Tips to make Virtual conferences engaging & Unforgettable

Tips to make your virtual conference unforgettable & engaging

tips to make virtual conferences engaging
There is no denying that online events have been the most prominent and effective way of hosting events, especially, in the last year. Although online events are not new, it took months of lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions for the industry to consider them as a viable long-term option.
However, regardless of how unique and spectacular your event’s features and technologies are, it will be meaningless without high-quality content. You may recall nodding off in an event due to a tedious and dreary presentation, which is why it is crucial to focus on providing your audience with top-notch captivating content. Your content can be the greatest asset or the biggest disadvantage of your event, as it possesses the power of turning your event into a success or a failure.
It is important to understand that giving a presentation at a virtual event is not the same as in-person event. In a virtual setting, your audience is more likely to become distracted and lose interest due to local activities.
Wondering how to make your content stand out and keep the attendees interested in your content throughout the event?

Here are the important tips to make virtual conferences engaging:

Understanding your audience: Before you jot down ideas and start creating a presentation, it is necessary to know your audience. Here are few things you need to know before you start creating your content
  • What is the background of these attendees?
  • What are the attendees’ expectations from the event?
  • How can you fulfil these expectations?
  • Is this a formal event or a more intimate event?
  • Is it meant to be tactical or inspiring in nature?
By taking the time to grasp the event’s goals and vision, not only can you modify your presentation to be more meaningful and impactful but also hold your audiences’ attention and give them a memorable experience.
Getting the right speakers onboard: One of the most important aspects of making your conference memorable is inviting the right speaker. Knowing your event’s goal, theme, and target audience can help you find the perfect guest speaker. Choose a speaker who shares your ideas and can deliver the messages, goals, and intent you want to convey to your audience. A speaker should be able to inspire and educate attendees so that they can gain useful information from your event. Read more | Role of an Emcee is crucial

Interesting topics:

While it is important to keep up with trends, it is also important to have your own unique ideas. Attendees must be tired of hearing about the same old topics and would like to see new and exciting content. Ask yourself what is unique about my content and what distinguishes it from others. Make certain that your content provides attendees with useful information.

Using Presentation wisely:

Make sure to make that your speaker’s presentation very brief yet informative. You don’t want your audience to tune out the speaker and concentrate on reading and understanding the slides. The easiest method to make an effective presentation is to focus on one subject on each slide rather than trying to squeeze everything into one. Attendees tend to have a shorter attention span since there are so many distractions during a virtual event. That is why it is crucial to keep your presentations to the point. The presentation should be of maximum 30 minutes.

Simple and tidy presentation layout:

The layout and background designs of your presentation are crucial for creating interest and captivating the attention of your audience, which is why crowded or complicated slides should be avoided. You do not want your attendees to squint their eyes in order to read the content so make sure to add bold and large texts with simple bullet points to increase the readability.

If you are intending to use animated GIFs in your presentation, make sure they are not on the screen for too long, the repetition will get annoying and distracting. Adding relevant images, videos, graphs, icons, charts etc can make your presentation the centre of attention.

Involve your audience:

Your event is as much your attendees’ as it is yours, you are making this presentation for them. As a result, making the entire presentation a one-way speech makes no sense. Make your sessions two-way conversation! Engaging your audience in your presentation is the most effective approach to hold their attention. It also makes them feel connected to you, even if you’re speaking to them through a screen. There are countless approaches to engage your audience in innovative ways.

  • Make your attendees feel important answering all their queries through LIVE Q&A
  • Polls are useful for more engagement and learning the perspectives of attendees

Q&A, chat, live polls, and surveys are examples of a few features that may help you enhance and personalise your attendee’s experience and gather feedback – and, most importantly, incorporate them in the dialogue.

Look and sound good:

How you look and sound is the backbone for your virtual presentation. Even the finest content is not enough to keep your audience focused on the presentation if the audio and lighting are not up to mark. Poor audio or lighting can hurt your presentation so much that attendees might feel disconnected and simply tune out. Hence, to ensure a high-quality presentation, consider equipping your speakers with a-grade quality production kit that include a camera, microphone, LED ring set, and maybe even a branded background if possible. Also, follow these tips to make virtual conferences engaging and unforgettable.


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