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How universities can boost admissions with virtual education fair

how to boost virtual education fair
University admissions have progressed in multiple ways amid the pandemic. They have changed their ways of functioning and have resorted to innovative ways to deal with student admissions or for that matter any kind of interaction or event. They have also chosen the virtual way by adapting or merging with virtual Events platform to conduct their Open Days, Alumni Meets, Convocation or Award days digitally.

Here are a few benefits of the Virtual Education Fair platform that Universities can tap into and take full advantage of to host multiple events or an admissions fair.

  • Check out the College/University (The Virtual space allows enough opportunity to colleges/universities to customize the exteriors of their admission fair with suitable real 3D surroundings or their college architecture)
  • Visit & View a Virtual form of the College/University
  • Get your campus cloned from the real to virtual. It gives a more professional, serious & creative outlook for your students. So why not get your college/University building drawn digitally?
  • Make use of the Branding space – have your own branding exercise – with customized landing pages, colour or theme. This way your Brand is highlighted & gains the right visibility. Know more about capitalizing branding space here.
  • Access College Brochures, newsletters, video testimonials, photo (an overview of the campus culture)
  • College Information will be available – all on one platform. Students can conveniently navigate through the platform to find their preferred information- Watch Video Testimonials to know about culture, student achievements etc
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with admission heads via various communication channels like Voice Calls, Video Call or WhatsApp
  • For a better understanding, students are given information about courses available,  fee structure, scholarships and cut offs to get into the University/College
  • Special technical webinars stream on respective social media platforms to hook attendees(students)
  • Apply easily with an application
  • Integrate a payment gateway for admission form purchase
  • Attend Alumni Meets to interact with the alumni students and gain certain idea about future prospects
  • Attend a fresher’s day ceremony, new admission year inauguration ceremony
  • It saves a lot of travelling time and carbon emissions that happen due to event travel. The digital way to conduct events also sets a tone for your University/College as an entity that vouches for greener & sustainable events
  • During the events, there is 24/7 support by the events team that helps in catering to any emergency situation that might arise
  • There is a wider and bigger reach when it comes to geographical areas. ONE event can be used to reach out to students at multiple locations
  • For the organizer, it is convenient to track in all the information regarding a students and their interests
  • A virtual platform with a strong backend like ibentos has the ability to give you in-depth insights about your attendees and events

Create an Edge- Tips!

Let’s check out how you as an University or College gain from the virtual world.
The Virtual World has its pros and cons with students more wary than before although with a swift attitude towards the internet. To attract higher prospective students, colleges and universities have shifted comfortably to the Virtual form without much hassle and by just partnering with the right Virtual platform. The platform can help them achieve their targets and allow smooth interactions.

Tip 1: Build a nice, lively and ditto college/University campus digitally. This can be easily done with ibentos Virtual Education Fair platform and the customizable option. This event can be done all in ONE platform with no different URLs for different activities.

Tip 2: Walk an extra mile for your students and admission heads by helping them schedule appointments in advance so that they can prepare in advance and that way admission heads get an added advantage of examining the kind of traffic they will witness on the days of the event.

Remember, once you have the right partner for your Virtual Education event, you can easily go about it and host a number of events like webinars, one-on-one interactions, convocation ceremonies, alumni meets etc.
For more tips & guidance, book yourself a FREE demo with ibentos and get to know more other ways to achieve your targets and engage your students into a successful virtual event.


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