Highly engaging virtual event features by ibentos

Highly engaging features by ibentos for your Virtual Event

When an event organizer invites attendees to their virtual event, it is mandatory that they remain fully engaged and entertained throughout it. And, these ways can be as diverse and varied as possible. While physical events can be made more engaging, with the mere presence of people, engaging an audience during virtual events can be challenging.
Just going on and on with one after another conference and presentation will create monotony. It takes a little more creativity to create an event that breaks screen exhaustion. And this time boosts the audiences’ morale to continue with the event.
The ibentos team is being led by pioneers from the Indian event industry. And, when we say we are aware about the event industry, we mean it. Furthermore, we can provide you with a number of activities that can level up the quality of your next virtual event.

1. Q&As

Virtual Events are a combination of various features like conferences and presentations. Such programmes can easily tire out the audience, therefore, there’s a need to create interactions and seek involvement from the attendees’ side as well. This enables attendees to remain attentive and, equally, contribute to the event.

2. Speakers’ Lounge

When a Conference takes place, the speakers usually present their papers and take very little time to address the audience’s concerns. In such a case, a Speaker Lounge – an exclusive space created for the speakers of an event will allow attendees to connect one-on-one with them and take up inquiries. The Speaker Lounge feature is a great addition to a virtual event that especially benefits the attendees.

3. Networking Lounge

A networking booth in a virtual event or a conference, allows an attendee to interact, and form new connections. This lounge is another exclusive space for the attendees to interact amongst themselves. The networking lounge is also meant for those who wish to further their networks or take a break in between long conference sessions.

4. Selfie Booth

If not standing at a photo booth during a physical event, then selfie booths in a virtual event will serve the purpose. It is a fun and interesting activity, especially now, when people update their Instagram where everybody wants to update their whereabouts. Moreover,with the ibentos selfie booth feature, you can initiate branded selfies for your attendees. These can be later used for documentation purposes or creating memories for your post-event video.

5. Scribble Wall

Scribble Wall is another brilliant addition in place of a mediocre feedback form. Attendees can write their feedback about the event on these colourful digital notes instead of filling up forms. These notes will be visible to the other attendees as well. Moreover, it allows attendees and other stakeholders to understand the success of the event. This feature will serve as the testimonial to your event.

6. Polls

Be it a webinar or panel discussion, polling and voting involves attendees to be attentive during it and at the same time, decide on what they want from their event. The polling feature can also help you understand what works for the audience and what does not. When you ask the attendees for their inputs, it portrays how you prioritize their opinions. After all, events are created for its attendees.

7. Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a space dedicated for the availability of all downloadable materials like PDFs or videos related to the virtual event. Hence, your attendees can readily download all the resources or come back to this space to access the resources.

8. Gamification

The Gamification feature can be incorporated into the event according to the organizer’s demands. Thus, if you wish to curate a number of games, activities into your event, all of it can be done inside the event. Right from a Spinning Wheel, Quizzes, Puzzles to even Crosswords – you can give an exciting name to this activity and allocate points to your attendees based on their engagement.

9. Leaderboard

The leaderboard will help attendees keep track of their points or engagement rate as the event proceeds. If you want to present giveaways, prizes and other gifts for participating in the event, it is a great way to do so. Such events attract a good number of attendees to the event. Your prizes need not be an expensive car or a sum of cash, but can be a free workshop, or complimentary resources from the sessions.

10. MIRO Integration

Integrating Miro canvas in your virtual event can be a great asset when it comes to interactive sessions or a discussion between small groups of members. This can be used in case of an annual conference, internal events in an organization etc.
ibentos is full of features which can turn your plain event into a jazzy one. Besides, all our features are customizable and can be developed and curated according to your preferences. In case, you are looking for a platform to engage your audience, of any age group, reach out to us.
Want to execute an enriching virtual event for your audience, reach out to us now.