Planning to organize a Virtual Event? Begin right here with ibentos

Planning to organize a Virtual Event and confused about where to start? Begin right here.

Planning to organize a Virtual Event
Tables have turned, the world has evolved…and virtual events have become REAL game-changers. In today’s age of cut-throat business competition, imagine being able to host a successful virtual event in a way that you truly desire.

Absolutely! Start with a good plan and the right event technology partner who is ready to twist & jazz your virtual event the way you want. Well, most likely to treat it like their own. We have a few tips up our sleeve about virtual events and virtual event platforms that we swear by. Sit back & give it a read.


Plan every step of the Virtual Event- Create a game plan. Define your Purpose. Set a primary goal for the event defining your virtual event type, classified/target audience, adequate budget and most importantly, a satisfactory & successful marketing plan..

Find your perfect Tech PARTNER

Finalize on the right event technology partner. Here, all you have to do is root for the best virtual event platform, who are interested in giving your event the right twist & jazz and most likely to treat it like their own.
This will increase your possibility to host the event – “YOUR WAY” with ZERO compromises. If you sync right, your event partner will readily choose the best for your virtual event even without you prompting them.

Bring Right Audience to Your virtual event

Are you deciding on your target audience? Set your parameters right away. An excellent way would be to decide if your virtual event is FREE or a PAID one. DECIDE, if you wish to host a FREE virtual event or charge a participation fee.
Also, in the next step, you got to decide upon the payment method. If you wish to manage your incoming payments yourself or get a payment gateway integrated within your event format. You also have the option to keep your virtual event “limited” for a certain set of users.
Are you deciding on your target audience? Set your parameters right away. This would be an excellent way for Planning to organize a Virtual Event FREE or a PAID one. DECIDE, if you wish to host a FREE virtual event or charge a participation fee.

Save the BEST date for your Virtual Event

Be it an online trade show or your regular education fair, the date and time of your virtual event will decide its success. So, take your time to set a time and date that’s relevant to your audience and that’s enough for them to turn up on that day.

Stock up Rich Event Reports

Want to understand your event and audience better? The top virtual event platforms are stuffed with event insights and easily allow you to track an attendee’s behaviour. This data will be essential for your post-event analysis and is a great way to understand your audience’s behaviour.
Start with searching a virtual event platform that communicates with you using data and logistics. Organizers generally put in their best in curating a sassy frontend, with ZERO focus on the backend. The biggest benefit in an online format is that everything is trackable.


Rope in a virtual event platform with an equally strong backend. Make sure you make the most of virtual events and track all that’s happening to make the improvements. It will help in planning to organize a Virtual Event in a better way next time.

Grab some eyeballs & Entertain your audience

Be consistent and keep up with the tastes of your target audience. Create relevant content with efficient event management tools to keep them hooked. Put presenters and relieve them of the boredom – Gamify, create a 3D event, conduct a quiz or a poll.
Add the fun element, conduct Q&A sessions, turn it interactive and give them the ‘real’ feel within the virtual event platform. Don’t stop and make them explore more. Look for the best platform for virtual events to help you execute an interactive virtual event.

Save the Content, Win loyal users

First and foremost, save all your content produced during the virtual event. Win your audience for future events by making your recorded content accessible to them later. In case of a FREE virtual event, share your content – BROADCAST the same on different social media platforms. Not every virtual events platform has the capability to simultaneously LIVE stream your event on multiple social media platforms.
So, choose a virtual event partner who can LIVE stream your virtual events simultaneously on multiple social media platforms, ibentos can help you here. In fact, with the advancement of tech, top virtual event platforms let you stream your virtual event for a limited audience on social media as well. ibentos virtual event platform can help you do the same.

Make your Virtual Event go viral -

Market your Virtual event – yes! Promoting the event, depending on your business-type at least a month before the virtual event can help you gain a lot of insight & pre-registered users.

  • Build the excitement of your virtual event, draw your attendees, create the urgency one phase after another. This will surely get you the “people who show up” at your virtual event
  •  During the virtual event, LIVE streaming can also bring in more audience from the social media platforms
  •  Interesting or interactive posts and social media contests at your virtual event can involve your audience. Hence, creating a series exclusively for your virtual event can draw your target audience & hook them up
  • Consider lead generation by running AD campaigns on digital media to get maximum event registrations
  • Take your virtual event to relevant networks, media channels and influences who can help you promote the virtual event amongst the right targeted audience

The longevity of your virtual event -

Generally, a virtual event spans around 1-4 days. So how do you decide on its duration? Take this decision based on the amount of content and what you have to offer to your audience. Here, the number of hours of your LIVE virtual event is relevant too. Communicate with your virtual event partners, ask them to keep your content (the recorded/produced content during the event) available. Don’t forget to keep it available post the event too.

Say No to complicated & fussy technology

There are 100 things to think about during your virtual event. You switch roles and do all that it takes for a successful virtual event. So, why not choose a virtual event technology that’s easy for you to handle and most importantly, friendly for you & your team to use.
In fact, look for a technology partner, not a vendor. This guide will help you, Planning to organize a Virtual Event in a more effective way. Know what other event organisers have to say about partnership with ibentos (formerly SmartEvents) Click here: google review


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