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How to Plan your Events Budget in 2023

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Finding the budgeting strategy that works best for your company out of the various options available is crucial. Traditionally, the budget for an event is kept in an Excel file that is manually updated and pieced together using vendor invoices. It frequently lacks the necessary updates and is prone to errors. Excel is capable of performing the task, but there is a better approach. There is software available that makes it simpler to manage your event budget. Whatever instrument you use, you must have it ready to go from the beginning but consistency is essential.

How Significant is Knowing Your Budget?

When preparing an event, this is one of the first issues you’ll need to have answered. Throughout the planning process, all stakeholders will be interested in this subject. An event’s budgeting is difficult. Clarity and structure are needed. Even while you’ll need to be aware of your financial situation at all times, effective event budgeting makes stakeholders happier, increases return on investment (ROI), and creates the conditions for success in general.

Event Budgeting - What to take into Account?

The budget for an event is based on a variety of things. Company size, event goal, event scope, event size, and location are a few of these variables. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t start arranging an event before deciding on a budget. You need a number even though it may not be fully broken down. The location, size, venue, and other factors are impacted by the budget a firm is ready to pay. When an RFP (request for proposals) is issued, the budget will already be known. The next step is to determine the must-haves and nice-to-haves by working backward from that point. Don’t stray if your company doesn’t have a budget in mind. Take a look at the whole budget of the business to see what it can afford. Try to estimate the event’s possible return on investment from there. You can change the budget by comparing what the event is expected to earn to what was spent. At this point, everything is based on numbers. Don’t forget to factor in the funding from sponsors. Sponsorships provide participants with additional value while also helping to cover the cost of the event. When deciding on the budget for an event, there are several factors to take into account.

What Should You Take Into Account Before Setting an Event Budget?

● Basic Overheads

You might be given a budget or you might have to create one from scratch. In either case, it needs a great deal of polishing before it is finished. There are countless expenses to think about and go over with stakeholders. Your spending plan will vary even then. The cost of your event is not constant. As event preparation begins, it will evolve. A budget serves as a roadmap that aids in the success of planners. Prior to establishing a final budget, it’s crucial to take the following costs to consider, like the cost of acquiring an Event Planner, a Venue, Food & Hospitality, labour, Entertainment units, security, etc.

● Promotion & Marketing

Your event budget must include funds for marketing and promotion of the event. It’s crucial to spread the word about your event since nobody will show up otherwise. Now, you might not have to spend as much money on promotion if you’re organising an internal event. Budgeting extra money for event promotion is necessary for events with a high number of participants and events that charge admission. But there are a few things which are an essential component of promotion and marketing and you shorten your budget on them.
  • Landing Page & Registration: The focal point for your event and your main marketing tool. Here is where people will be persuaded to go and sign up for the event.
  • Creatives: Event logo, advertisements, collateral, website, swag, and more graphic design.
  • Social media: There are both free and paid social media platforms available. Graphic design expenses may include those for social media promotion.
  • Paid Ads: Although they are not always necessary, there are many possibilities available, so pick the ones that will have the most effects on the people in your target audience.
  • Email marketing: A fantastic and affordable method of informing potential attendees about your event.

● Tools and Events Technology

Include equipment and technology for events in your budget as well. Events are anticipated to grow further into the virtual section in the upcoming year 2023. Therefore, setting aside some money in your budget for cutting-edge event equipment and technology can be beneficial. Often, the cost of event technology can be covered by sponsorships. To cover expenses and create a budget that guarantees participants an unforgettable experience, sponsorship is essential. Do not forget to include the following event management tools in your budget: An events technology platform that not only organises your event but also gathers data and analytics for the whole event, records registrations, engages your audience, and captures leads.

The Global Events Strategy: A Dedicated Events Partner

The budget serves as a guide. Despite being challenging to establish and even more challenging to follow, it helps planners and stakeholders alike. When arranging an event, management is everything. However, planning an event requires planning, skill, and most crucially, proper execution. Therefore, a sizeable percentage of the budget needs to be set aside for a perfect and committed events partner. Every industry’s future is pointing toward investments that bring in knowledge, and events are no exception. Every event’s primary goal is to generate a sizable output in terms of attendees and revenue, and 2023 is predicted to see an increase in events across all industries, increasing competitiveness. As a result, working with a top-tier events technology partner is essential.

What to look for in a Dedicated Events Technology Partner?

The expense of an events technology partner depends on experience, deliverable quality, effectiveness, bandwidth, and other factors. A committed events technology partner provides a significant amount of support and experience to the table, which helps to strengthen the foundation for every event. Globally, virtual events are rapidly moving toward becoming the norm, and in 2023, a rise in this cutting-edge type of event is predicted. Plan carefully when choosing your dedicated events technology partner.


Before partnering with an events technology vendor, it is crucial to take an idea of its area of expertise and the technologies it particularly employees in its events. Advanced events technology like the immersive, 3D life-like virtual events, high-definition streaming services in hybrid events and the high in demand technology, the Metaverse, are already being used in events and are expected to take over a substantial portion of the events market in the year 2023, hence opt for a partner seasoned in these technologies.


How long have they offered event technology? Another important consideration is the background of your partner, particularly if they specialise in providing event technology. Understanding the kinds of events your provider of event technology has previously catered to is a component of experience. Some focus on conferences, while others focus on product launches, educational fairs, and career fairs, etc. Choose a partner who has experience planning occasions akin to those you do.


Events differ amongst industry. Businesses in the life sciences, higher education, banking, healthcare, and other sectors can provide information on the kinds of events the event partner is accustomed to organising. Having knowledge of the sector is beneficial to the events partner while organising events.
Despite the industry to which your brand belongs to, virtual events are thoroughly being used and are the preferred choice as well. Check out our blog to know more about the reasons to choose a virtual event. Keeping this in mind, it is advisable to keep a significant portion of your budget for virtual events.

Budget for Virtual Events

Your budget drastically alters when organising a virtual event. Suddenly, you are exempt from paying for the location, catering, or transport costs. Instead, you could repurpose your funds to create the most professional virtual event possible. To provide your attendees the same top-notch experience they would have received at an in-person event, invest in high-quality production services, lighting, and audio. Moreover, make sure you have a virtual event technology that will assist you in staging a captivating event. So when planning to host a virtual event look for a partner seasoned in the forte like the ibentos, a flagbearer of the virtual events technology, known for delivering high-end, 3D life-like, immersive virtual event experiences with its world-class events technology, to audiences across the world. With presence in over 22 nations and experience of catering to more than a million people in above 5000 events, ibentos holds the summit of virtual events technology. So next you wish to plan a virtual event, you know whom to connect with and rest assured we will also help you manage your event budget in the right way.

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