Best Hybrid Event Ideas to Make Your Next Event a Success

Best Hybrid Event Ideas to Make Your Next Event a Success

Hybrid events are great because they enable you to scale your events without the complicated logistics. But what does it take to put on jaw-dropping events that increase your mindshare and, most importantly, benefit your hybrid audiences? Let’s look at some hybrid event concepts and successful hybrid event examples. This collection of hybrid event inspiration and examples makes us extremely happy. Why? Because this list contains some creative concepts from significant hybrid events and conferences around the world. In addition, we provide a listicle of suggestions to make your hybrid events more entertaining and interesting.

Ideas To Boost Engagement

We know you want your attendees to leave your event feeling pumped up and enthusiastic. As a result, you would need to schedule activities that allow for some fun and chance encounters. So let’s look at some suggestions to spice up your hybrid events.

Engage on-site audiences

  • Treasure hunts If you can get the people in your crowd to relax and network, you can establish significant relationships with them. What better way to get to know one another than by playing games in teams? Your guests will be able to socialize and have fun during a treasure search. Participants can be divided into groups and sent on a treasure hunt. Keep the rules straightforward: The team that discovers the treasure first wins. Hide one treasure for each team to discover.
  • Team Games Team Games are exciting and are important in building a network. It allows the attendees to break the ice and indulge in healthy competition. To make it better you can always add goodies and surprise gifts for the winners.
    Here’s what to do:
    • Break people into small groups, and have each group pick a task from the jar.
    • Let them coordinate in teams to finish their tasks and reward the winners.
  • Introduction using trading cards An enjoyable and easy concept to get networking at your hybrid event started.
    What you should do:
    • Give out cards to your attendees and ask them to write a little biographical essay about themselves on each one.
    • Now gather every card and jumble them.
    • Request that visitors select a card and read the stories. They can then relate to the character who inspired the narrative they read.
  • Live performance You can also incorporate live entertainment, such as appearances by well-known musicians, comedians, poets, and others. A perfect example of how live entertainment can elevate the event experience can be witnessed only at a hybrid event with live audiences along with virtual audience thumping at their home.

Ideas To Engage Your Virtual Attendees At Your Hybrid Event

  • A Themed Event You can just make a list of a few themes and invite your guests to come dressed in those themed items & outfits.
    • Similar-themed individuals can be grouped together
    • Give each item a point value.
    • The winner is the one with the maximum points.
  • A Scribble Wall Feedback is what decides your current event’s fate and the cue for your future events. The most important aspect of every event, particularly for the virtual audience is the facility to process feedback for the event. This not only gives them a sense of equity with the in-person attendees but also keeps them glued to their screens. To make this even better you can allow attendees to write poems, jokes, and similar written content to show their talent amongst the others.
  • Organize Digital Haiku A Haiku is a three-line poem with a maximum of 17 syllables:
    • You can split up your team into three groups.
    • Each team member may contribute one line of haiku.
    • All guests can see the final results from each team, and polls can be used to determine the winner.
    • People can be motivated and de-stressed by engaging in creative and enjoyable activities, which will greatly improve the sit-through rates of your hybrid event.
  • Virtual Selfie Booth Virtual photo booths are entertaining and can help spread the word about your event.
    • Create online photo booths
    • Invite guests to use a photo booth app to take photographs, selfies, or selfies with their dogs.
    • The very best photos can be shown in real-time during your virtual events.
    • Participants can use the event’s hashtag to share their photos in real-time.

Ideas For Hybrid Events That Connect Your In-Person And Virtual Audiences

  • Breakout areas with screens and webcams for both
    • It is simple to schedule networking events separately for in-person and online guests. But combining them is a big difficulty. It can, however, be terrific for your ROI.
    • So let’s explore how your next event could benefit from this hybrid event concept:
    • Divide your live audience into smaller groups, and your online audience into similar divisions.
    • Now give each set of your in-person participants a room, and give your online attendees a virtual breakout space.
    • Each area should have screens and webcams so that your groups of guests can communicate with telepresence attendees.
  • A hybrid event app to bring both the audience closer
    • Experiences for both your hybrid and virtual event attendees can be improved by having a good hybrid event app.
    • Here are some tips on how to use your event app to encourage networking among dispersed audiences:
    • DJ for both in-person and remote audiences: For your scattered attendance, you can have a live DJ, and you can stream the DJ session live for the remote ones.
    • Quizzes, polls, and trivia in-app: Setting up polls and playing trivia on an app may be incredibly easy. The nicest thing is that both online and in-person audiences can use smartphones to access an app.
  • A virtual speed-networking pass for all
    • Using an app, allow offline attendees to join online attendees.
    • Virtual breakout rooms and virtual speed-networking sessions are supported by several platforms.
    • Your offline participants can join the fun by simply opening the hybrid event app on their smartphones and joining a virtual speed-networking session.

How to Get Started?

Hybrid events are a confirmed success as long as you can make sure that all your virtual attendees get the same experience and engagement as your in-person attendees. The key to boosting your hybrid events is the parity of engagement among all the attendees. The ibentos hybrid events platform is one such premier platform that offers top-notch hybrid event technology from high-quality streaming services to world-class in-person event resources like totem walls, VIP apps, landing pages, etc. With opportunities to achieve up to 5X faster ROI and global reach, hybrid events are consistently treading their way among businesses for whom the cost of the event is secondary but the benefits accompanying it are the foremost priority.
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