Tips For Hybrid Product Demonstration for An Interactive environment

Tips For Conducting An Interactive Hybrid Product Demonstration

Tips for Hybrid Product Demonstration
The first view that the market gets of your product is the most crucial, since your entire brand image depends on it. The whole motive behind a product launch and product demonstration is to get the market hyped up about your new product’s release. With hybrid events entering the picture, the possibilities to boost that hype have become limitless.
As an organizer, you can reach out to countless people across the globe virtually. At the same time, you can also hold a physical event for the people who can attend the event in person.
Going hybrid also gives you analysis tools via virtual platform along with the ability to reach out to all your attendees with surveys, follow-ups, and news of any new events. Increased networking and boosted ROI are just a few of the many more advantages that a hybrid product demonstration offers.
In order to make sure that your hybrid product launch event fulfills all your visions, deliverables and targets, here are a few Tips for Hybrid Product Demonstration and product launch.

Captivating environment

Ensure that your on-site venue as well as your virtual platform are engaging and captivating. Hire the right Virtual Event Platform provider to incorporate interactive features. This ensures that both your physical and virtual attendees are engaged throughout the event.
*Tip: Having your Virtual Event Platform designed in a 3D format, such as an auditorium or a hall, will deliver a rich experience for all your virtual attendees and will also be memorable. Also, you can explore selfie booths and a scribble wall for your attendees!

Enable a Virtual Product experience

While having your in-person attendees experience your new products does not pose such a huge problem, delivering that experience to your virtual attendees is a bit more difficult. You can incorporate a booth in your virtual platform where one can explore the 3D aspects of your product using controls on their device like a mouse or keyboard. This will prevent your virtual attendees from feeling left-out during the product trials in the event.

What was that..? Sorry you aren’t audible…

Ensure that there is a smooth communication between you, your physical attendees as well as your virtual attendees. Test all your equipment and conduct multiple rehearsals with your speakers to make sure that there are no technical glitches, including your internet connection. Make sure it is fast and uninterrupted. Test your virtual event platform for any loopholes that might cause last-minute problems on D-Day. Make adjustments to your platform to ensure that it does not crash in case of a sudden increase in attendees.
*Tip: Keep a back-up tech team in case of any unforeseen problems so that the delay in getting those issues solved is reduced.

Incorporate interactive sessions

Incorporate Q&A sessions, live polls and feedback sessions into your event to keep up the interaction during the sessions. Since it is logically impossible to entertain all questions and doubts together in an event. Therefore, it is advised to split the virtual attendees into multiple breakout rooms. And each room is attended by a brand representative so that everyone gets a fair chance to interact. Also ensure to give sufficient breaks in between as it is crucial to keep your audience fresh and engaged. Make use of games and giveaways as rewards as incentives for your attendees to participate.
*Tip: Come up with games that both your in-person as well as your virtual attendees can play. Additionally, for rewards, you can give away coupons, discounts or even exclusive content access.
Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your hybrid product launch is not only successful but also memorable. These tips will help your event realize all its ROI, interactive and networking goals.
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