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Checklists to prepare for a Virtual Art Exhibition

Checklists for Virtual Art Exhibition
Want to showcase your Art amid the pandemic? Virtual Art Exhibition is your solution. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to exhibit your art without worrying about social distancing and other Covid-19 norms? Yes, you can do it seamlessly without being overwhelmed with pressure.
Without further ado, we’re giving you a checklists for virtual art exhibition that you can always refer to before you go ahead and make a final decision.

1. Set a Goal

The pointer is common to all types of events. Here you have to decide what are your goals and objectives for hosting this Virtual Art Exhibition. Which is the content that needs to go up or which ones to omit. Basically, here you have to curate your art exhibition, and your target audience, if you want to showcase solo work or along with other artists and have it on paper. Maybe you can begin by shortlisting the theme & title of your show!

2. Venue/Virtual Platform

Since the pandemic outbreak, Virtual venues are a thing and you got to take in a Virtual Events platform that can basically arrange the entire look and feel of your art exhibition. Beginning from the outdoors, to the lobby as well as the Conference Hall – where you can hold discussions and webinars with multiple artists and art industry experts.
You have to discuss all the arrangements with your Virtual Events partner. It is an online setup, and you’d not want any last minute goof ups. If you’re lucky to rope in the right Virtual platform, they can help you create a successful art exhibition.

3. Engagement sessions/Extras

You need not stick to the usual pattern at your art exhibition. Plan something unusual and interesting like a quick meditation session or LIVE musical session to entertain your audience. This way you have them at your event longer & there is an automated increase in audience engagement.

4. Marketing/Promotions

Start your promotions depending on your event or business module. For instance, if your exhibition is publically open or you wish to charge a nominal fee from your visitors. Communicate with your virtual event platform partner on what could be best – having a Page to get user registration or keeping it open.
It will all depend on your objective behind setting up this art exhibition. Start by announcing your event on your social media pages, sending emails regarding your event or you can even choose to promote your event through influencers – basically influencer marketing. This way your audience gets bigger and better.
To create further hype, you can keep posting the behind the scene (BTS) images of your event and increase people’s curiosity over it. To avoid a lesser crowd, send your prospects, and event reminders on email or WhatsApp. It is a highly fruitful way of converting your event prospects to attendees. You can also send Thank you notes to your event attendees once your exhibition is over. Know more about digital marketing here.

5. Rehearse/Double-Check

Conduct a dry run. Just before the opening, make sure you take a tour of the Virtual Art exhibition yourself. Also, check the convenience of your users or visitors at the event. A few things that you really need to check one final time would be checking how quickly your visitor is able to enter the exhibition, how easy is user navigation, and thirdly if your art is neatly displayed virtually.

6. After Event - Review

The perks of executing a Virtual Exhibition lie in its advanced backend – where you can get rich event reports, details of attendees, and other meaningful reports which will help you determine the success of your event. This will also help you determine every nuance of your event and help you make better decisions for your next art exhibition. For example, what to include and what more could have been done for a better experience
Virtual events mean you can reach a larger audience with no geographical boundaries. And to know your audience better, a Virtual events platform is valuable as it can provide you with information regarding who visited your art exhibition, and this will in turn help you determine the likes and dislikes of your visitors.
Be it a customized ambiance that suits your art display or a LIVE musical evening set up for your audience, this can all be possible, once you have a strong and reliable Virtual Events platform in place. Confused about where to start and want to prepare a checklists for virtual art exhibition? Begin right from here!