What is a Virtual Career Fair? Its Challenges & Benefits

How to organize a Virtual Career Fair? Its Challenges & Benefits

What is a Virtual Career Fair
Virtual Events have come a long way. They evolved from the time they entered the market. And today, their presence can be felt in the smallest or biggest of events. Starting from corporates to artists, all have embraced the entirety of virtual events and the best of its advantages.
Good thing is the majority of industries transitioned into the virtual format during 2020 and are continuing since then. In this article, we’ll talk of one such industry, for exam the employment sector which has had companies organizing virtual career fairs to recruit employees.

What is a Virtual Career Fair

A Virtual Career Fair is an online event for recruiters, be it a large organization or a recruitment company to hire employees on a large, small or medium scale. Meanwhile, these fairs can be categorised into two.
First, some organizations that have a big number of opportunities and therefore, open the fair worldwide to bring in more participation. Second, some organizers who bring together companies (big, small or medium) and connect them with candidates. In both the categories, the fairs conducted can be industry-specific or could involve two or more industries.

Introduction to Virtual Career Fair platform

Virtual Career Fairs are digital events executed for hiring employees in the employment sector. It is basically one platform custom-designed for employers and job recruiters for hiring employees for their requirements.

Why should you host one?

One of the biggest advantages of Virtual Career Fair is its ability to draw participation from a wider audience. This means that a larger group of employers or job seekers will have access to your virtual event. There is also an improvement in networking options, selecting hires, tracking the ROI and an added benefit of connecting easily with job seekers.
The Virtual Career Fairs have indeed increased the possibility of employers to not limit themselves as compared to traditional events. These fairs contribute in a way that it enables international candidates to get exposure to global companies. One of its major advantages is its ability to cater to a larger audience while adhering to the restrictions, especially during the Covid-19 times.

What consists of a Virtual Career Fair?

Below are the standard features that your Virtual Career Fair needs to have, before you decide to go ahead and host one:

1. Virtual Lobby:

A structured place that is an entry to the entire fair and enables job seekers to view all rooms/opportunities that a virtual career fair has to offer. For Example, a webinar, opportunity to connect one-on-one with the companies, uploading resumes, training sessions etc.

2. Virtual Exhibition:

In a virtual career fair platform, a list of participating exhibitors will enable the job seekers to look for their preferred company and job vacancies. If you have the right platform, the lobby or the page can be set up either in a 2D format or 3D. So, Let’s describe them for you-
In 2D virtual career fair, a list of exhibitors are shown in a grid format with just names and titles. On the other hand, a 3D perspective of the same virtual event has more features like boxes, shapes, and edges. In this, all things appear of an actual physical exhibition booth.

3. Networking:

The Virtual Career Fair platform can have multiple networking options for applicants or candidates to immediately connect with the virtual event recruiters and meet or talk to them, for example, via Video Chat, Voice call, WhatsApp etc.
ibentos virtual career fair platform offers more than 6 networking options to the virtual career fair organisers, including Line and WhatsApp.

4. LIVE streaming and Q&A sessions:

Make sure your virtual event platform allows LIVE Webinars and LIVE Q&A sessions for applicants. Live webinars are a great opportunity for an organiser to introduce their company (or different companies) to the larger audience.

5. Provision to upload Resumes:

The Virtual Career Fair is a boon for both organizers and candidates that comes along with the feature to upload resumes for the advantage and ease of accessing them. The recruiters can then easily view the job applications displaying along the candidates’ profiles.

Reports and Analytics:

Once your virtual event is LIVE, make sure you’re able to access all data related to your event and download them to check the ROI of your virtual event or Virtual Career Fair. The detailed reports will let you understand your audience and connect with them post-event.
ibentos virtual career fair platform provides all the above features and more. So, to get a demo of a virtual career fair, connect with us now.


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