10 Things to Know About Hybrid Conferences

Hire Smarter With The Virtual Career Fair Platform

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The pandemic opened the door to everything being virtual and hybrid. Virtual career fairs are an effective approach for recruiters to grow relationships at hectic times and take advantage of their school connections. Additionally, there are other advantages of virtual career fairs for both students and companies, including their effectiveness, time and cost savings, convenience, and a long list of other advantages
In reality, virtual fairs help level the playing field for students who are neurodiverse, women, persons of color, or who have impairments. These organizations claim that as compared to meeting with potential employers in person, virtual recruiting is less stressful, simpler to manage, and more accessible, all thanks to the Virtual Career Fair Platforms.
Despite the fact that you are aware of the value of virtual career fairs in your early talent sourcing strategy, you may still be considering how to draw students to our events while giving them the best possible experience. The addition of food and freebies makes physical fairs more alluring. For instance, how are you luring students to your booth at online career fairs if your company is less known? Using the following strategies in a virtual career fair platform can help you stand out before, during, and after your next online career fair.

Inform and Invite the Potential Candidates

Reaching out to prospects early is essential to capturing their attention because 89% of Gen Z students prefer to work for those companies that proactively reach out to them. Using a world-class virtual career fair platform, find your eligible talent matches by filtering through more than 10 million student profiles. This enables you to contact such students directly and proactively invite them to your online career fairs.

Create Brand Awareness

Students and new graduates of today seek opportunities that incur significance at some or the other level. So focus on developing a profile that reflects your vision, objectives, and long-term goals. Virtual career fair platforms will allow you to give ample amount of information about your organization to avoid students digging into nuances. Also, it can help you reach out to qualified students and take advantage of the occasion to share more about your company’s culture. Also mention the details of your current teams and work culture in the organization to justify what makes you a niche in the industry. Also, if possible attach a video message from the top management of your company to give probable students a sense of trust.

One-Platform for Everything

The entire process of virtual career fairs goes along multiple steps which might create hassles for the attendees. Along with the virtual booth, there’s a further need for consultation required by the potential students that can guide them in the right direction. An AI-enabled shortlisting program, a communication channel that works flawlessly between the students and the management during the fair, a complete recruitment process portal, and a post-fair channel for the attendees to stay in touch with the company’s live updates and upcoming events.

Keep it Broad

To avail the complete benefit of a virtual career fair and acquire the best candidate the scope of the target audience shouldn’t be limited. The higher the probable candidates, the more will be the chances of creating a pipeline of potential employees. A virtual career fair platform can help you utilize virtual career fairs by expanding your radius of search and accommodating students from across the globe to maximize your chances to recruit the best.

Be Open to Questions

Transparency is a critical subject of communication that should be encouraged, and expectations of the students should be catered to as early as possible. Your virtual profile on your virtual career platform should be relevant to your audience and interested students should be allowed to mail you with questions they’d like resolved at the conclusion of the online career fair. Explain in detail the benefits of working for your company to potential new workers. When students have a positive experience, they are more inclined to spread the news about your business to their friends.

Deliver An Unforgettable Experience

Creating an experience in a virtual career fair that’s close enough to match the engagement and exposure of an in-person event can be a challenge. Adding an element of surprise for the attendees in a virtual fair is something companies should work upon. Creating a virtual walkthrough of your own campus can give the attendees an experience to live their jobs before they even step into your organization. Also, brainstorming ideas to make the virtual booth memorable for students should be promoted. Add quizzes and competitions that not invest the attendees in your booth but also give an idea of their personality traits. You can also add your company merchandise for every attendee that visits.

Maintain a Follow-Up

Around 60% of attendees utilize the opportunity of a virtual fair and apply for the jobs during the fair itself or within a week after it. This becomes handy with a virtual career platform in place. Various options for maintaining good communication through follow-ups can help you hire a top applicant. Quick follow-ups with your prospects are essential because it’s possible that these students have already met with other potential employers.

Get into Action

Virtual recruiting will continue to be an essential part of an effective hybrid recruiting strategy even when in-person recruiting fairs and events make a comeback. Prior to career fairs, you can target audiences who suit your criteria and objectives to assess fit early on and provide a more individualized applicant experience. Utilizing digital technologies like ibentos virtual career fair platform allows you to extend the reach of your recruiting efforts by taking advantage of the efficiency, equity, and size of online interactions. The immersive 3D environments are customizable. Most students and recent graduates (78%) prefer to go to a career fair before they submit an application for a job. Why? To understand if the role and duties correspond with their interests and values and to get a perspective of what it is like to work for the organization. Of course the ease of getting a job sitting at home is an added benefit.
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