Door to the Events Industry: Event Partners with ibentos

Door to the Events Industry: Partner with ibentos

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The year 2020, often regarded as the year of the pandemic. The year of chaos as often reflected upon, brought several challenges to the world which shook even the foundation of how people and their establishments functioned. The health being the centre of concern, industries started to collapse and the attrition rate soared over 65% in many companies. But as someone rightly said, ‘Crisis gives birth to Conquerors’, the pandemic pushed people beyond their limits to seek a better future for themselves and witnessed the surfacing of a million budding entrepreneurs across the world. Thousands of new businesses in every industry began to run along each other, picking pace everyday and the industries started to revive.

Revival of the Events Industry

One such industry that functioned entirely on physical interactions for decades was of the events. An industry that symbolised in-person interactions and their importance. The Pandemic forced closures of it on multiple fronts but the virtual counterpart saved it till eternity. Rise of entrepreneurs and events industry partners strengthened the new revival of the industry. Virtual event platforms took over every possible form of event to curate and customise it in a way the attendees do not miss the in-person events. Soon the revival turned into a galloping new form of events industry that incorporated virtual conferences, virtual career and educational fairs, virtual summits, hybrid events and Metaverse events as well.

How to Step-In?

It’s possible that you’re just getting started in the field and launching your own business right away. Or perhaps you’ve been employed by others in the field and now believe the time is right to strike out on your own. In either case, beginning an event planning firm can be challenging and perplexing without the correct guidance. You need to think about a lot of factors, including whether you want to work from home or rent an office, the name of your company, how you’re going to finance it, and even the payment methods you’ll accept along the road. Here are some important steps to help you get started.

● Understand the Events Industry

Before stepping into any industry it’s important to understand what are the basics of it. The demand, the target audience, the competition, the resources and the current flaws that you can address to stand out with your product or service. Only after an in-depth understanding of the industry shall you plan to proceed. The events industry has a huge potential. The demand is growing everyday and with the coming of new technologies like virtual event platforms and the metaverse, each and every event can be weaponized with a potential to target the global market.

● Create a definite plan

Once your knowledge gaining session on the industry is thorough, it’s time to figure out a strategy to start the venture and the progress phases you expect from it. Strategically target a sector of audience and industries catering to them so as to avoid early hassles in your journey. Events are a broad sector and the industries under its umbrella are immense, in fact, there hardly is an industry that survives without hosting events. This is a boon and a bane for every new entrepreneur. Firstly the opportunities are huge, contrarily, so is the competition. Hence, be specific on your deliverables, quality control and your target group.

● Decide your niche

Once you have a definite business plan in place, stead-fast on the plan to decide what comes as your niche. Before you design a product and find out the resources required to formulate it, you need to decide what your product will offer as a standout from the competition. Every audience group has different expectations from an event and every event has a different download to offer. Find out what comes closest to your expertise and steadily grow further into more domains.

● Incorporate the latest technology

As the events world has witnessed a paradigm shift in these past two years, the events technology has surpassed leaps and bounds in creating world-class events that offer exuberant experiences filled with immersion and interactions. Virtual and hybrid event platforms are speedily gaining popularity and are proving to be exceptionally useful for the brands, organizers as well as the attendees. Events industry depends a lot on the revenue generated during the events and the funds raised through sponsorships. Virtual and hybrid events offer ample opportunities and spaces for the organizers to give proper attention and place to their sponsors before, during and after the event.

● Plan your marketing

Once you’ve launched your brand, the most important component is how you’re going to sell it. You won’t find work if you don’t market it. If you already handle events, you probably have a lot of experience with marketing them. Now is the time to use that expertise to your own company. When contacting companies, email marketing is always the most desired method. Software for email marketing is a fantastic starting point. Additionally, you can target several industries at once, with social media advertising possibly being the key. You can make sure you reach the appropriate individuals at the right time using both organic and paid social media posts.
Now all this sounds pretty interesting but requires a significant amount of effort, time, money and patience. But we have a simpler way to satisfy the entrepreneur in you and let you take our own flight, at your own pace but with an additional push, the ibentos Partnership Program.

ibentos & The Partnership Program

ibentos is another brainchild of the year of the pandemic. Being seasoned in the events industry, its founders decided to start a new venture encompassing the need to bridge the virtual and real. This laid down the path for ibentos virtual events platform. At ibentos, we understand the growth of the entire industry depends upon the growth of every stakeholder, be it the event organizers, the attendees or an events technology provider like us, the more the merrier. We are a group of event enthusiasts seasoned in delivering world-class events to our customers spread across 22 nations. With our partnership program, we wish to expand the spread of the events industry and bring more people into the fold. We understand the efforts that go into setting up a new events venture and hence with our partnership program, we offer the opportunity to our partners to start from an established beginning. With target audience, product, marketing already in place, the partner can begin with simply client acquisition and achieve the revenue goals. The brand name of ibentos is already a boon for the partner and saves them from years of additional hard work required to build a brand name. With the ibentos Partnership Program we believe to spread our experiences that went into the growth of us as well as the industry. Together we wish to build a world of event capable entrepreneurs that can plant their efforts only in progress and not in failures.
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