Top 8 Benefits of Virtual University Fairs

Top 8 Benefits of Virtual University Fairs

benefits of virtual university fairs
Living in the world of cut-throat competition isn’t easy. We have to continuously be on our toes and showcase something extraordinary and unique in us to sustain and create a niche for ourselves both personally and professionally.
Moreover, if you are facing challenging times, then coming up with fresh, innovative ideas becomes all the more important to survive the test of time.
The benefits of virtual university fairs or Virtual college fairs are that they enable you to get answers to all your questions by helping you to explore new opportunities and get expert advice on university admissions, applications, funding, course content, and study options that too online virtually.

Benefits of Virtual University Fairs

Saves time and money

People these days are preoccupied with their own personal and professional obligations. So they prefer to keep their free time for themselves.
A lot of time is saved in commuting from one place to another in a virtual set-up including money on accommodation, and travel as everything is available on a single platform in a virtual (online) space which is a more hassle-free arrangement.

Attract more attendees

As everything is on a virtual platform, which gives the opportunity to its attendees to connect globally followed by an enhanced engagement as there is more flexibility and comfort on this platform with a lot of useful information.

Hassle-free exchange of valuable information

Provision of downloadable e-brochures, university information booklets, videos, information about the courses, scholarships, and much more is available in the digital repository.
Downloading documents is just a matter of seconds on a virtual platform with advanced technology, which makes the entire process more straightforward.

Accelerates the application process

With smart application tracking tools, universities can track the applications coming their way by applying filters and shortlisting the right candidate for a direct conversation, which speeds up the process.

Another benefit of Virtual university

fairs is more options and choices for students
Students are also given the facility to apply filters and shortlist the university of their choice after interacting with their university representatives. Also, a payment gateway can also be integrated to make it easier for institutes to put up Application Forms for purchase by students on the same platform.
Also, on a virtual platform, students are not required to stand in long queues and wait for their turn as there are multiple breakout rooms. With just a click of a button, they can enter the room and take counselling.
Only one thing students are required to check, and that is the roster of all sessions, after which they can join the session of their choice.
Also, attendees are not required to wait for the current session to end before moving on to the next one.

6. Rich & Integrated reports are also one of the benefits of virtual university fairs

Universities can easily track attendee engagement through these reports.
For instance, how much time is spent by a particular attendee on which booth as information like this helps organizers/universities to understand its attendees’ consumption behaviour, which helps them frame the right strategies for the near future.
Also, real-time data showcasing the total leads generated with an insight into conversions can also be accessed.

7. More Engagement options

Other benefits of virtual university fairs are more options to engage through Q&A sessions, and surveys resulting in a rise in ROI.

8. Pre Event appointments

Virtual Education Platform provides a unique feature in which students can book appointments much before the event, helping you to re-establish your event strategies and gauge the traffic expected on the event day.
This is also one of the Benefits of Virtual University Fairs in Canada and in all other countries where the Virtual concept is practiced.


After taking a detailed insight into the Benefits of Virtual University Fairs, we can say that businesses are becoming more aware of the Virtual side of Events and how they have contributed and are still contributing to providing an immersive experience to their attendees.
The time has come to add freshness to your events by diving deep into the world of Virtual reality.
Want to execute an enriching virtual event for your audience, reach out to us now.