How to raise capital on virtual events? 6 smart ways to capitalise

6 smart ways to capitalise on your Virtual Events

How to raise capital on virtual events
Physical events did take a major hit in 2020, but can we ignore the perks that virtual events brought to us? This major shift came when the world was struck down by the Covid-19 pandemic letting limited or NO space for events to thrive or move forward. And yes, eventually Virtual events took lead…
From reaching out to the internet audience to keeping an eye on them, creating custom events and capitalizing on them, virtual events became a go-to option for event organizers in one and more brilliant ways. And today, we can list numerous reasons why you must continue with virtual events and capitalize on them apart from your regular physical events.

Read our top 6 ideas - How to raise capital on virtual events:

Exhibition/Conference and earn great deals out of them!

More Branding Space to increase your ROI

As you plan your virtual event, choose a platform that gives you immense branding opportunities. Be it for your promoter/sponsor/exhibitor, you can provide exclusive space to businesses that are willing to spend more for extra visibility. This will bring them into the limelight and also capture the audiences’ eye. It is one of the brilliant many ways you can capitalize on branding space at your virtual event and increase your sales.

We recommend the ibentos virtual event platform that provides ample branding opportunities for event organisers. ibentos, unlike the standard meeting platforms – Zoom, Web ex, Google Meet, is not only a meeting platform. It provides your stakeholders with an immersive experience which is closest to live events.

Access to your valuable Event Content on payment

Your Content is key to a great event. This is the best option to capitalize on. Here, you can charge your attendees for access to content – be it some exclusive workshop with an expert, download of resource paper, or one-to-one meeting with an industry expert.

We believe you can turn your attendees into customers in exchange for exclusive content.

For example, during the event, restrict your valuable speaker session for certain users and make it available only on payment.

Remember, this can only materialize with an event platform that gives you the feature of restricted user-based access.

Get Exhibitors to pay for exclusive Booth-Style & Space

This might not be your physical exhibitor booth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it.

These Virtual Booths can be customized accordingly as ‘Premium’ or ‘Standard’ Booths depending on the Packages you offer them, just like you do at a LIVE event. For instance, the ‘Premium’ booths have extra features. Features like; better branding options, allow exhibitors to put out more content and also induct more representatives for interactions. But in the ‘Standard’ Booth package, you may have lesser features than the premium. You’ve probably thought about it, so go ahead and select a virtual event platform that allows you to capitalize on events without compromising on the rich experience factor.

Here, we recommend the ibentos virtual events platform which has a dynamic backend that allows you enough flexibility and helps you capitalize on the right features. It works on your virtual presence and helps you earn a great ROI at the end of all of it.

Monetize your Matchmaking services

Apart from the Exhibitor Booths, you can charge a payment for your B2B meetings and your matchmaking services. Let’s tell you how! Businesses crave matchmaking services as it becomes much easier for them to reach interested parties without much hassle. For example, you can offer businesses a pre-scheduled meeting with their preferred exhibitor on paid registration.

And if you are an established body or organization, you can even introduce the subscription pricing model. Here, you can charge for the meetings with interested stakeholders for a stipulated amount of time.

Also, take this opportunity further – ask your attendees to become a paid member and access the virtual B2B meetings you host from time to time.

Paid Event Registration for your Virtual Event

Think if you can charge your attendees a nominal fee for attending your virtual event. Paid registration helps you gauge the seriousness of your event attendees and brings in only the loyal ones. This is a basic feature in a physical event and you can incorporate this in your virtual event too. It is a lucrative way to earn profits and at the same time, remain relevant among your attendees.

Paid Teleportation- Offer to drive traffic into a Virtual Booth

You can offer your exhibitors and sponsors to buy small but powerful features inside your portal like teleportation. These are notifications for attendees inside your virtual event that can port the traffic from one place to the sponsor booth on a click of a button. These notifications can be a Good Way for Exhibitors to bring in more traffic into their booths. They can be sent as an alert or pop-up on the attendee’s screen. This brilliant add-on can be a great way to make attendees visit a particular booth.

As you see, there are many creative ways to earn profits from your virtual event, but for you to seal the deal, get a competent virtual events platform that will help you execute this.
Remember, a virtual event platform partner will not only strengthen you technically but, at the same time, keep you flexible with your approach towards virtual events. We, at ibentos, have over the years conducted rich and successful events that are focused on user experience as well as organizers. We believe in working as a team, as a partner and not as a vendor.
To know more about, how to raise capital on virtual events, connect with ibentos today!


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