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Building Brand Loyalty through Webinars

Brand Loyalty through Webinars
We are sure that by now, as an Event Organizer, you have invested well in marketing strategies pre-, during and post-events. But is your customer retention rate still low? Are your attendees just there for one Event?
What you may be missing is Brand Loyalty. Today, brand loyalty is synonymous with customer retention rate. Brand loyalty describes a consumer’s positive feelings towards your brand, and their dedication to purchasing your products and/or services repeatedly, regardless of deficiencies and a competitor’s actions. Long story cut short, it is a consumer preferring your products and services over those of your competition.
In the Events Industry, establishing brand loyalty starts from delivering a memorable and spectacular Event, Virtual, Hybrid or in-person, making your attendees aware of your brand. ibentos’ Virtual Platforms deliver life-like 3D and 2D environments that are interactive, easy to navigate and comprehend, and are sure to leave a positive mark in your attendees’ minds!
But post-event, how do you convert brand awareness in your attendees’ minds into brand loyalty? One of the ways is getting Brand Loyalty through Webinars. How? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

Add your personal touch

Ensure that all your attendees have a chance to interact with you. Host a Q&A session, customer segments, and customer stories to make the webinar more interactive and personalized. Keep track of your repeat attendees to make everyone feel valued going further.

Be the Guru of your field

Provide your customers with relevant data and be prepared for their questions. Also be fluent in solving their doubts and queries. When you establish yourself as the expert in your field, your customers will trust you more and will turn to your brand for products and services.

Become on-the spot problem-solver for brand loyalty through webinars

Webinars are a great way for customers to voice their concerns and for you to hear them first-hand. Use this opportunity to solve their problems. This makes a lasting impression in the journey of building brand loyalty. Customers always go back to the brand which values them and hears them, rather than one where they feel invisible.

Follow-ups and Appreciation

After the webinar, or an Event, follow-up with your regular customers and attendees, thanking them for their continued support. You can even do so by sending them appreciative mails, or if you want to go a step forward, then maybe a small gift hamper or coupons and discounts as a show of gratitude. Even a little appreciation goes a long way.
At the end of the story, for a brand, brand loyalty is all that counts. Hearing your attendees’ expectations and concerns, and living up to them and bettering their experience is the key to establish that devoted following that many brands dream of but only few acquire, or rather, achieve. We hope these tips help get you there!
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