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6 Tips to Humanize your Virtual Events

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Virtual events have taken the event industry by storm during and after difficult times.
Although, these events have played an imperative role and were like oxygen for the event industry. The only challenge for such kinds of events is that they should not look robotic and automated.

After all, we are social beings who love to interact and share our feelings, and thoughts. In short, visitors seek virtual reality. They want to personalize their experience after a long hiatus due to the pandemic.

Virtual events require a lot of innovative and creative ideas to make this a reality so that attendees can enjoy the events to the brim.
By humanizing Virtual events: –
  • Attract more attendees
  • Positive word of mouth
  • 5 times more ROI
  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand Promotion

Virtual Event Tips to Humanize your Virtual Events

1. Giveaway bags bearing gifts like T-shirts bearing the brand name or books bearing the organizer’s name on the gift wrap will not only promote the brand/organizer but will also personalize the experience of the attendees, which will make it an unforgettable memory for them.
2. The participants should get Participation certificates to make them feel important. This will spread the positive word and will keep the audience engaged. This will spread the positive word and will keep the audience engaged till the very end of the event.
3. Gamification & other activities-Games like Quizzes, word games, leader boards, and activities like writing on the social walls, and clicking pictures on photo booths will serve an important role in audience engagement and entertainment.

Things like these will create a buzz on all social media platforms and will delight your audience and make your events lively. Moreover, you will also get feedback as to how well your event has performed.
4. Networking opportunities and Breakout sessions– Q&A, chat sessions, Surveys, and, Polls, also make the environment more interactive. It also gives the opportunity to your visitors to expand their network by interacting with prominent speakers during breakout sessions.
Thus, attendees will see your events as an opportunity to expand their circle. Let your attendees know what they will be missing out on if they don’t attend.
5.Social media is a very powerful tool to create hype about your events and to personalize them– The contest can be introduced before the beginning of the event on all social media platforms to encourage the people to make early registrations before the event starts so that attendees with early registrations can be duly rewarded and the same needs to be conveyed through social media.

Additional Virtual Event Tips

6. Always keep a surprising contest like the ones posting the pictures of the events by using your event-specific hashtags with maximum likes on social media will be rewarded so that people always remember your event and are ever ready to make it again to your event, just like people wait for the sequel of their favorite web series.
Attendees should be made aware of the surprise contest in the very beginning to keep them hooked till the end.
ibentos an event technology company has more than 10 years of exposure and experience in keeping the audience hooked till the very end of the event by adding a human and realistic touch.
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