What should be your Virtual Product launch event Agenda?

How to Plan a Product Launch Event

Virtual Product launch event Agenda
A successful virtual product launch event will be a hard nut to crack if you do not plan out every single bit right from the planning process. As an event organizer, you must be ready with the plan before you go ahead and launch the product. At times, one tends to give away so much focus on the product, that the actual launch event falls flat.
So if you want to avoid this sort of an event, make sure you have your event plan at hand before you for marketing and building your audience for the product. Firstly, remember that developing the product launch plan for your event is as important as the product. The best products need to have the right marketing and launch event for them to attract the kind of attract of buyers.

Few things to be considered while launching virtual product event

  1. Make the audience anticipate your upcoming product by creating a buzz amongst them with the right marketing strategies
  2. Create a campaign that speaks of your product in advance to your launch event. Start these activities at least a few weeks prior to the launch.
  3. Use marketing to drive your audience to the product launch. Choose the different types of marketing to up your followers and create a conversation around your product.
  4. Use influencer marketing to reach out to the right kind of groups who will be interested in your product. This way your marketing can remain industry-specific.
  5. Make a clear communication of your product. Talk about its USPs and the problems it solves. For instance, if you have an influencer talking about your product, make sure they state the uses and benefits of your product.
  6. Create a countdown to create excitement around your product launch event.
So, once you’ve created the right drive and excitement, continue to do so until the launch of your product. Keep the hype on your social media platforms and continue even after the launch event.

How to create a successful product launch event online?

1st Step

  1. Select a Virtual Event Platform that is right for your Product Launch event. Usually, you would start with a venue, but with everything becoming online, your right choice would be to look for the right Virtual Event platform. There are many benefits of holding a product launch event online. Starting from reaching out to different audiences from different locations to being able to track all audience analytics – virtual event platforms allow it all.
  2. ibentos Virtual Event platform helps you build a customized virtual product launch event agenda with immense branding opportunities to cater to your sponsors and partners. You can also invite thousands of attendees and get all the user analytics that will be useful to you post-event.

2nd Step

Plan a product launch that has all the right creative elements and surprises to woo your attendees and customers. Use influencers to attend your virtual event, promote your virtual event online which will in turn attract customers. Also, add games, and use other engaging content to keep your audiences hooked to the virtual event till the end. Remember, the challenge in the Virtual Events is the engaging value of attendees that keep changing with the proceedings of the event.

3rd Step

A Virtual Event has to be entertaining and engaging in order for you to be able to retain your audience throughout the event. Incorporating various activities, entertainment programmes and creative elements will help you heighten the excitement and keep your audiences engaged.

4th Step

Choose a correct date and strategically plan your event. Don’t keep your event too early to the launch date or too late. This will help you create the right buzz and reach out to your customers at the right time.

5th Step

Make sure you follow up with your leads and participants post the event. This way you will get to convert the leads that you couldn’t at the first go. You can also add offers and complimentary add ons to further sell your product.
If you follow the above Virtual Product Launch Agenda, we are sure you’ll be able to execute a successful event. And if you wish to dive into the technicalities further, reach out to us and we will help you design a memorable event for your product launch.