Lead generation for virtual educational fair - A helping guide by ibentos

Generating Leads for your Virtual Educational Fair

Lead generation for virtual educational fair - A helping guide by ibentos
Virtual Education Fairs are where students and institutes meet on a common Virtual Platform, where the institutes showcase their offerings real-time which in turn helps students make the right decision for their education.
As an organizer, surely you must have taken all the approaches needed to make your Fair with remembering, from inviting Institutes to attend to choosing the appropriate Virtual Platform. But what about boosting the number of attendees? Are you still figuring out how to generate leads for your event and spread the word?
If yes, then look no further! Here are a few tips to help you generate event leads and spread brand awareness while doing so.

Compelling Landing Page

The Landing Page of your website and event is the first impression you cast on your audience. It is the face of your event, so make sure that it is appealing and designed smartly, convincing the viewer of why your Virtual Education Fair is relevant to them and is exactly what they are looking for.
*Tip: You can extract details of your audience using registrations, helping you gauge the exact details of the number of people to expect and their preferences. With ibentos’ Virtual Platforms, create captivating 3D and 2D environments that are customisable and life-like, so that the vision you have for your event is captured perfectly on screen.

Exhibitor Promotion

In Case, you have managed to land an extremely well-known Institution for your Virtual Education Fair that you deem to be the highlight and main attraction feature of your Fair. In such a case, carry out your Event promotions in a way that highlights and brings to the notice this Institution. Having a well-known and trusted Institution as one of your participants adds to the trust factor amongst your attendees and even potential attendees.

Utilise Social Media Marketing

Students and parents are actively engaged on Social Media, especially Facebook and Instagram, making them excellent platforms to market your event. You can even utilize the remarketing strategy of Facebook and LinkedIn. They use web technology to track the people that visit your website but leave without registering. This lets them invest in a targeted user segment by sending them ads. Google Ads are a well-known strategy to generate leads. Paid ads work great for not just large businesses but also small ones. Google ads are a great way to generate and boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your site and boost sales, while being able to track the progress and results.
*Tip: Ensure that you are fluent with your target audience, so that your content is communicated to the right audience. For example, details for School Education Fairs should be shown to parents rather than school students, while in the case of College or University Fairs, your audience and potential attendees are students. Hence, marketing to the right audience is the crux of generating higher leads.

Influencer Marketing

When you think of Social Media, one of the most prominent things that comes to mind is Influencer. Influencers have a high trust factor amongst their following, so Event or Brand mentions from them serve as social proof of the viability of your Event and Brand. This also serves to boost visibility. In order to efficiently form your Social Media strategy, ensure that you include Influencer Marketing to your “to-do” list.

Various Communities

There are various existing communities on multiple platforms, especially WhatsApp, that are relevant to your Event. Parents usually are a part of education groups and even “Mom Groups” where education-related information is passed on and discussed. Hence, such communities have high potential of turning into leads.
Oftentimes, multiple Educational Institutes are managed under a common organization. Targeting such school or location organizations (or groups) will spread the word amongst all the Institutions under said group. Posters throughout the school as well as messages on official school groups will be permitted to you, and so the possibilities of leads become limitless.

Live Event Marketing Material

There is no hard-and-fast rule that you cannot repost the marketing material you had from live-events. By doing this, students and parents get an idea of the quality of the event to expect from you, while also generating hype. This is also a great way to reconnect with students who were attendees in your past events and Fairs, encouraging them to participate and sign up for your event again. *Tip: Ensure that your content is SEO-backed, so that the algorithm assists you in boosting engagement.


A chatbot has another use aside from just assisting people that visit your page. They help turn Visitors into Leads by saving the details of the visitors. Moreover, they send them appropriate ads later on if they leave without registering.

ORM - Online Reputation Management

While looking at ads or hearing about new Events and Brands, it is common to have doubts and queries. The trick to increasing the possibility of these chances turning into leads is to reply to their queries on time. Doing so will show that you not only cater to your attendees with attention but also care for them as customers. This will help in creating a stronger brand image.

GMB - Google My Business

This is the final acronym we throw at you, promise! Google My Business is a free web tool to list your business on Google and manage and track your visibility across all Google platforms, including Search and Maps. Not only does this boost visibility online but is crucial to increase your Returns On Investment (ROI). GMB also has Google My Business Insights, which provides all the analytics you need to track. The cherry-on-top? It is completely free and easy to use!
All these tips will help bump up those number of participants and people signing up for your event. Strategising your marketing strategies and ideas surrounding these guidelines will assist you in generating a higher number of leads and turning your event into a successful one.
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