How to choose the Right EMCEE - Don't Underestimate its Power

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Right EMCEE

How to choose the Right EMCEE
Are we back to square one? Judging by the situation, it shall be a while before hybrid or LIVE events return once again. But no matter what, the show must go on! And to keep your audience stuck to their seats, an Emcee is exactly what you need.
Needless to say, virtual events do remind us of the times when thinking of face-to-face events would send chills down our spine. With virtual events, comes the challenges of engaging and interacting with the online audience. This, in itself, is a difficult job that comprises various tools and strategies. And here, we would like to introduce to you an Emcee –  a great, great breather, the one who can keep your attendees, guide them, entertain them, and most importantly, be the best moderator to keep your attendees from moving away to other places.
It goes without saying that an Emcee will liven up your event. They become an anchor for your attendee and your Virtual event. So, if you’re willing to keep your attendees hooked and looking for a better retention rate, keep an interactive Emcee at your event & see it work like nothing else.
Here are a few ways in which an Emcee at your Virtual Event can be a powerful changemaker!
  • The right Emcee will help your attendees transition or juggle between programmes on an eventful day or evening. 
  • If you’re streaming your event on social media and you have a well planned script and an interactive Emcee, they can help fetch in more attendees to your virtual event and clearly avoid drop off or the common online video conferencing fatigue.
  • The Right Emcee is flexible and can manage the last minute changes that might occur and keep your audiences aware and at the same time engaged. 
  • Additionally, in this way your attendees will not wander about if there is an emcee who keeps them going and informs them about the day’s proceedings, just like at an in-person event. 
  • Your Emcee can make the audience aware of the other modules at your event. She/He can promote and drive traffic to the other modules of your virtual event.
Not convincing enough? As an event organizer you are also aware that virtual events are here to stay. And you got to experiment to stay atop in your event hosting game. Especially with the kind of technology advancement, tools and strategies, the human touch and interactivity that comes with an Emcee will bring the right and incomparable essence to your Virtual Event.
Additionally, the role of an Emcee is not an extra, but will be a bonus when you think of bringing the hybrid events into the scene once again. In case of an hybrid event, where your event will have two different types of audiences, an emcee will rightly deal with both of them.

5 things to consider while looking for a perfect Emcee

  • She/He should bring on the energy that is needed for a physical event. Infact, the more the energy the better it gets. 
  • She/He can hook your audience, put on a smile and engage energetically. She/He should be able to make the most of it while the ball is in their court. 
  • The perfect Emcee can set the tone of your event perfectly. Their way of interacting at an award show will be different to that of his/her interaction at a technical session. 
  • Your Emcee must be aware of what your event is and set your brand value right. He/She must be able to share the key information about your event/brand. 
  • A good Emcee is not one who doesn’t make mistakes, but apologizes and restarts it.
We are all aware of an attendee’s attention in case of virtual or hybrid events and having an emcee to keep them pumped up might be the best of decisions. This will invoke a sense of connection between your event and your attendees and most likely, they will not wander around aimlessly or spend time figuring out things. Your Emcee will prepare your attendees in which ways both you and your attendees gain – a successful and engaging event experience. Need more ideas, reach out to us for our top rated virtual event platforms and virtual event solutions.


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