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Tips for Monetizing Your Virtual Career Fair

Virtual career fair monetization

With the Events Industry going Virtual, organizers of Virtual Career Fairs recognized a greater potential to go global. With this widening scope, event organizers took the chance to boost their Virtual Events’ monetization capabilities.

Monetization is the process of earning revenue from an asset, business or in this case, a Virtual Career Fair.

There are many more ways to boost your Virtual Career Fair’s monetization capabilities.

For instance, there are a few tips on how you can go about it!


They are the first and most important tool to monetize your Virtual Career Fair. People looking for jobs and companies looking to hire attend Virtual Career Fairs. Thus, it is safe to assume that with the right companies attending and the right marketing, you would have a significant number of attendees despite the charge placed on the tickets. Make sure to not have exorbitant prices otherwise you would lose a lot of potential leads.
*Tip: Tiered ticketing is also a great way for your Virtual Career Fair Monetization. Create levels of access that can be made available to an attendee by paying a fee. The various levels of access includes access to recorded sessions of the Virtual Career fair post-event. Also access to certain prestigious companies, and even give-aways!
Being a Virtual Career Fair, some attendees like to gain feedback from their interviewees, turning it into an exclusive feature.
Create tiered packages when it comes to sponsors, like diamond, gold, silver, etc where each level will give access to new features as you go higher. Create variations between the packages using branding and marketing opportunities, advertisements between speaker sessions, social media shout-outs, booths and of course, price ranges. Make sure to lay out clearly what it is that your Virtual Career Fair has to offer to them in terms of them sponsoring it, and how they will be adding value to them. Assure them that you are selling to them critical value.
ibentos Virtual Event Platforms provide you and your sponsors with ample branding opportunities. This contributes to higher sponsorship sales and boosted ROI. It also provides your sponsors with easy-to-customize booths which can be setup at various locations within the platform.


Display commercials in certain places within your Virtual Platform, or in between sessions, so long as the content is as per your attendees’ interest and is relevant to them and/or your Event. Also make sure that the length of the commercials are not too long. You can even place commercials on your websites and place hyperlinks, and thus, charge accordingly.
ibentos Virtual Event Platforms offer Virtual Lobby with plenty of space and opportunities to display commercials and increase networking.

Shopping and give-aways

You can create a shopping booth for companies attending your Virtual Career Fair to display or sell their products and for the sale of merchandise.
ibentos offers a Gamification feature where you can charge a marginal fee to participate in games and can reward participants as well! There is also a selfie-booth that can be incorporated into ibentos Virtual Career Fair Platform to make the event memorable.
In conclusion, the success of your Virtual Career fair is also marked by the amount of revenue generated by it. So we hope these tips will help you bump up those digits in your revenue figures and what you take back from the Virtual Career Fair is not just a great experience and the satisfaction of conducting a successful Virtual Event, but also a hefty revenue!
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