Tips for successful hybrid events by ibentos

Successful Hybrid Events: Tips you did not know you needed

Tips for successful hybrid events
With the pandemic turn of events, it is now more common to hear of hybrid and virtual events than physical ones. Hosting any event, whether physical or hybrid or even purely virtual, is bound to have its own ups and downs, and keeping up with them and continuing regardless is no small feat.
However, as an organizer, you try to go down the “better safe than sorry” route by trying to eliminate all possibilities and margins for error. So, to help you out, here are a few pro tips that you can keep in mind to fill up that gap and make your Hybrid Event a success!


Regardless of whether a speaker is joining you virtually or physically, there should be seamless 2-way communication. What is visible to your virtual audience must also be visible to your physical attendees, and similarly for your speakers.
Installing screens to facilitate this visibility in communication is a good idea.
*Tip: Make sure to thoroughly test all your network connections and equipment along with giving your speakers some rehearsal time to reduce the chances of any last-minute tech glitches on the day of your Event.

Give plenty of Breaks

Oftentimes, in a session of 45 minutes filled with content, only about 15 minutes of it is registered. Physically attending attendees would need a break to stretch their legs, while your virtual participants would need some time to not just move around but also get a change of space while the break is on. Pamper your attendees on-site with some refreshments and encourage your virtual attendees to hydrate to ensure that everyone is fresh for the next session.

Capable Emcee

A capable and efficient emcee is a must in a Hybrid Event. They will ensure that neither the physical nor the virtual attendees feel neglected, and both have an equal chance to participate and engage. They will also be able to guide the participants in and out of sessions and help them smoothly transition between sessions.
One thing to keep in mind in regards to emcees is to ensure that the emcee is thorough with the flow of the event and is able to handle the crowd without losing engagement in case of a glitch or a delay in the arrival of the speaker.

Be on top of demos and presentations

When getting content ready for your Hybrid Event, make sure that you are well aware of the quality and content of the demos that you have for the Event. Solve all the technical glitches and make any changes to the content, if you feel it is needed. This whole process of slashing your t’s and dotting your i’s will not only keep your mind at peace but will also ensure that you are efficiently managing all the content for the D-Day.
Incorporating Live Q&A’s, polls, and maybe even an entertainment hour is a good idea too! A Hybrid Event is slightly tricky, especially content-wise, since it is difficult to be able to boost engagement and participation simultaneously across a virtual and physical platform. ibentos’ Virtual Platforms are easy to use and hassle-free. Our team here at ibentos ensures that you can sit back and enjoy your event while we do all the managing, so that you have an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
We hope that with these tips in mind, you are able to breeze right through the whole process and your vision for the perfect Hybrid Event comes true!
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