more attendees to the event. So, don’t think twice if you wish to include a giveaway prize for your virtual event attendees in the form of cash or coupons.

Catchy Copy

Content is king and to make your audience understand the virtual event better, communicate with your audience directly. Talk to them, use catchy lines and avoid boring copies. Highlight and bring the best about your virtual event to an attendee’s notice.
These methods are sworn by that will get you the right number of registrations and prospects for your virtual event.
Let us know if you used them or reach us for more virtual event marketing strategies.

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