Planning Tips for a smooth Hybrid Event, How to promote Hybrid Events

Pro Planning Tips for a smooth Hybrid Event

how to promote hybrid events
“Planning is the Key to Success”
This could not be truer when it comes to planning out your Hybrid Event. Long hours of sleepless nights and daily hard work both contributes to the making of a successful Hybrid Event.
If you want to host a hybrid event, making sure maintain seamless communication between you, your virtual attendees and your on-site attendees becomes all the more important, and hence, difficult. It is what will make your event meaningful and successful for you as well as your attendees. So, to lend you a helping hand, here are a few things to keep in mind while exploring how to host a hybrid event.

Always have a back-up plan…and a back-up plan of your back-up plan!

Having a Plan B and also a Plan C to fall back to is of utmost importance while planning. What issues may seem like impossibilities might just befall you and you will be in need of an alternative before you know it. In short, no plan is a fool-proof plan, since there are plenty of variables out there that are simply out of our control. In case of any last-minute tech-related issues in the Virtual end of your Event, only a hands-on tech team will be able to solve the problem in time, so make sure to have a back-up tech team on-deck till the end of the event.

Live Polls, Q&As, Breaks

Live polls and Q&A sessions during your Event are great ways to get your attendees to participate.
You can even try and incorporate some interactive games into your session to boost engagement.
Plan out your questions and your Virtual Platform in such a way that your Virtual attendees do not feel left out while the Event is in session.
Another key aspect is to plan a sufficient number of Breaks between sessions. Encourage your attendees to get up, walk around and get hydrated during the Break. This helps keep your attendees fresh throughout the Event and even gives them some time to process and register the information that was imparted throughout each session. It is also useful to keep up engagement and boost participation.

Reach out, communicate, follow-up

Send mailers to your attendees to update them on your Hybrid Event to not only keep them on their toes for your upcoming event but also to maintain the hype.Make use of WhatsApp and social media marketing and incorporate them in your marketing strategies. This will ensure that your Event reaches out to the maximum number of people.
*Tip: The number of people you manage to reach out to will not mean much if your content of the ad is not engaging or attractive. Hence, work with your content creators and sit with them to ensure that the visitor of your site or receiver of your ads becomes a potential lead.

Mic I audible??

Schedule rehearsals for your equipment, Virtual Platform and speakers (if you have any coming in) to detect and solve any technical glitches. Rehearse amongst your team, then someone else from your own company and then external speakers, to confirm that everyone is comfortable with using your Platform and that there is nothing that could go wrong last-minute.
Efficiently planning out your event and strategies is what will make or break the success of your Hybrid Event. So make sure to dot your i’s and slash your t’s when strategizing!
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