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How can you prepare your attendees for a Virtual Event?

how to prepare virtual platform
Virtual Spaces are evolving, with in-person events making a comeback, hybrid events are the new talk of town. In-person event attendees never needed the push or an external drive to get acquainted with an in-person event. However, it is not the same in case of a virtual or hybrid event.
In a virtual environment, as an event organizer you must ensure that attendees are fully engaged and take part in it. There must be no communication or technology barriers between your audience and the virtual event platform. For this to happen, you as an event organizer, firstly, must reach out to a virtual event platform whose design is uncomplicated and user-friendly.
Your Virtual Event tech partner matters the most when it comes to a virtual event. Along with doing dry-runs before the event, you must do the following in order to execute a smooth and seamless virtual event.
This guide on “how to prepare virtual platform” will help you to attract more attendees into your event.

5 Tips on how to prepare virtual platform

Prepare an in-depth navigation video for your virtual attendees

  • Make a video that has a complete tour of your virtual event venue long before the actual event day. This will help them navigate through the venue effectively.
  • The Visual Guide will act like a map for the attendees and they can go back to it time and again if they wish to revisit the venue.
  • In this visual guide, you can also point out the different areas of activity. For example, the webinar room, and/or the exhibition.

Give early access to your attendees

  • Ask your attendees to register for the event early and in this way, you can keep reminding them about the event from time to time. This is also a great way of converting your event leads into attendees.
  • Make sure, when you provide them with the event guide, you also mention the kind of devices which will be necessary for them to have to attend the event.
  • Attendees love surprises! Give them something they were not expecting in the first place. Give them unicorn points or special coupons in case they log in early and stay throughout the event.

This can be easily tracked with the help of a proper virtual event platform. ibentos Virtual Event platform is well equipped to analyse and record event activities of each attendee through AI in their system.

Prepare a Resource Centre for the attendees

  • The Resource Centre must be your attendee’s go-to place to know anything about the event. Starting from the Agenda, Virtual Guide to storing PDFs & Videos, it should be able to contain all.
  • As an event organizer, it must be your top-priority to make the event accessible to the audience. This means each attendee’s resource centre must be available to them post-event.
  • Make sure, you also communicate the uses of the Resource Centre in your Navigation Video as well as the Visitor’s guide (PDF).

Write TIPS that can help them have an enriching experience

  • You must communicate on how & in what ways can your attendees have a fulfilling experience. And the kinds of activities you have in line in case they are bored at the event.
  • Sometimes, an event can have all members of a family in case it’s an informal event. Communicate this to your audience and help them know that having their family around during the event will only better their experience.
  • In case of a hybrid event, it is mandatory for you to make sure that the attendees who opt for the physical event do not have a difficult time looking for the venue. Share with them the location and keep prompting them about the event.

Always available to help

  • Tell your attendees that a help desk is available to them in case they are unable to access the event. A strong backend support from your virtual event partners can ensure a smooth event experience both for the speakers as well as the attendees. ibentos is one such organisation that provides 24/7 support to the organizers before, during and after the event.
  • As in the visitor guide, share with your attendees a checklist that notes all they need to have before they attend your virtual event.
This kind of strategy can only be possible when you have partnered with the right Virtual Event platform. By incorporating the above, you are sure to give your attendees an experience that is enriching and hassle free.
Want to execute an enriching virtual event for your audience? Consider this “how to prepare virtual platform” guide and reach out to us now.