Backup planning for hybrid Event is Must

Always have back-up ready

Backup planning for hybrid Event
Whether during the process of backup planning for hybrid event on the D-Day, having back-up ready is of utmost importance. This process would involve you coming up with everything that could possibly go wrong with your Hybrid Event and then doing everything you can to eliminate all chances of those possibilities turning into reality. The more thorough you are in your inflections and inspections, the smoother your Hybrid Event will be. Glitches can be quite frustrating. They do not make a good impression on your attendees. At the end of the day, not only do you as an organizer want to make money, but you also want to deliver to your attendees their money’s worth.
Of course, coming up with all that could go wrong and then solving those problems out can be a rather long and tedious process (by the end of it, you will be afraid if your thoughts will manifest into reality since you had been thinking so long and hard about them!). Hence, here are a few ready guidelines to help you along the way and make things easier for you!

Internet Connectivity

Ensure that there are 3 uninterrupted network lines. You and your virtual audience, you and your virtual speakers, and your virtual audience and your virtual speakers. Lags and screen hangs make your attendees go “ugh no not again” and “oh come on!” and those are not the reactions you want to get from your attendees!

Technical EMCEE

Your technical emcee must be equipped with a laptop and a continuous Internet connection to efficiently guide and control the flow of the Hybrid Event. Without a tech emcee, there are chances your backup planning for Hybrid Event will be incomplete. Therefore, for good measure, have another on standby..stomach flu can hit out of nowhere!

Dry Runs

Conduct multiple dry-runs before the D-Day to eliminate any margins of error. Check for any bugs that might cause failure of technical equipment on-site. Bring your speakers in to hold speaker training sessions for mic checks. Also, if your speaker is attending virtually, then to check their internet stability and audio equipment. In such a case, you also want to keep ready pre-recorded videos of your virtual speakers. In case all of a sudden they are unavailable on the final day or some other issue is at hand. Also, test out your Virtual Platform multiple times as well for stability. Sometimes some features do not work for attendees, so you want to figure out those tiny bugs and solve them before the final day.

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In certain scenarios, there might be a sudden unforeseen surge of attendees attending the event, in which case your servers are under threat of crashing. Find a vendor that can provide you with an auto-scalable service.

Tech team support

Have a tech team with you at a standby so if something goes wrong at Virtual Platform, it can solved. Therefore, you could minimize the time to resolve issues.
Keeping all these tips in mind will be an immense help during your planning as well as execution steps. So we hope your Hybrid Event achieves all your goals and is successful without glitches!
With ibentos, along with an engaging Virtual Event Platform built to accommodate attendees accordingly, you are also provided with a LIVE tech team and Help Desk. Live tech handles the cases of any technical glitches on you or your attendees’ end to deliver a seamless experience.
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