Best virtual conference guide to Utilize a Virtual Healthcare Conference

The Best Ways to Utilize a Virtual Healthcare Conference

best virtual conference guide
Healthcare as an industry has been one of the most crucial industries ever since mankind started commercializing it. It is an industry that is primarily responsible for the well-being of people, a resource that is the foundation of every industry. The pandemic struck every industry hard and deep, shattering them to their very core. Events are one of the primary sources of every industry’s knowledge-building and marketing, even the healthcare industry. Multi-institutional and multi-brand conferences in the healthcare industry have been a constant. Medical practitioners and experts have relied upon these events to showcase their innovations, conduct discussions, and collaborate with healthcare professionals, brands, and institutions. Post-pandemic, when these events came to a sudden halt, virtual conferences took the industry to a rise again. This has not only bridged the gap between the medical practitioners and the brands, but has also paved the way for a wide segment of medical help seekers like terminally-ill patients, and physically handicapped people to connect in such events virtually.

The past two years have demonstrated how virtual medical conferences are completely feasible to be conducted on a large scale, to impact more lives at once, at a lesser cost. But it is important to understand, what is the relevance of these virtual healthcare conferences in 2023 and ahead.
Relevance of Virtual Medical Conferences in 2023
As the situations have changed now, virtual conference platforms have expanded their field of impact within the healthcare industry. Now technology has far more benefits for brands and firms apart from just delivering knowledge and consultation. Let’s take a look at why healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical companies continue to move towards virtual conference platforms.

  • Higher ROI with Lesser Investment The firms can guarantee a maximum ROI with minimal expenses by hosting a virtual healthcare conference or medical fair. A virtual event is particularly advantageous for pharma businesses since it lowers operating and marketing costs and removes the need for varied resources & arrangements.

With ibentos’ Gamification feature, host interactive and fun games at your Virtual Event and also give out rewards to your attendees.

Virtual Talent Show

Everyone has hidden talents, including your employees. Give them a chance to showcase those talents and even get back in touch with those childhood hobbies of theirs. *Tip: Give your attendees a chance to rehearse on the Virtual Event Platform beforehand so that they don’t experience any last-minute technical issues and also boost their confidence.

Virtual Award Ceremony

Reward your participants for their interaction and all the hard work and dedication they put in! Gift them with brand coupons, cash prizes, and even medals or certificates for their work or any games won during the event. Appreciation from your end will be well-received, so make sure to pamper your employees this Holi.

Virtual Entertainment Show

Festivals are all about fun and laughter, so see if you can tickle your employees’ funny bones by bringing in a stand-up comedian.You can even ask around in your company to see if anyone would like to participate as well!
A live music concert is also a great idea, letting your employees just relax and enjoy some good music.
ibentos is known for creating captivating 3D environments that are great for multi-media showcasing and even live-streaming.


As a last thanks for all their hard-work this Holi, send a gift hamper to your employees filled with sweets and Rang for their Holi celebrations. Post pictures on your Social Media handles and encourage your employees to do the same. Share, repost, like and comment on their posts to make them feel seen and cared for.
Don’t let the pandemic hinder you from hosting a great Holi celebration for your employees. We hope these tips helped, and you have a successful Virtual Celebration. Wishing you a very Happy Holi from our team at ibentos!
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